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 Kiryu Twins One Shots. Storie II Zeros Clumsy Act

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PostSubject: Kiryu Twins One Shots. Storie II Zeros Clumsy Act   Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:01 am


One very hot summers afternoon Kiryu Zero and his younger twin brother Ichiru were outside seated near a river seated on the grass with their feet tangling in the water hoping it would give them some refreshment against the warm temperature of todays weather which was very hot right now.

They were really lazy on this sundays afternoon and had nothing do to then just try to stay calm and trying to keep themselves entertained with the river that ran alongside their home.

Their parents were out again on a mission to kill vampires since that was their job but the twins werent alone whenever that happened their master Touga Yagari was there to protect the boys that way they still could play outside and have fun.

But when Ichiru grew restless and bored with only having the river as the only thing to keep him entertained he stood back up his feet again and looks into the distance of the forest having a look og longing in his brigth violet eyes.

Zero who was watching his brother at that same moment gets a bit confused with his brother and asks him what was wrong.

''Something the matter Ichiru?'' he asks softly.

Ichiru looks back at his brother again and nods his head in a yes.

''Yes there is. dont you want to go out of here to go exploring deeper into the forest Zero? i feel so bored and lazing around here is really making me restless and bored with this background.
Since mom and dad have been after this vampire for a whole week all ready we have been spending almost all of our time on this same spot i want to go somewhere else please Zero tell me you agree with me brother?'' Ichiru said and you could hear the desperation in his voice when he was done talking

Zero shakes his head and sighs deeply. he knew about his brothers longing for adventure
he was more of the care free type more then Zero really was.
but their master had forbid them to move away from this spot so that he was still able to see them
this place was save from the dark creatures of the night called vampires

And with the tender age of ten neither twin was a match for one of th blood lusting level E vampires that were hunting near their home. the same vampires their parents looked for this very moment.

''Ichiru you know we cant disobey masters orders you know about the warning he has given us eurlier this morning right?''

Ichiru nods his head. '' I do. he told us to stay were he could see us and could keep protecting us from the vampires that are around this area but Zero dont you want to sneak away at least for a little while and get away from here. its still eurly enough to come back before night fall cant we go?''

He says with a hopefull tone to his voice and in his eyes to be red.

But Zero had other plans and shook his head in annoyance.

''Ichiru i know how much you like exploring further then the river but lets think about it more clearly
imagination what if a level E vampire attacked you out of no were while you are all alone inside the woods and have no one to call for help because Master is far away from you what would you do if that were to happen Ichiru?''

Ichiru remains silent as he takes in his elder brothers words and it makes Zero continue on with his little speech. Trying his best to get his brother to see reason.

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PostSubject: Re: Kiryu Twins One Shots. Storie II Zeros Clumsy Act   Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:16 am

''Look Ichiru i dont want to see you getting hurt. you are my only brother so please listen to me and stay here ok?''

Zero finished talking and looks at his brother eyes and knows Ichiru has not changed his mind one bit.

He sighs then and gives up trying to talk his brother out his little idea.

''All right brother lets go for a bit but if master notice us gone you are the one who is going to get all the blame you understand that dont you ?'''

Ichiru chuckles a little and nods his head happy with his small victory over his brother right now.
''We wont. Master is probably of trying to cook for us. we will have no problem with getting catches trust me Zero'' and grins cheerfully.

Zero furrows his eye brows at that not really sure that which his twin is telling him is the real true
he knows that their master is always watching over them. that it is almost impossible to get away from his watching eyes.

but to make his brother happy he just nods his head and remains silent.

Which is all Ichiru needs and not soon after he is moving away from the river and runs deeper into the forest. his expression on his face full of excitement and curiosity.

But Zero was walking a bit further behind his head turned backwards watching the window he was sure their masters presence was right there.

Ichiru walks on ahead watching with curious eyes at everything he passed by.
he had no care in the world even though he knew very well that very soon this place would no longer be save for humans to walk that as soon as the sun went down they better made it back home again .

After a little while Ichiru suddenly stops walking when he thought he had heard something moving nearby and it made his little explore adventure not that much fun anymore as he thought it would be.

With frightened eyes the younger of the Kiryu twins turns to his brother Zero who had also noticed they were no longer alone.

Grabbing his brothers arm he clings to it looking backwards hoping that nothing would come attack them right now.

''Zero whats that do you think we are being watched by a vampire?'' Ichiru asks with a soft tone in his voice looking even more afraid when Zero just shrugged his shoulders.

''I told you we live near vampire territory Ichiru you were the one that wanted to go explore so badly not me'' Zero finished talking and sounds a bit annoyed with his brother now.
and keeps his eyes fixed on the bushed near by them.

''I know we live nearby it but i never thought them to appear when it was still light out.

Ichiru answers back with still a slight scared tone to his voice.

Zero sighs. ''Ichiru i think its best that we get back home now before its really starting to get dangerous dont you agree?''

Clinging to his bothers arms still Ichiru agrees by nodding his head a tiny bit.

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PostSubject: Re: Kiryu Twins One Shots. Storie II Zeros Clumsy Act   Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:31 am

Together they ran back to their house not looking back to see if there was indeed a vampire chasing them right this very moment.

But when they arrived back both really out of breath a very angry looking vampire hunter is standing near the entrance his arms folded together as he looks at the two little boys expecting a explanation of why they had sneaked away.

''There you brats finally are care to explain to me of this sudden disappearance Zero Ichiru?''

He all but barks at both the twins who had their heads down in shame to scared to say anything.
right now. knowing fully well how wrong they had acted.

But then a sudden movement made the bushes near the house rustle and a blood lusting level E appeared its fangs bared and its blood red eyes fixed on Ichiru ready to attack any minute now.

Touga Yagari had all ready noticed the vampire that had been spying on the boys swiftly makes quick work of the blood sucker by grabbing his gun just when the vampire was ready to jump at Ichiru and Zero and shoots it down with ease rigth before the eyes of Ichiru who is looking at it with frightened eyes to scared to even move one muscle. his eyes watch the vampire turn into dust and fades away into the wind.

looking back up at his small students Yagari sighs and starts talking again.
this time a little kinder when seeing the state the twins are in right now.

''Ichiru Zero inside now and promise me to never to something like this ever again''

Both twins nods their heads in union to scared to give any word of disagreement right now when seeing their master just killed of the vampire that had been following them.

Placing the gun back into his holder Touga looks back the twins.

''Now hurry it up and get back inside the house''

he commands the twins who quickly obey his command and run inside the house still looking very afraid and Ichiru was even shivering a little.

Later that night after dinner Ichiru had been brought to his bed because he had developed a slight fever which wasnt surprising with all that had happened this day.

The younger twin wh was still very much shocked had not argued at all this time and had led himself get carried upstairs by his master while Zero remained seated watching his brother leave.

Ichiru lay inside his bed now listening to the rain that had came shortly after they had gone back inside again.

Coughing softly the younger twin sighs a little. feeling very miserable and alone wishing Zero would come back to cheer him up again the way only he could.

when suddenly a loud noise got him to look up in surprise when seeing Zero on the floor right before his bed
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PostSubject: Re: Kiryu Twins One Shots. Storie II Zeros Clumsy Act   Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:15 pm

He had been thinking so deeply that h had not heard Zero come inside the room up until now when Zero lay on his behind all covered with dirty socks and clothes that were meant to be for the washing machine

Both twins look at each other for a couple of minutes before both burst into fits of laughter
So loud that it got Yagari to rush towards the boys to see what was going on but when he sees Zero laying on the ground laughing and Ichiru laughing even harder he cant help but to smile at the merry sight before him.

''Hahaha Zero how can you be so clumsy you know the box with dirty clothes stands near my bed and yet you always seem to forget its place again and again'' Ichiru says in between laughter.

Zero still continues on laughing but stops when he discovers their master stands leaning with his back against the door. but when seening his soft expression on the mans face Zero relaxes and knows he is no longer mad at them any longer.
and looks back at his twin with a goofy grin on his face.

''I know Ichiru its silly of me but at least it got you all cheered up again did it not ?''
Zero asks as he stands back on his feet again removing the socks from his body.

Ichiru nods his head. and smiles warmly back at his brother.
''You always cheer me up Zero but this time you did it in a very clumsy way'' and grins back at his brother.

Zero just smiles and does not respond to his brothers words sits down on the bed right next to his twin.
and gently feels his forehead to see if the fever had left all ready and to his great relief it had passed completely.

''Go sleep now Ichiru it will make you feel better i assure you'' Zero softly says and hugs him tightly for a couple of seconds before letting go again.

it got Yagari to nod his head as well when hearings Zeros words.

Ichiru just nods his head sleepily.
''Yes but only if Zero is going to stay with me tonight will you brother please?''

and gives him a pleading look that his elder brother was not able to resist no matter how much he tried to so do and once again Zero falls for his twins charming ways to get what he wants.

Touga Yagari lets Zero and Ichiru sleep together unlike their mother he is not having any problems with the fact that they wants to be together at nigth as well they are twins he thinks its only natural that they want to be together even at nights.

Zero runs back to his own room to change into his night clothes while Yagari remains standing near the door waiting for the boys to get ready to sleep.

Not much later Zero and Ichiru are all tugged in by their master and ready to join into dream world
waiting for him to tell them goodnight having trouble keeping their eyes open all ready.

Yagari walks towards the bed and ruffles their hair rather roughly but since they are used to it they dont complain and he does it to them.

''Goodnight boys go sleep and dont think about what happened today just forget all about it
i be here to protect you just close your eyes and sleep ok boys?''

''We try master'' Ichiru answers back. and it makes Yagari smile slightly before closing the door behind him.

After he left the room is all silent once again with only the soft breathing of the twins
and the soft ticking of the rain against the window.


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PostSubject: Re: Kiryu Twins One Shots. Storie II Zeros Clumsy Act   Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:43 pm

I love it! I really really enjoyed reading this fic, it's impossible not to imagine the whole scen, as well as character's expressions and feelings ^^ The twins are cute as always, i was happy you made Zero fall for Ichiru's charming persuading even though he was angry at his brother after the forest accident <3 And yay for Yagari's soft treatment at the end too! XD
Hihi such a nice story for good night~ ^^

Good luck with fanfic contest!! >w<
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PostSubject: Re: Kiryu Twins One Shots. Storie II Zeros Clumsy Act   

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Kiryu Twins One Shots. Storie II Zeros Clumsy Act
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