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 Thunder Is No longer Scary When I Am With You Zero-kun

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PostSubject: Thunder Is No longer Scary When I Am With You Zero-kun   Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:25 pm

Another one of my little one shots i write at work.
This time i wrote a little one involving a little Yuki who is afraid of the thunder and comes to Zero for comfort.

Yuki Cross a small 9 year old girl with long thin brown hair looks frightened at the near by window near the tray of the stairs she is standing on. a light shiver runs through her body as she looks down below.
even to afraid to move her body again,when another loud bang of thunder explodes near the window.
that same thunder made her wake up from her sleep. and made her got the idea to visit the room of her newly adoptive brother Zero Kiryu

The little silver haired boy her adoptive father had brought home with him a month ago.
He still did not say anything much to her and her father. the lose of his family had him really suffering it was to much to bear for the boy alone but with this bad weather she really hoped that he led her come inside his bed because she was really that scared now.

Slowly she takes another step from the stairs until she arrives at Zeros door.
Knocking softly on his door she waits patienlty while she shivering from the cold as she was only wearing a thin nightdress. it was summer after all but at nights it still was quite cold, even in summer.

But when after a few moments still no replay came from the boy, Yuki went to open the door her self
Peeking inside the room she sees Zero laying with his back turned to her, sound asleep.

Without making any sound she walks towards his bed and pauses near his head.
''Zero-kun please help me i am so afraid will you please wake up''
She says with a pleading voice. hoping he wakes up by hearing her voice.
''Please the thunder is soo scary''

Another loud bang makes her scream in fright which makes Zero groan and slowly sits up blinking and throwing his blankets away to see Yuki standing there with tears falling from her cheeks as she holds her arms over her body, shivering terribly now.

''Zero-kun can i sleep with you i am soo afraid of the thunder''

Zero looks out of the window and back at Yuki before he nods his head still very sleepy
''Come here Yuki standing there will only make you get sick silly girl''

Moving a little to make space for Yuki to come lay next to him he waits for the girl to come to him
Which she did very fast and joined him inside the bed with a bright smile on her lips as she grabs the blankets and covers her whole body with it.

Looking back at him she smiles happily.
''Thank you Zero-kun now i am no longer afraid because you are here to protect me from that scary thunder right?'' She says with a questioned tone to her voice.

Which made Zero smile just a tiny bit before he gave a soft nod.
''Of course Yuki-chan i am here to protect you so go back to sleep and dont worry about the thunder no longr''

''Ok Zero-kun good night'' she says with a sleepy voice and closes her tired eyes the minute she was done talking.

''Sweet dreams Yuki'' he says as he lay down himself.

Not even a moment later Yukis breathing has slowed down and she is peacefully sleeping
But Zero is still very much awake.

He has his head turned to the right side just to watch Yuki sleep.
She really looks so serene and innocent laying so close to him.

it makes him think she really is sweet and cute when she is sleeping like that
but being a boy and at the age of eleven, he soon makes those thoughts dissapear from his mind shaking his head in confusion over why he even has such thoughts in the first place.

more tomorrow ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Thunder Is No longer Scary When I Am With You Zero-kun   Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:53 pm

He takes a deep breath turns his way to Yuki to keep himself from looking at her again and closes his own eyes to fall fast asleep a second later.

The next morning which was saturday the headmaster was a bit paniced when he noticed Yuki was not in her own bed. it made him check inside the living room and the kitchen but when there was really no sight of Yuki in neither of the rooms he gets even more stressed wondering were Yuki was.

Walking through the hall way he passes Zeros room the boy that lived with them for a month and it makes him open the door in case his Yuki was there. It was not that bad idea since she was inside the silver haired boys room at nights a lot lately trying to get Zero to be more happier trying to get him to smile again.
and to his great relief found both his adoptive childeren still sound asleep Zeros arms protective over Yukis shoulder while she has her head rested on his bear chest.

Very carefully Kaien Cross slips away to get his camera and is happy that when he gets back they are still in the same position.

''My little princess you look so adorable like this and you Kiryu Zero you be a great friend to little Yuki-chan wont you'' He says with a warm smile on his lips and clicks the button of the camera soundly.

A small photo falls inside the palm of his hands and looks at it with a happy smile on his face.

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Thunder Is No longer Scary When I Am With You Zero-kun
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