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 Desire Of Hate And Love

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PostSubject: Desire Of Hate And Love   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:45 am

A cold and cruel wind blew through Zero's silver hair,making it to blow into his face as he held his face in a cold and expressionless gesture staring right into the eyes of his sworn enemy the pure blood princess Yuki Kuran.

The one girl he once held close to him, back in the time when she was still human and Zeros best friend back in the time when neither of them had any clue of what was to happen to them in later years
Before Kaname Kuran the headmaster of the Night class at the academy had awoken her once more and revealed to Zero she was his sister, and fiance.

That time after the war with Rido and Zero and Yuki had said their last farewells and promised each other to get away so that she could go on with her live and be happy with her true love Kaname
She had told him to keep on living. and he did he tried to forget her he really tried.

It had been six whole years since they has last seen each other six whole years of torture in Zeros case
Many things had happened in that time. He had declined to become the president of the Hunter associations. and instead kept on hunting for evil vampires, never really able to find rest when it was always Yuki on his mind at nights no matter how much he tried to get rid of the memories he still had of her.

That on this faithful day six years since their last farewell they met once more.
Zero had his gun, his bloody rose gun placed on her heart, as his lavender like eyes kept locked on Yukis reddish brown ones

She looked at him with teary eyes and had a very sorrowful expression on her face.

both frozen in time as they stood in the middle of a large clearing deep inside a dark forest, while the wind kept on blowing furiously.

Zero sighs deeply and lowers his gun a tiny bit which got Yuki to look at the gun instead of Zero for a split second wondering why he kept hesitating to shoot.

She looked back at Zero and spoke.

''Zero i knew this day would come one day but i never expected it to be this soon but now i wonder why you hesitate, why Zero?''

Yuki said with a soft but strong voice but she knew the answer all ready, she knew Zero wouldn't have the will power to shoot her, she knew his feelings for her were still too strong to get through with it in the end.

Zero tightened his grip on his gun but while doing that his hand starts shaking badly and it did not take long for it to fall to the ground with a loud noise. he just could not get through with killing her, not when she looks at him with those sad innocent brown eyes of hers.

Zeros looked at the gun that lay now near his feet but did not take the trouble to pick it back up again instead of doing that he grabbed Yukis left arm in a tight grip and started to make his way in a even deeper direction of the forest away from the open clearing and all the loyal guards that Kaname had surely placed there to protect his precious sister.

It was making him uneasy standing here in this open field he needed to get away and that ment away from everyone to be alone with just her.

Yuki led herself get dragged away by the silver haired hunter and it brought back memories from when they were still little back in the time when she was always the one that forced him to follow her.it made her laugh slightly when noticing Zero was the one doing the forcing this time around.

It made Zero turn his head when he noticed her pace had slowed down a bit, but still he kept on walking he could not slow down now not now that he finally had this one chance to be alone together, to finally have a conversation with her without her body guards around and worse of all her brother Kaname.

He could not hold this in any longer he had to tell her how he felt. to tell her how much he was still hurting deep inside from the moment they had said their long farewells, but how could he say it when he also carried as much love as hate for her, just because she was a pureblood, a vampire of the highest standards, one of the same vampires that had made him lose his family, his parents. and worsted of all his beloved twin brother Ichiru.

He kept on walking until they arrived in the deepest part of the forest. with not even the light of the moon to shine around them. the thick trees kept all of the light that tried to shine through blocked with their thick branches. not even birds came here to sing their songs it was really that deserted. but for Zero it was perfect. it was the rigth place to kill the Kuran Princes at least thats what i tried to make himself believe.

But it made him wonder why no one had followed them when to his surprise met Yuki at a Vampire ball he was forced to attained as a guard of the Hunter association to make sure everything went well.
When he asked her to come with him if only for a little while and she had come along with him telling her guards to keep low, if only for a short time and to his even bigger surprise they agreed and that made them come to this point were either of them was forced to make a choice.

But what he could not get his finger one was why Yuki did not called for her precious beloved brother
This very moment when she knew she might lose her live when risking to be with the dangerous Vampire hunter.

Suddenly he stretched out his arm opened his hand closes his eyes and not even a minute later his favorite gun the bloody rose gun he once had gotten to protect himself back in the years when he still attained Cross Academy lay in the palm of his hand, ready to fire at will.

He folded his hand around the gun and once again pointed it at Yuki
Who looks up looking very frightened by now when she thought he did not went through with killing her.
She though that when they met at that Ball she had only attained because her brother had asked her to
and saw Zero after all those years that all he wanted was to talk, hoping that after six years the promise they had made so long ago had faded a bit in Zeros memories.

She looks at the gun and directly back at Zero looking into his twilight eyes and spoke again with a soft and scared voice.

''Zero why did you take me here
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PostSubject: part II   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:25 am

''Zero why did you take me here are you really going through with this. i know you better than that. you cant really mean to kill me after all this time please Zero stop this ridiculous act and let me go?''
she almost begged him but Zero refused to talk and kept his eyes locked on that of hers.

It seemed as if Zero tries his hardest to get his hand to listen to him to make his gun load so that he was able to get through with killing her rigth this very moment.

Until suddenly Yuki placed her fingers on the gun which got Zero to look at her with confusion in his amethyst eyes.

''Zero please dont go through with this, i know you still believe to keep your self on our promise that you have the right to kill me would we met one day, but really Zero i can see the pain in your eyes. i can see the love that shines brightly, it makes me believe you still love me do you Zero-kun?''

It really hurts you deep inside doesn't it?''

She asks speaking with a very soft tone to her voice, while still looking at the silver haired hunter.

Zero sighs deeply before he lowers his gun once more, his eyes never leaving that of hers and let''s go of his weapon, making it fall to the ground again.

''Yuki'' he starts his expression on his face now very somber, as he looks at his fallen weapon instead of looking at Yuki as he continues speaking. ''The promise we made six years ago is not that easily broken just like that. do you really believe that after you left i was able to move on and able to forget about the promise you made me of course i wasn't

He stopped talking and took one step towards Yuki who shivers a little. but then again she was only wearing a strapless dark green ball gown which wasn't ecaxly warm when standing inside a dark forest in the middle of the night. and responds to his words.
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Desire Of Hate And Love
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