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 NaruSaku ficlets

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PostSubject: NaruSaku ficlets   Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:53 am

Love And Sexy Magic
Summary One lazy summer afternoon Naruto and Sakura enjoy not only the warmth of the sun but most of all the warmth of their bodies. Follow Haruno Sakura as she finally realized that it was always Naruto that knew her best. Knew her like no one ever could. Follow her as she confesses her feelings and finally finds love in the arms of her loyal team-mate Uzumaki Naruto.

One lazy afternoon in a large field of wild flowers we find Haruno Sakura and her blonde team-mate Uzumaki Naruto lovely gazing into each otherís eyes while holding hands.

It being one of those lazy warm hot summer days that always made you feel you could do nothing more than just lay down underneath the shades of a tree and just relax, or in this case it being a field of flowers. For this couple it really didnít matter all that much. All they could focus on was staring into each otherís eyes, not really caring what happened to their surroundings at all.

Ever since Sakura had finally admitted to have feelings for her blonde team-mate when her friends well most of all Inoís teasing had got her over the bridge and had told them yes. Ino almost forced her to ask him out one rainy afternoon knowing that Naruto would be coming back from a mission he had gone off to together with Inuzuka Kiba and Aburume Shino.

While Ino and Tenten who followed her to the gates had hidden themselves behind a large tree waited in suspense for Sakura to make her move. Sakura who had been very nervous as she stood waiting for Naruto to arrive. Almost broke her nail as she bit a little too hard into her tumb. She kept looking into the distance

more to come laterx tell me what you guys thinks heheh XD i know its not kibahina but i felt like writting a bit of narusaku at the moment Smile

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JR and Lexy


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PostSubject: Re: NaruSaku ficlets   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:46 pm

I love the story. Razz
Even though i don't like sakunaru much that kinda made me more in to that. Very Happy
Can't wait for more. Wink
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NaruSaku ficlets
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