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 VK Fanfics

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PostSubject: VK Fanfics   Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:45 am

here everyone is able to post there VK fics every pairing is welcome ^^
here is a part of a fic i am working on and its a Zeki one <3

Victim Of Love

A Zeki Fanfic By Kyrou

One late afternoon we find our silver haired Vampire taken refuge underneath a huge tree that was standing far away from the nigth class and close to his own dorm.
And away from Yuuki but the question was for how long was his peach to remain before she broke his calm afternoon and demanded him to not skip class so many times a day but the lessons really were that boring and being a pro in his studies he did not needed any extra lessons that were being given this very moment.

For the time being he tried to relax himself and closed his eyes and led himself lean against the tree and fell into a peach full slumber.

Near by grassed his favorite horse of the cross stables. The white mare called Lilly
the mare was the only horse that he was very attached to the moment he had arrived at cross academy and saw the horse they had become close friends rigth away.

The horse was very attached to Zero as well and did not wanted anyone other then Zero around to take care of her and to ride. Only Zero was able to keep the wild mare until control.

Slowly the sun disappeared completely behind some dark clouds which made Zero to open his eyes again. He dusted himself of and climber back on the white mare once more.

A bit relieved Yuki had not gone looking for him at all today.
Maybe the head master had send her away with her best friend Yori away into the village ore maybe she was visiting with the night class it was after all getting darker by the minute as he watched the sky turn black slowly.

But the moment he thought about those noble vampires made him think about that man, that man by the name of Kuran Kaname. The headmaster of the nightclass and the one vampire that Zero despised with a strong passion.

It was the way Yuki behaved around him. All shy and flustered. It made Zero annoyed to no end. But he had no answer to Yukis strange behavior as of yet.

Finding his balance as he seated himself on the horse Zero made Lilly go into a soft gallop and led her back to the stables.

The horse throw up her head high in the air whinnied loudly and did what she was told.

Not soon after Zero returned back at cross academy he made Lilly slow down to a stop put the reins in one hand and dismounted from her back swiftly.

Taking the reins in one hand he led the horse back to the stables. Were to his suprise his younger brother Ichiru stood waiting.

He was leaning with his back against the stable wall. A teasing smile on his lips as he saw his brother returning back.

Ever since Ichiru had his faithful meeting with the pure blood vampire Hio Shizuka he had almost lost all interest in his families live even in his elder brother Zero but when Shizuka had murdered their parents and had bitten Zero to take her revenge he had also lost conscious.

His weak body was not able to take in such a huge shock as this and lay down right besides his now seriously wounded brother that was not suffering great blood loss and the start of a slow transformation into a vampire.

That when he had woke up again all trashes of the beautiful vampire had all but lost leaving Ichiru to take care of his brother which had made him decide to stay by his brothers side
his love for his elder twin brother was really that strong after all.

That when the Hunter association came together with Cross Kainen one of the legendary vampire hunters who had taken it up himself to adopt both brothers into his home
to start a new live and he hoped that they would be able to get along with his young daughter Yuki.

Zero had been very protective over his brother in the up coming years always making sure his brother was well taken care of and Ichiru in his case would try to do the same to Zero if his health would led him but ever since they had both together with Yuki started highschool
it seemed like his body grew stronger with the years that he was even able to join his brother and Yuki as prefects to protect them against the night class vampires that the school was hiding.

Ichiru and Zero had grew up with Yuki and knew her completely just like she knew the twins just as well.

They really were like siblings even now that they were high schoolers did not matter to them to still sleep together to hug each other even in public which got them pretty popular with the girls maybe even more popular as the night class vampires such as Aidou and Kaname-sama but Zero neither Ichiru spend much of little attention to the sqeeling girls the moment they had a brotherly sign of affection.

that if you asked the girls that saw it would tell you was sooo super cute they just shrugged their shoulders and walked off.

Ichiru moved away from the wall and took his brother in a firm hug
''Brother is back'' he said as he hugged him tight which got Zero to smile and to nod his head.

''Yea I am back Ichiru but I was only gone for a little while Lily needed her exercise as you well know by now weren't you with Yuki today?''

Ichiru released his brother from his firm hug and shook his head.
''Yuki-chan is with Yori-san to the market to get some fresh supplies for dinner tonight. Brother hasn't changed his mind about cooking tonight now has he?'' he said with a hopeful smile upon his face. ''Because brothers cooking is the best in the whole world''

Zero laughed at hearing that and replied back.
''Of course I haven't changed my mind Ichiru but if you can excuse me for a little bit Lily needs to be taken care of now'' and by hearing her name the white mare pushed her head against that of Zeros arm her patience with the boys all but vanished

''Ok I think I see Yuki coming up ahead I think she needs a strong man to carry all of that she has bought a lot and I can all ready see that she is not strong enough to carry all those bags even with her friends help''

and having that said he sped up into the direction of were he had seen Yuki.

Zero chuckles at his brothers behavior and led Lilly into her stable fed her some bix and put a blanket on her body to prevent her from getting sick.

Closing the box and went back to his dorm to get a quick shower and to change into some fresh clothes before his siblings would be back and would be all impatiently waiting for him to cook dinner.

He walks in a slow pace back to his dorm opens the door to his room grabs some fresh clothes and a towel and slips into the shower.

The hot water really feels good on his body as he closes his eyes and really enjoys it
but then suddenly a firm pain runs through his body which makes him get onto his knees its that bad.

Zero knows whats wrong with him its the vampire insticsts inside of him that is fighting to take over his body completely. He has been fighting it ever since that pure blood vampire Hio Shizuka had bitten him that mournful day.

Not even the blood tablets the Chairman has been given him for a long time is not having any effect on his body any longer.

When finally the pain fades away again is he able to finish his shower.
Turning the water off he steps away from the water and grabs a towel slowly.

When he his all dressed again he tries to ignore the pain as best as he could to not make any of his siblings especialy Ichiru worry about him.

Zero knows Ichiru is very troubled with his brothers suffering and knows it really pains him to not be of any help to his brother.

It hurts Zero really badly thats why he tries to hard to fight it off for as long as he is able to.

The moment he walks into the living room Yuki runs over to him and hugs him tight
''Zero-kun you finally here now you can start cooking right'' She said with a cheerful voice and a happy smile on her face as she awaits his answer.

Looking at her smilling face always cheers him right up again and he gives her a slow nod
''Of course Yuki I make us something really tasteful tonight if you bought the right ingredients that I asked you to get that is?''

''Ohh but I have Ichiriu-kun helped me get them inside even he can be helpful when he wants to be''

Which got the younger twins to respond to her words
''Eey dont be so mean on me Yuki-chan you know I always try to be nice to you its just that you are so easy to teas thats why''

And he grins brigthly back at her. But before Yuki is able to respond back to him Zero places a hand on her shoulder.

''Yuki dont you know how much he likes it when you give him what he wants ignore him all rightt'' and he smiles at her warmly then.

Yuki nods her head and sits back down on the couch grabs a book and tries to study for a bit.

With the atmosphere back to normal Zero Is able to arrange his cooking material and gets to work.

Within only a few moments the whole house is smelling of Zeros cooking and it gets the Chairman who just returns from work to sniff the air in delight to smile when recognizing it was one of his adopted sons cooking.

He opens the door wide and looks inside to see his children patiently waiting for Zero to finish his cooking.

''I am home and I see Kiriyu-kun is making yet another wonderful meal for us tonight how nice of you my dear son'' he says as he tries to hug the elder Kiriyu who avoids his arms all together to get back to his work.

''Aww Kiriyu-kun dont be like that you know I love you''
Yuki runs to the kitchen then to make her adopted father lose his intrest in Zero she knows the boy is really not a person that likes to hug in affection if only for her twin brother and her.

The chairman looks up to see his dear daughter walk to him and hugs her instead.
''Yuki-chan I am so happy to see my lovely daughter again''

yuki and Zero exchange looks and they both roll their eyes in annoyance to the elder mans behavior.

Not even ten minutes later Zero is done with his cooking.

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PostSubject: Re: VK Fanfics   Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:03 am

Not even ten minutes later Zero is done with his cooking.
The chairman set the table and Yuki placed all four plates on the round table as Zero places down the dinner he has cooked in the middle of the table.

Lots of steam is coming from the pan when Zero has sat it down.
He made something simple this time. Just smashed potatoes with steak and beans but he knew that no matter what he made for his family they would always really appreciate his efforts greatly.

''Dig in'' he says and sits down next to his brother, who was all ready putting his plate full with beans and potatoes and started to eat hungrily.

Grabbing the spoon he puts some of the potatoes on his plate and some steak and starts to eat as well.

Not even a minute later the whole room is silent as everyone is eating Zeros dinner.

But the dinners at the Cross house are never long because both the Kiriyu twins and Yuki are the prefects of the school. the guardians that have to make sure the night is save for the human children inside Cross academy, as the night class is having their lessons.

''Ok guys time to go'' Zero says as he gets two nods in return of both Ichiru and yuki.
''Lets get this done with I am really tired'' Ichiru complains as he yaws lazily.

Zero sighs. ''Ichiru stop complaining and come with us''
''If brother says so I will'' He says with a slight annoyed tone to his voice.
But Zero is not listening to him anymore and has all ready left the room, same as for Yuki

''Later chairman'' he says and ran to catch up with his fellow guardians.
The elder man gives a soft nod and continued to do the dishes.

The night air feels cold against Zeros skin as he stands watching one of the windows of the night class.

He is alone as Ichiru and Yuki both had separated to guard other sides of the school grounds
It gives Zero a little alone time to think and calm himself.

He takes in another deep breath and tries to ignore the pain thats coming from the tatoo on his neck. Its really making him go crazy.

Crazy for blood all ready. But he knows he cant give in. not now that Yuki and his brother are so close in his company. He knows he has to keep on fighting his urges for blood. For the monster within him to keep at bay if only for this one more night.

End chapter 1

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PostSubject: Re: VK Fanfics   Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:02 am

I have finished another Vk storie <3 this time its a one shot that is all about how Zero and White Lilly met
Hope everyone enjoys and dont hesitate to tell me your thoughts Wink
xx Bren

The Storie Behind Zero Kiriyu and White Lilly
The white mare of Cross Academy

The moment Zero had arrived at Cross academy at the age of ten, covered in blood and looking very miserable. he had kept really to himself in the months that passed by. No one was ever able to cheer up the poor boy not even the headmaster Cross Kaien, ore his little adopted daughter Yuki.

Losing his parents at such a young age had really affected the boy greatly.
When he tried to sleep terrible nightmares hunted his sleep and kept him awake to late into the night.

It made him act moody and almost never showed much emotion to anyone that was trying to talk to him.

Yuki tried her hardest to get Zero to smile from the moment he had come to live with her and her father but even after six months she had still not succeed in doing so.
But that was all going to change the moment Yuki and Zero walked back home from school.

The moment they arrived back home the headmaster came rushing towards them like a maniac,which got both Zero and Yuki to look up surprise.

He told them there as a horse that had just past away and it so happen to have left her baby foal behind. That was the only one that had survived the pregnancy, which got her mother to die from to much blood loss.

Yuki looked very shocked and sad when hearing this and held her hand before her face, as some tears escaped from her eyes.

She knew every horse at the academy and had been very exciting to have a baby being born.

As for Zero the silver haired boy really did not found it all that sad.
He really did not care all that much about the horses at the stables. but when Yuki heard it she was really mad and got her to shake her head. and decided to go see the little horse together,curious if the baby was all right.

Dragging Zero by his hand she started to walks to the stables.
Zero sighs. when Yuki wanted something that involved him there really was no complaining, she would kept pestering him until he gave in, so instead of their never ending bickering he led himself get dragged away.

When they arrived there the headmaster was trying not to cry but it was obvious he had been very sad about this happening. Yuki gave her adoptive father a tight hug, she hated to see people she cared for be sad and by given him a hug he cheered right up again.

''My beloved daughter hugged me I am soo happy. come led daddy show you two the little baby horse''

Yuki nods her head and follows him further inside the stables with Zero following them from a distance.

Arriving at the stand were the baby foal lay inside the straw bed. Yuki ran to the foal and got on her knees to pet the horse on its small head but the minute the small dedicated fingers of Yuki came in contact with the foal it got back on his long legs and backed away in fear.

Yuki blinked at what just happened in surprise.

''Easy horsie I just wanted to pet you a little'' she said sadly
But the small white horse looked away and stood in the furthest corner of her stand. Shivering all over.

The headmaster shakes his head confused at the horse strange behavior.
And turns to his young daughter. ''Its ok Yuki dear she is not used to see strangers yet just give her time. I am sure she will come around''

Yuki nodded her head but still she looked a little sad.

Zero saw it all happening and decided to give it a try himself, ignoring Yuki and the headmasters warnings as he steps inside the stand. Walking to the corner were the foal stood now. kneels down slowly to not scare it even more.

Stretching out his hand he softly touches its head and stroke the foals tiny manes and to everyones surprise the horse did not back away like she had done with Yuki but instead stands up on her little legs, and starts to sniff Zero's hands for anything eatable.

Zero is just as surprised as Yuki and the headmaster are but because he did not showed his emotions much, his face remains serious as he tries not to make any sudden movement and aloud the little horse to investigate his hands further.

When she was sure this strange little boy with the very tasty hair, which made her think he looked very tasteful was to be trusted. she opens her mouth and grabs hold of his hair to see if it was indeed eatable.

But the moment Zero feels the horse grabs a hold of his hair he jumps up in surprise, while yelling. ''Eey my hair is not to be eaten silly horse'' he frowns and gets back to were Yuki and the headmaster were standing but when he looks at them Yuki was barley able to hold back her laughter, same as the headmaster who was all ready softly chuckling.

''Well that proves it Zero she likes you best'' Yuki says in between giggling''
Which makes him frown even deeper.
''Its not funny Yuki my hair is no toy, and certainly not to be eaten from''
But hearing this makes Yuki giggle even louder.

If Zero was honest with himself he was glad the horse did not back away from him like all the other horses at the stables did when seeing him, it made him at least feel a little bit better.

The headmaster suddenly appeared out of no were right int front of Zero with inside his hand a bottle with milk, smiling brightly back at the boy who sighs deeply when seeing the bottle full of milk all ready knowing what the headmaster is going to force him to do.

With a pleading tone to his voice he asks the boy to help him out
''Please Kiriyu-kun Lilly likes you I havent seen anyone make her react the way she did to you she needs to eat ore do you want Yuki-chan to cry when she hears the foal died because you refuged to feed her?''

He looks over at Yuki and back at the foal again sighs and takes the bottle from the headmaster and walks back to the stand to go feed the horse the milk,who curiously sniff the bottle.

Getting back on his knees again, he gently takes the foal in his arms, places the bottle to the foals mouth and starts feeding her the milk.

The little baby horse hungry drinks from the bottle which made Zero get a satisfying expression upon his face, glad the horse so easily accepted the bottle.

Kaien Cross gently grabs Yukis arm and whispers in her ear
''Lets go Yuki-chan and leave Kiriyu-kun alone for a little while''
The small brown haired girl nods her head softly and led her father take her away.

Only when he was totally sure they both had left the stables was Zero able to show his smile to appear on his face.

He really did not smile at all since his parents got killed, and his brother had gone missing. Not even when Yuki asked him to, but maybe this little creature he was holding inside his arms right now awoke something inside the little boy that got him to finally smile again.

But what Zero had not noticed was that little Yuki was still inside the stables.
Being small really got her the benefit to hide herself behind one of the horse stands when she did not wanted to be found.

When she had gone back with her father she had slipped away again the moment he had gone to make some coffee and silently went to hide herself.

And the moment she saw Zeros very first smiles she was really happy to finally seen him smile.

It made her want to run to him this very moment to hug him tight and to tell him how cute he looked, but she thought better of it, knowing Zero would react very angry and would not speak to her for a long time, it would be like the time when he had first arrived and did not speak to her for over two weeks, before he was able to come back to his senses a little bit and had started to talk to her more and more.

Little Lilly was the only one who was able to get zero to smile right now. it made Yuki get a smile on her face as well.

Who would have guessed that by getting Zero to feed the baby foal, she was able to see his very first smile since he had arrived at her home.

It would take awhile before he was going to smile at her and the headmaster but if she was only seeing him smile when feeding Lilly she was content enough to watch from a distance. and wait till the day came that his smiles finally were meant for her as well. Yuki knew that when that day came his smiles would be even more beautiful then it was now.


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VK Fanfics
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