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 Friendship and Sunshine. A Zero Ichiru Yuki Au One Shot

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PostSubject: Friendship and Sunshine. A Zero Ichiru Yuki Au One Shot   Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:51 am

One early summers afternoon a young girl of the age of ten with long brown hair and wearing a white summers dress was laughing while she ran away without wearing any shoes from a young boy that seemed to be about the same age as the girl. His hair was a beautiful silver grey and the light of the sun reflected on his silver locks as he chased her easily.

He was only wearing shorts and a light green t shirt and just like the girl was not wearing shoes at all
but the reason for that was easily explained they were running on the cool grass of a large field near their home well more the home of the young silver haired boy the girl was only visiting her best friend this whole day.

The two young children names were Yuki Cross the only daughter of the owner of Cross academy Cross Kaien. He who had adopted the girl when she was only a small baby that was being brought to him one late winters day, carried in her elder brothers arms, begging him to let his baby sister stay with him because he was no longer able to take care of her, making him swear to never reveal anything to her when she grow up about having a elder brother. Cross Kaien who had been a close friend to the young mans late parents that had been murdered in a most cruel way accepted the baby and named her Yuki Cross. The boy trusted the headmaster with the life of his little sister and disappeared then never to be seen again .

As for the young boy. His name was Zero Kiryu the son of the famous hunters family the Kiryu Clan
And all ready a promising hunter to be. he was eleven years old right now and really cherished his family with all he had but the person he cherished most of all was his younger twin brother Ichiru
They were inseparable most of the time. at home at school even shared the same bed when their mother wasnt looking. Then it was always Zero who slipped into bed with Ichiru only then was he able to sleep soundly and without any worries.

Only when Yuki Cross the daughter of Cross Kaien a close friend of the kiryus came into the picture only then was he able to move away from his brother to spend time with the petit girl that was always so full of engery. soft spoken shy well behaved and most of all very sweet to him and his twin brother.
Only Ichiru never really liked it when his brother went to spend time with Yuki. It always meant less attention was to be given to him by his dearest brother. it always made him feel left behind and lonely whenever that happened.

That on this day when Zero was playing with Yuki in the field near their house Ichiru was hiding away behind some nearby trees. seated on the soft grass with his hands behind his back and having led his head rest against a large mighty tree that with his large branches gave the young boy enough shelter from the warm sunlight.

The expression he was wearing was very somber and sad but what could he do more then wait for Zero to come back and find him again. He understood his brothers reason for wanting to spend time with Yuki but still being all alone the moment Zero was with Yuki still hurts him badly but he could not get himself to befriend the little girl. not when his jealousy still got the best of him whenever he thought about her taking away his precious time with his brother. no Ichiru kiryu was still not able to get friends with Yuki Cross.

Meanwhile Yuki was getting a little tired. her breath was swallow and some tiny sweat drops fell from her forehead as she bent down on her knees to rest for a bit.
Turning her head into the direction of were she had last saw Zero still chasing her she spotted him running towards her to come to a halt right before her face, a curious expression was to be seen on his face as he watches her.

''Whats wrong Yuki tired all ready?'' he says with a slight teasing tone to be heard in his voice which made Yuki pout in displeasure. not really wanted to hear Zero teas her like that when he could see how tired she really was.

Standing back on her feet again she places her hands on her hips and spoke again, clearly upset with his words he had just said to her.
''Of course i am not tired Zero. i just wanted to rest for a little while, its really hot and i was wondering if you liked to go search for your brother?'' I mean when we decided to come here he disappeared and i haven't seen him since ore have you Zero?''

Zero shook his head. ''No i have not seen him either but dont worry Yuki he probably here somewhere
i am sure of it'' and gave her a reassuring smile to make her stop worrying about his younger twin brother for now. He really found it cute the way Yuki always cared about the two of them so much but knowing his twin he was probably sleeping some were close by.

He than let his eyes fall on a couple of trees in the distance that were completely located in shadow.
and made him think it to be a wonderful idea to sit down underneath the trees and get some rest since Yuki was complaining about being tired he was convinced she would not disagree with his idea at all.

Yuki curious eyes watch in the same direction Zero is looking at and blinks in confusion.
''Zero what you looking at?'' come lets go find Ichiru what if something bad has happened to him and he cant call for help'' she says sounding a little distressed all ready.
Grabbing his hand she starts pulling him into the direction of the forest before them,worrying for Ichirus safety.

Zero lets himself gets pulled by Yukis hand it was the direction he wanted to go to as well and if they wandered into the trees they were sure to find Ichiru sooner ore later.
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PostSubject: Re: Friendship and Sunshine. A Zero Ichiru Yuki Au One Shot   Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:37 am

Not much later they found themselves surrounded by huge trees that with their thick leaves made the whole area they now stood in completely sheltered from the sun only small bits of sunlight was able to get through but only were the branches of the trees were the least thick.

Yuki who still held on tight to Zeros hand looks around curiously hoping to find Ichiru soon and just when she was about to give up hope she saw some light reflecting on someones hair and because both Zero and Ichirus hair was very light silver it was easily to spot if the sunlight reflected upon it.
She saw him seated against a tree not that far away from were they stood and it looked like he was fast asleep.

Turning her head to look at that of Zeros again she starts smiling and happily chirps his name.
''Zero look there he is'' she says with excitement in her voice, pointing her finger in the direction of were the younger Kiryu twin was sleeping.

Yuki liked both the Kiryu twins equally she could not understand why Ichiru always distanced himself from her whenever Zero came to play. She wanted to play with the both of them not only Zero. She wanted to make Ichiru understand that she wanted to be his friend too.

Zero chuckles softly at Yukis reaction and nods his head before he responds to her words.
''He is easy to find Yuki one of his favorite things is sleeping near trees when its hot just like i like to do sometimes'' he says and starts to make his way over to his brother.

''But Zero i dont understand why he always acts this way when we play together. doesn't he like me
i wanna be Ichiru's friend too you know?'' she says with a soft voice. and her face looks all sad it even looks like she is about to cry almost.

Zero sighs. he hates to see Yuki like this. he is always trying to try to keep her happy so that he is always able to see her happy smilling face but somehow his younger twin brother was not able to understand why Zero was being such good friends with the younger girl.

''Yuki i think you need to discus it with Ichiru himself i cant really do much about it i really wish i could and you know i do. i think he might be a little bit jalous of you he is very attached to me and you understand that right?'' and stands still for a couple of minutes to give her a small friendship hug to make sure she is feeling happy again.

Yuki happily returns the hug and when they let go of each other again she softly spokes again.
''I do he is your twin brother after all which you love dearly but Zero is my best friend i just want Ichiru to get along with me as well i want him to be my best friend to''

Hearing Yuki speak so childish and a little selfish makes him chuckle once more
''Sometimes its just not that easy to always get what you want. sometimes it takes time and more then just patience alone to get what you want Yuki. Ichiru needs time to accept you as your friend. but dont worry'' he says when seeing Yukis disappointing expression on her face. ''He will be your friend, now come lets go wake him before he is going to sleep the day away''

Yuki gives a soft nod and together they walk towards Ichiru who was still sleeping peacefully. not aware of the presence of his brother and Yuki at all.

But just when they were about to reach the younger boy Zero stops very suddenly and makes Yuki look up a little confused, looking at Zero with confusion in her eyes.

''Yuki come closer i have a plan to wake him up that will surly wake him up pretty fast''

Walking closer until she stood right besides Zero she comes to a stop and awaits for him to explain the plan to her,giggling she all ready knew what Zero was about to tell her..
She was friends with the twins for a very long time all ready she knew Zero and Ichirus prank plans very well to know what Zero was about to do to his brother.

Getting a evil glint in his eyes Zero starts telling her the idea.
Yuki now barely able to control her excitement, impatiently jumping from one feet to the other making Zero laugh at her silly actions.

''Ok here is the plan. i want you to hide yourself behind the tree Ichiru is sleeping against. the moment i give you the signal you make him jump up in surprise by pushing him really hard which will wake him right up. Can you do that Yuki?''

Nodding her head happily. ''Of course i can Zero but what about you. what will you do?''

Zero was all ready expecting her to ask that quistion and knew how to answer.
''Nothing much but observe the plan i thought of and that you complete for me'' he says smirking.
Hearing this makes the small girl pout clearly not happy with what Zero just told her.
''But Zero thats not fair at all. if i do all the work and you just watch whats the point in doing it
it will not be fun at all and it will make Ichiru dislike me even more then he all ready does now you know'' she says unhappily.

Which got Zero to sign deeply. Stretching his arms lazily he speaks again.
''Fine lets do it together then how is that?''

This makes Yukis eyes lit up and a bright smile appears on her face then.
''Yes i like that idea much better Zero doing it together is much more fun then doing it all by myself''
and continues to smile at her silver haired best friend, who steps closer reaches out his hand to her head and ruffles her hair a little roughly.

''I get it Yuki now lets do this before the whole day is gone because we keep arguing about it''

''Right'' she agrees and looks into the direction of Ichiru who after all the loud arguing of both Zero and Yuk continues to sleep as if he really was not hearing anything at all.

Trying her best to keep herself from laughing too hard Yuki sneaks towards the younger Kiryu twin with Zero walking close behind her only he was not sneaking but walking in a normal position.
Walking slowly to make sure his twin was not going to wake up, or his idea would be ruined for sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Friendship and Sunshine. A Zero Ichiru Yuki Au One Shot   Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:45 am

But then very sudden one of Ichirus eyes slowly opens and it almost looks like he is about to wake up but all he did was move a little to find the right position to lay in and continues to sleep on

Yuki who is very close now almost touching the tree holds her breath while trying to stand as still as she possibly could and lets it again quickly when she thought the danger had passed.

Zero holds a finger for his mouth as he slowly approaches his twin gently directing Yuki to start hiding herself by pushing her forwards a little.

Not a minute later both Zero and Yuki are hiding behind the tree to give Ichiru the scare of his life.

Yuki is softly giggling while holding her hands for her mouth making sure Ichiru was not hearing her laughing.

Zero focuses his attention back to yuki again and smiles evilly whispering softly in Yukis ears.
''Ready Yuki?'' The small petite brown haired girl besides him gives a quick nod which got Zero to ready himself to push his twin brother.

Getting on his knees on the muddy ground he stretches out his hands. Yuki quickly positioned herself to do the same only because she didn't wants to dirty her dress makes sure her knees are not touching the ground.

Together they push Ichiru really hard to get him to wake up yelling out his name loudly.
''Ichiru!!!!! wake up'' They yell in unison.

With a loud yell of surprise Ichiru opens his eyes wide.
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PostSubject: Re: Friendship and Sunshine. A Zero Ichiru Yuki Au One Shot   Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:16 am

Turning around to see what or who got him to scare him like that. Turning around he finds Yuki giggling loudly. Even his elder twin brother Zero who normally acts very mature for his age is laughing like he is having the time of his life so hard that he laughs.

Ichiru frowns clearly not happy with the situation but when Zero and Yuki continue to laugh he cant stop himself from giving in for a little while and chuckles slightly.

Wrapping the sleep out of his eyes Ichiru sits more up right again.

Finding it a relief that his brother laughs this cheerfully and carefree again.

it really had been a long time since he heard his brother laugh like this because lately Zero had been a little bit down.

Their parents always pushing Zero to do better to become a very skilled Hunter in the future and all that it got Zero to become a little bit down and tired from trying so hard.

Ichiru was happy that it was summer vacation now so that his twin brother was able to relax and enjoy his free time even if it meant that he had to keep up with small Yuki Cross who so happend to have stolen his brothers heart.

Zero and Yuki both stop laughing after awhile and see Ichiru looking at them with a serene expression to be seen on his face. deep in thought Zero wonders when taking a more closer look at his brother.

Yuki no longer having the patience to just stay still and do nothing when seeing both brothers staring at each other, steps towards the younger Kiryu twin, a smile tugged on her lips and ready to make Ichiru accept her as a friends hoping that Ichiru was not mad at her, too much.

Carefully she starts talking when standing before Ichiru her legs close together and holds her fingers twirling nervously.

''Ichiru-kun i am sorry if we scared you but me and Zero wanted to play with you too and i thought that by doing this you would cheer right up again, you cant sleep all day you know''

she continues on.

''I really wanna be your friend too Ichiru-kun please stop hiding yourself from me and your brother when you know we really like to play with you too''
by now some tears appear in the girls brown eyes which she wraps away with her small hands trying to still act strong.

Zero watches from a distance. watching his brother finding himself in a very difficult siutation that when he sees Ichiru given him a look of panic Zero sighs and walks slowly over to the two and gently places a hand on Yukis shoulder and starts talking.

''Shh Yuki its ok. I think Ichiru understands what you are trying to say. dont you brother?''
Ichiru gives a firm nod.

''Of couse Zero if Yuki wants to be friends its fine with me'' and he smiles then and this time its a real smile a smile from the heart.

Yuki finds this a big relief to hear that from Zero's twin brother and gives both brothers a bright smile.

''I am really happy to hear this Ichiru-kun you and Zero are my best friends forever''
she says with a honest tone to her voice which makes Zero believe Yuki means it with all her heart.

Zero and Ichiru smile when hearing this and together they give the petit girl a loving hug, embracing her tightly.

Yuki is a little surprised with the sudden actions but soon finds herself closing her eyes to enjoy all of the attention both Kiryu twins are given her right now.

Ichiru is the first one to let go of the hug, feeling much better then he did this morning as if a huge weight has been lived from his shoulders.

a smile still tugged on his lips as he watches Zero and Yuki still embracing each other, both having their eyes closed.

He smirks as some naughty thoughts come to his mind but he knows its far to early for that kinds of thoughts, because neither Zero or Yuki is even aware of the affection they share for each other yet.
it all takes time nothing but time Ichiru thinks. but if the time were to come and his brother and little Yuki Cross were to become a couple he make sure to play the annoying younger brother of that he was sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Friendship and Sunshine. A Zero Ichiru Yuki Au One Shot   Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:45 am

Looking back into the direction of his brother and Yuki he starts yelling their names to make them come out of their moment, deciding that he had waited more then enough.

''Hey Zero Yuki-chan come and lets get out of here its getting boring and cold lets do something else like tag come'on'' he says cheerfully and runs towards his brother to tap him on the shoulder lightly.
''Tag you're it!!'' he yells and runs away in a fast pace laughing as he ran into the direction of the fields full of flowers.

Zero all ready knowing his brothers leg of attention whenever he acts like he just had done now smirks and gently releases himself out of the embrace with Yuki who giggles at Ichirus childish actions.

''Come lets get him Yuki'' he says happily.

''Yes!! she says cheerfully and together they race after Ichiru, laughing and having the time of their lives.

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PostSubject: Re: Friendship and Sunshine. A Zero Ichiru Yuki Au One Shot   

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Friendship and Sunshine. A Zero Ichiru Yuki Au One Shot
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