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 Puzzled Hearts

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PostSubject: Puzzled Hearts   Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:27 pm

Puzzled Hearts

Kiba kept walking while his head hang low. Again had he tried to tell Hinata his feelings to tell her how he felt about her. But just when he was this close to succeeding he couldn't do it and told a joke instead to get rid of the awkward situation. Making her laugh.

To hear her soft giggling a sound that he loved the most about his team-mate Hyuga Hinata.

So why could he not tell her how much he truly liked her how much he cared for her, oh that she knew of that Kiba was sure, but no matter how hard he tried he just wasn't capable to summon up the courage to tell her and remained as being nothing more than her friend and trusted team-mate.

Akamaru walked rigth next to his master and was making soft whining sounds whenever he glanced up at his master and find the boys expression in his eyes to be extremely sorrowful.

The dog did not understand why it took Kiba so long to take the dark haired female as his mate and shook his head.

Kiba was so deep in thought that even his dog could not take him out of it today.

''Why am i such a coward. Why cant i just tell her how i feel. He said in a annoyed tone. Feeling very disappointed with him self right this very moment.not that anyone was there to hear the young mans words of frustration,because they were walking deep inside Konohas forest. Just to be alone for the time being.

His family was away on a dangerous tracking and spy mission and Kiba really didn't felt like being alone at home to stay inside a empty house all by himself for more than a couple of hours.

The weather wasnt all that great today. Large grey clouds kept blocking the sun from shinning. Making it very dark and grey. But Kiba really didn't mind for the weather to be like this.

Being in a bad mood made him think that the weather was feeling the same pain he felt.

The brown haired boy looked up at the sky and stood still. Leaning with his hand against a nearby tree to keep his balance. Training really worn him out this afternoon and made him feel that he needed to rest very soon.

''Hah even the weather agrees with me. I truly am a coward . He said and laughed in a dry tone.

Akamaru pushed his snout into his masters hands and licked the palm of his hand with his rough tongue.

''I know and you're more than right Akamaru i shouldn't pity myself like this but i cant help it its Hinata thats making me act like this. I just cant stop thinking about her,even if i wanted it to. Man i am way in way to deep its a good thing the guys dont see me like this,huh'' and ruffled his dogs furry head.

''Arff'' Akamaru agreed and watched into the distance always on guard ready to protect his master of any danger that might attack them.
Kiba stepped away from the tree and suddenly he felt a tiny drop of water touching his cheek. Looking up at the sky again he saw that it slowly started to rain.

''Rain huh just what I need to wash away my sorrows'' he sighed and looked away from the sky.

The rain fell down even harder now. Making both boy and his dog soaking wet in a short amount of time.

''Man I think we better get back home. What do you say boy ?'' Grabbing a handful of his dogs fur he launched himself on its back and led his dog run his way back home.

End chapter 1

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PostSubject: Re: Puzzled Hearts   Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:52 pm

part 2 Very Happy

Puzzled Hearts

Chapter II

After a long hot bath Kiba felt a little bit better again. getting dressed in a old shirt pants he grabbed a towel of the small table, that stood near the shower, and dried his hair with it.

When he was done he lay it back down and walked towards his own room.

Once he got there he kept walking until he stood still before his window to see it was all ready pitch black, but no star showed himself tonight, large grey rain clouds kept them blocked from showing themselves this time.

''Even the stars refuse to shine for me tonight'' he said in a very depressed manner. Letting his head hang low once more.

But just when he could get ready for bed all ready feeling completely drained and wanted noting more then sleep to take him away, a soft knocking was to be heard, inside the Inuzuka Household.
Akamaru stood up from his place near the door and sniffed the air. And turned his head, barking lightly.

''Hinata?'' are you sure boy?'' The large white dog gave a short nod.
''Whats she doing here this late at night its far past ten all ready'' he said as he glanced at his alarm clock that stood on his night stand.

''Normally she always needs to be back inside around that time, strange. But lets go see what she wants.''Arfff'' Akamaru agreed. And together they sprinted down the stairs.

Kiba almost run to open the door to see if it really was Hinata that stood on the other side of the door.

''Coming he yelled and opened the door with one hand to see Hinata standing there completely soaked to the bone. Rain drops dripping from her face and hair with her eyes glancing at the ground.
She had her arms tight over her body but it wasnt helping much as she was shivering greatly.

''Hello.. Kiba..-kun. I am sorry to bother you this late at nigth but please I need your help'' she said with a soft tone to her voice

Kiba never one to get angry at his delicate Team-mate just gave her a warm smile and spoke.

''Well I was just about to go to sleep Hinata what you need my help with?'' he said with a slight concerned tone to his voice.
She shivered again and that made Kiba frown. ''but before you say anything lets get you something warm to drink. Look at you. You look like someone just thrown a full basket of water over your head'' and chuckled a little.

Hinata could not help but giggled at his remark and spoke softly back to him.

''Thank you Kiba-kun I be grateful if I could warm up some I think I over did my training a little bit too much this time that when I was done, it started to rain making my clothes drifting wet in no time
I thought since your house is closer near the training grounds to ask you for shelter than walk all the way back and maybe catch a cold which will anger my father for sure if I did.

''Shh no more talking now. And grabbed her left arm to lead her inside the house.

Hinata led her self get dragged by him she was used to his behavior after being team-mates for so long.

Kiba looked her way again. ''You need some dry clothes to get out of your wet ones?''

''If I can borrow some of your sisters clothes that be great'' Hinata said meekly and went to sit on the sofa near the wall that was full of potraits of Kiba and family surounded by their many dogs.

Portraits that were made by both Kibas sister Hana as his mother Tsume both had a thing for painting thing was no one really knew about it only a few people such as Hinata who never grew tired to watch all of the pretty pictures

Portraits of Kiba being small laying asleep against his mothers rough looking grey nin dog.
Kiba knew Hinata loved to watch his familys potraits and waited a few minutes before he spoke again.
When she was done and looked back at Kiba The boy knew her attention was back to him once more.

''Sure I get you something warm and dry. Good thing sis ise''nt home. He said and gave her his trademark smile that showed his fangs.

Hinata gave a short nod and continued to stare at the many portraits on the wall.

Being here inside Kibas house made feel at home. All since the very first time that she had set her first step inside the house until this very day it had remained. She always got this cozy feeling inside whenever one of the many dogs small ore big happily licked her face her hands The way the acted so carefree and happy always made her forget about her troubles at home.

Kiba walked out of the door and could not help but wonder why Hinata just on this time of the night had come to visit. Ok he did believe her explanation of why she was in this state when knocking on his door but still still why him. Sakura Ino, even Ten-ten's home was closer then his.

Ore maybe she felt she could trust him the most of all her friends. He was after all her team-mate and they were just good friends of her nothing more.

This thought made him smile as he walked into his sisters room. Fell with his fingers were the light button was found it and turned it on. Walking towards the large closet that stood in the left corner of the room and opened it to search some of his sisters old t shirt and shorts.

It was easy to find because he knew were his sisters held her old goods. Searching through the many clothes he picked a grey long sleeved shirt and black shorts. With the bundle in his arms he knelt down on his knees to also grab some warm socks.

When he had everything he walked out of the room not bothered to close the door with the clothes in his arms made him unable to do so.

When he returned he saw Hinata still seated on the sofa with Akamaru laying with his head on the girls lap while Hinata was gently touching his fur with her fingers which made the dog having his eyes closed

Making Kiba wish he was the one getting all of her attention rather than his dog
he really felt very jalous of his rigth now. Slowly he closed the door behind him.

''Here you are Hinata something warm to change in. al though I see that Akamaru all ready did a very good job on it while I was gone'' and frowned slightly. Hinata turned her head to see Kibas face and gave him a grateful smile

''You really are always so kind to me Kiba-kun I really appreciated it.
She said softly and gently pushed Akamaru's head away so that she could stand up to get the clothes from Kibas hand.

Kiba felt a little embarrassed with what she just had said. ''Its nothing really'' he said and blushed a tiny bit.Staring down at the ground he spoke again. ''Why dont you go get changed than I get the tea ready'' ''That would be lovely and gave him a warm smile.

Which always made Kiba a little uncertain about himself and made him get the urge to kiss her soft lips until both were breathless from kissing too long. ''Uhh yes be rigth back'' he said with a hurried voice.
Which made Hinata giggled softly. Opening the door he made himself disappear quickly behind it not wanting Hinata to see his blushing face.

Back at the kitchen he made the water boil while grabbing two tea cups to pour the tea in.

When he heard a click he knew the water boiler was done cooking the water.
Pouring the water into the cups and made the tea. Also did two small blocks of

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PostSubject: Re: Puzzled Hearts   Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:58 pm

sucker in Hinatas cup he knew she liked her tea extra sweet. While holding the cups carefully in his hands he glanced over at the clock and was shocked to see it was all ready close to midnight.

What would her father say to still not having his daughter back home it made Kiba worried and quickly walked back to the living room to talk to her about it. He could let her spend the night even taking her back home, but then he was sure to have a very angry Hiashi Hyuga on his sleeve.

But when he returned and saw Hinata again smiling brightly up at him, all his worries vanished in thin air. He was sure Hinata would know what to do, she was very good in solving problems inside the team after all. ''I am back'' he said with a slight tiresome voice and set the steaming tea down on the coffee table. Hinata looked up and smiled.

''Thank you Kiba-kun' taking her own cup in her hands she sipped it slowly.

Kiba sat down besides her and could not help but to yawn lightly but Hinata saw it and looked at him alarmed. 'Kiba-kun are you sure my presence is not keeping you from your sleep. You must be pretty tired after todays training please say so and I will take my leave''

Kiba shook his head not wanting to miss this moment they shared together sleep could wait a little bit longer. ''I wont mind,just drink your tea and warm up ok'' and gave her a quick wink.

''But he went on we have to think about tomorrow. I can led you spend the night but I dont think your father is very much liking that idea, if I led you stay, is he?'' Hinata slowly shook her head her head sadly.

''No he wont. I think its best that you bring me home Kiba-kun?''

''All right if thats what you want than I will make sure you get home save and sound'' and grinned a bit.

His time with Hinata was about to end but he had to think realistic, she was part of one of konohas eldest clans heir to the hyuga, but still he could not fool his heart even how hard he might try, it seemed impossible to do.

Hinata glanced over at Kiba and stood up. Shall we go than before my cousin comes knocking on your door.

''Sure lets go'' and looked into the direction of his dog than. ''Akamaru I am sorry to bother you this late at night but we have to take Hinata back home and we need you to carry her there, are you up to it boy?'' Akamaru opened one eye lazily and barked. ''Woeeff

'Yes yes I know its dark and rainy and that you rather stay were you are but its for Hinata you like her dont you ?''Kiba stood before his dog and glanced right into the dogs eyes.

Akamaru jumped off the couch and stretched his legs lazily. ''Arrff he barked and that made Kiba pet his dog lovingly. '' Hmm before we go lets go check the weather. Lets hope its dry. But when he stood before the window he quickly frowned. ''Uhm Hinata?'' ''Yes?'' something wrong Kiba-kun?'' ''Look for your self I dont think its very wise to go outside rigth now. Hinata came to stand besides him and gasps.

''Oh no what are we going to do now. I cant led Akamaru run in this weather. Its raining way too hard'' and sighed unhappily.

''I think I have no choice but to stay here with you and Akamaru tonight?''

Kiba tried to hide his emotion clearly happy with her decision.

''I am sorry if you get trouble with your father tomorrow blame me ok'' and grinned. ''I mean he cant punish me for the weather no one can control it anyways'' but if it helps you feel better you can sleep in Hanas room.

Sis wont be back for awhile, she is on a mission that will take another couple of days for her to return, that ok?'' Hinata nodded her head. ''but are you sure that Hana-san wont mind?'' ''Nah dont worry about it, she is not even here rigth now so its fine. ''all right than its ok thanks again for letting me stay here Kiba-kun it really means a lot to me''

''Its fine really you are my team-mates and team-mates are supposed to always help eachother dont they?'' and grinned Hinata giggled at his remark and nodded. ''Shall we head to bed now then Kiba-kun?'' I am really tired and I am sure you are as well'' ''Yes thats a good idea lets''

Taking her hand he opened the door to led her to his sisters room. They walked in silence for awhile until Kiba paused and stood stil before the room of his sisters. ''Here we are this is Hanas room'' Hinata looked inside and back at Kiba.

Stepping a little bit closer she lightly gave him a kiss on his cheek. ''Goodnight kiba-kun'' she said with a soft voice. Wearing a fading blush on her cheeks, as she looked into his eyes, a little bit too long.

Kiba felt his own face turn beat red and knew it was time to break the silence
he cleared his voice and looked down at the ground.

''Uhm yes good night Hinata see you in the morning sweet dreams'' and looked back at her face before he turned around, with Akamaru following him up close.

Hinata walked inside Hanas room and being so very tired didn't even take in her surroundings, she led her self fall upon the bed without folding the blankets over her body and was asleep in only two seconds time.

Kiba lay inside his bed with his hands folded behind his head but sleep would not come.
He lay awake thinking about Hinata. It really was weird to have her soo close by, only one room was between them now..all because of the rain.

The rain had made sure to led him enjoy her company far longer then he normally experienced on a Friday. Than it was only training and back home.

He listened to the rain, that ticked against his window and slowly his eyes started to drop and within minutes he was fast asleep.

End chapter 2

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Puzzled Hearts
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