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 Brotherly Concerns

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PostSubject: Brotherly Concerns   Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:41 am

[b]Brotherly Concerns[b]

A Kiryu Twin One Shot based on a Vk Bonus Chap

Ichiru and Zero Kiryu two nine year old twin brothers happily play in the snow while their guardian
Touga Yagari watches them from a distance. watching Zero the elder of the twins making sure his younger brother was not hurting himself cause he was easily hurt. reason for that was he was not really healthy from the very first day he was born. thats why Zero saw it part of his duty to always make sure his beloved brother was always taken care of and had everything he needed when being sick.

Zero watches his brother more closely when standing rigth beside him and notices the younger boys scarf was about to come undone from his neck. gently he reties it again and gets a warm smile in return from his brother, knowing very well that Zero was always there for him whenever he needed him like he did now.

''That Cross-san was really weird was he not Zero?''
Ichiru says softly as he watches the man disappear into the distance.

Zero nods his head and starts talking softly.
''Yes he is really weird i agree with you on that. i mean he did explained why he is always making so many pictures but i still dont get it at all.''

Ichiru chuckles when seeing Zeros eye brows furrowed.

''Dont think to much Zero come on lets climb that mountain with your help i am sure we can make it up there in no time''.

This makes Zero stop thinking for the time being and nods his head again.

''Of course we will Ichiru lets go then'' he says with a strong tone to be heard in his voice.
determined to help his younger brother climb up that mountain so that they both would be able to slide down with their slays.

Together both twin brothers climb and climb until finally with a little push in the back from Zero Ichiru is able to climb up the middle sized mountain all by himself.

and when he standing watching into the distance he cheers happily.
''Yes!! i made it'' he yells cheerfully.

Zero smiles when hearing that and climbs after his brother to pat him on the back gently.

''Of course you did, dont think you would not be able to do it Ichiru. remember i am here to help you always''

Ichiru gives a even brighter smile to Zero this time and nods his head happily.

Removing his hand away from his brothers shoulder again Zero watches into the direction of were their master is standing and sighs unhappily.

''I think we better head back now before you catch a cold Ichiru, its still pretty cold out and staying here much longer now wont do you much good''

Ichiru frowns at hearing his twin words and shakes his head furiously.

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PostSubject: Re: Brotherly Concerns   Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:42 pm

''dont worry Zero its not that cold'' but when seeing his elder twin brother slight irritating look he gives in knowing its no use arguing any further when Zero is like this.

''I know how much you still want to play outside here in the snow but i hate to see you sick again you know how easily you get sick Ichiru'' and walks closer to give his brother a loving hug which he accepts eagerly.

A little further ahead of them Touga Yagari sees his two little students comforting each other and cant help but to smile even for a slight second when seeing the close bond between the twins.

But when a small snow flake lands on the elder mans head he decides its been more then long enough for the boys to have played in the snow and slowly starts to make his way back to the twins.

His hands in his pockets he marches through the deep snow.

when he arrives at the mountain both his young students are standing looking at him with curious eyes.
He sighs and opens his mouth to bark out a order to get them to listen to him.

''Ok you brats get on moving its getting colder and it be dark soon i dont want either of you in bed sick the next day lets go''

He finished his order and both Zero and Ichiru quickly give their stern mentor a nod in return.
''Yes master'' they both say softly and start to climb down the mountain again

Zero walks after his master holding his twin brothers hand firm in his own to make sure he is right besides him as them climb down the mountain.

After some walking through the snow Ichiru starts to cough a little bit. Zero is directly on alert and looks at his younger twin with a worried expression upon his face.

Looking at their master who understands whats needs to be done picks up Ichiru and throws him over his shoulder.

The younger Kiryu twin stops coughing because of the sudden movements his master made while picking him up, surprised thats he is being carried like a little baby and starts to complain the moment Yagari starts walking.

''Zero, master, i can walk by myself it was just a small cough'' but when another more serious cough makes him unable to say anymore Touga quickly continues on.

hoping they were still in time to not let Ichiru get to ill.

Zero picks up the pace his master is walking in easily and keeps on glancing up at his twin.

''Hold on Ichiru we are almost there'' he says to let his brother know he is still there with him.

When they finally arrive at the house Zero opens the door fast to let his twin inside the warm house before himself, he is that worried over his brother.

Kouga still carrying the very weak boy over his shoulder walks towards said boys room, walking in a very quick pace while Zero closes the door again.

Quickly he undoes himself of his scarf ear warmers mittens and jacket to run after his master to help aid him in any way he possibly can to make sure his twin is feeling better again.

Wearing a very worried expression on his face as he races through the hall way up to his brothers room.

Yagari gently lays the small boy on his bed and starts undoing him out of his winter entire.
To get Zero to help with it soon enough. Standing in the door opening he rushes over to his brothers side directly.

''I am here Ichiru. come let me help you''
Zero says with a gentle and patient tone to his voice.

Yagari looks at Zero and starts to speak to him.
''Zero'' Yagari addresses the boy. ''Get Ichiru's Pajamas and make sure he is comfortable while i make us all something warm to drink, it will do him some good''

He then sighs as he touches his forehead and has a very difficult expression on his face then before he starts to talk again.

''It was foolish of me to let you two stay in the snow far longer than you normally do.
Zero you should have let your brother get inside the house the minute you thought he was starting to look pale''

Zero looks down at the ground and knows his master is right but it was Ichiru that wanted to climb that mountain so badly and he being the soft and kind elder brother that he was could not refuse the request Ichiru had made this morning while spending another night, sharing the same bed just because Ichiru was not able to sleep if Zero was not there besides him.

Looking up again and meeting his masters eyes with his own Zero nods his head.

''I am sorry master but Ichiru wanted it so much and i just wasnt able to say no to him''

Yagaris eyes soften a little bit then.
''I know brat even i agreed to let him have his way and look what it all brought him another day in bed sick'' he says with a slight harsh tone to be heard in his voice.

At that same moment Ichiru who had been not really conscious while Zero was talking to their master opens his eyes again and looks at his elder twin brother with a look that only Zero was able to understood. it meant that Ichuru felt sorry for his mistake he had made today.

Touga Yagari ruffles the younger twins hair and gives both boys a slight smile before standing up from the bed again ready to depart to the kitchen.

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PostSubject: Re: Brotherly Concerns   Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:48 pm

To make all three of them some hot chocolade to warm up a little.

Leaving the twins alone for a while but he knows his students would not be doing anything naughty with Ichiru being very ill and Zero way to a copied with taking care of his brother to even think about doing anything that would get him into trouble right now.

Closing the door behind him silently Touga makes his way to the kitchen and starts preparing the hot chocolade the minute he had arrived in the kitchen.

Zero sits down on the bed right besides his brother. a painful expression was to be read on the young boys face as he watches Ichiru cough again but tries to hide it with his rigth hand and when he sees Ichiru shiver from the cold he quickly covers him with the blankets that lay on the bed.

''Ichiru how are you feeling now ?'' Zero asks in a whisper like voice and gives his brother a reassuring smile to letting him know he is not mad.

Ichiru suddenly wraps his arms around his brother and still remains silent just enjoying his brothers company.

Zero sighs and gives in to the hug because he too is enjoying the hugs Ichiru always gives him
its his younger brothers way of answering his question.

After a short while of having holding each other close Zero gently releases himself out of his brothers arms to sit on the bed again, right next to his brother, wearing a warm smile on his face.

''Everything will be ok Ichiru, master will help you get better soon'' but Ichiru shakes his head and coughs some more.

''I only want Zero. You are the only one that will make me feel better'' Ichiru says with a honest expression on his face.

Zero smiles again and nods his head.
''Dont worry Ichiru i will stay here with you as long as want me too''
Hearing Zero say those last ressuring words the younger of the Kiryu cant help but to feel very happy rigth now.

Zero hands his brother his pajamas and waits for him to be all done with dressing for bed before he stands up again to walk back to the door. but when he turns his head around to give his brother one last glance he sees Ichiru has all ready falling into a deep slumber.

Quietly Zero opens the door to inform their master about his brothers condition.

Arriving back inside the living room he continues walking until he has arrived at the kitchen were he believes his master to be right now.

Opening the door that leads inside the kitchen Zero peeks inside and his re sured their master is still there.

The moment the door opens Touga looks up and looks rigth into his young students amethyst eyes.
''Come inside Zero i made chocolate for us both, you look like you need it ,dont want to have you sick in bed as well now dont we''

He finished talking and grabs a chair for the silver haired boy to sit beside him.

Zero obeys his masters orders meekly and sits down on the chair, grabbing the hot mock with the steaming choco with both hands and starts to blow of the steam to make it cool down to drink it.

The elder vampire hunter watches his student and sees the concern and worry over his twin in his eyes
and waits patiently for Zero to tell him about Ichirus condition.
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PostSubject: Re: Brotherly Concerns   Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:41 pm

Zero drinks his hot chocolate in a hurry still very much concerned about Ichiru because he had told him to stay by his said the whole night.

When he has it finished sets the cup back down on the table and looks back up at his master with sad eyes.

''Ichiru has fallen asleep master can i go back to him now to see if he is still doing ok?''
Touga gives him a short nod.

''Go on you brat its getting pretty late better prepare for bed now Zero''

''Yes master goodnight'' almost jumping out his seat he manages to give his master a slight bow before he races back to his brothers side.

But when he arrives back he is relieved to find his twin still sleeps peacefully and luckily he is not coughing as much anymore.

Undoing himself of his clothes he puts on his own pajamas and slips into bed next to his brother, grabbing the blankets he pulls it over both his brother and himself, making sure his brothers body is all covers underneath them so that he wont be getting it cold this night.

Zero takes a deep breath and finally is able to relax. with his twin laying rigth beside him breathing normally again, their master watching over them making sure they were save Zero slowly led his eyelids close and falls fast asleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Brotherly Concerns   

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Brotherly Concerns
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