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 High school park talk

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JR and Lexy


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PostSubject: High school park talk   Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:09 pm

High school park talk-Part one

Hey guys you know what happend last month to me?
Shikamaru,Choji,Lee and Gaara looked at Naruto with question marked look.“It was the first day of school and i was in my new school uniform. I was on my way to class when i heard it „Stop it! Someone help me!“ a scream came from the girls bathroom, i ran to the door of the bathroom and opened it. I couldn‘t believe my eyes the girl how was screaming for help was Tenten and she was with Neji and they were playing. You all know what i mean when i say playing“ „Yes Naruto were not stupid“ answered Shikamaru „What ever Shika“ Naruto became extremely annoyed but continued „And they were on the sinks! „Naruto get the hell out of here“ Yelld Neji at me and i closed the door quickly. „wow Naruto you got there at a really bad time“ Lee sad.

Naruto just continued „Then i walked back to class and of cores i was late and Iruka-sensie got really mad like always. I sit down and looked over at Sakura-chan she was talking to Hinata about true love, Hinata then looked at me and blushed and quickly looked down at her feed“ „What the hell is her problem?“ Naruto asked with a annoyed look „Naruto you idiot she liked you“ Shikamaru snapped. „O well i don‘t like her anyway“ Naruto crossed his arms and continued „then that jerk Kiba walked and slammed his fists at my table „Oi Naruto stop your day dreaming!“ he sad really pissed „Hey what the hell are you talking about?“ I yelled out loud „Your looking at Hinata“ he said really angry „What?“ „I’m not looking at her I’m looking at sakura-chan!“ I stood up from my table, Hinata ran out the classroom door „Look what you did Naruto“ He yelled at me „What the hell did i do now“ i sad but when i finished Kiba had already ran out the door. Sakura walked fast to me and slapped me and got back to her sit. I stood there like a moron, Iruka-sensie screamed at me to take a seat.

Kiba walked up to Naruto and the boys „What are you doing?“ He asked „I was telling the guys about last month when i saw Neji and Tenten“ Naruto grinned. „I was at the part when you ran after Hinata, do you want to continue what happened?“ Naruto asked while smiling friendly „Yhee sure“ Kiba smiled really enjoying it „I ran after Hinata but she ran in to the girls bathroom, i stopped i know I’m not allowed in there but Hinata screamed so i opend the bathroom door“ „For real? What happened?“ Lee yelled out of excitement. Kiba looked at Lee pretty mad that lee was ruining the story „Lee shut the hell up“ Kiba sad really annoyed „anyway... Neji and Tenten were there and Hinata stood over them, i grabbed her arm and ran out of the bathroom“ „what a drag..“ Shikamaru sad with a lazy voice „Please let me continue“ Kiba was really pissed now „When we got out from the bathroom i turned to Hinata and looked her straight in her eyes and told her“ „What?“ Lee said. „LEE I SAD SHUT UP!“Kiba griped his fists „this is such a drag“ Shikamaru said „I‘m getting hungry“ Choji sad „I told her“ „Hey Kiba you going to say it or not? Naruto sad teasing Kiba „I love you Hinata“ „Okay i sad it happy?“ Kiba sad embarrassed „Yhepp I’m fine“ Naruto said „yes we all are“ Lee sad smiling with a thumb up and smiling his big smile

„Hinata just got read and looked down at her feeds she didn‘t say anything. I was so embarrassed but then she finally looked up at me.“ „Kiba-kun i-i don‘t know what to i mean i don‘t want to hurt you but.. and i walked away but she grabbed my arm and leaned in to kiss me and her soft lips and my lips were all over the place“ „What the?“ Naruto sad „Shut up Naruto“ Kiba snapped. „Okay now it‘s my turn“ Lee sad excited „I was in class when Naruro and Kiba were fighting like they do when they are in class“ „Why am i here?“ Gaara asked „Oi just listen to him“ Kiba snapped he was in no good mode “Finally when Kiba had run out and Naruto had seated Sakura turned around in her seat and waved at me so I started writing a not to her and let it pass the classroom when she got it she smiled but” Naruto cut Lee of “Hey I have to go to class” “Okay” Sad Shikamaru,Lee,Gaara,Choji and Kiba “Bye and good luck in the test Naruto” Lee called after Naruto who was running “Thank you Lee” Naruto called back “Sakura writhed she loved someone else someone who was in over class a idiot” “I guess we all know how that is” Gaara sad trying to get out of the as soon as possible “Yee it’s Naruto” Lee said with a really sad voice “It’s okay Lee you’ll win her heart one day, the dump ass still doesn’t know she loves him back” Choji managed to squished out. (The bell ring) “I know it sounds like a drag but we have to go back to class” Then they all stood up and walked back in.
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High school park talk
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