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 You Are My Sin

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PostSubject: You Are My Sin   Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:47 am

Yuki sighs softly as she watch into the distance of the sea while a soft breeze blows through her long dark hair.

This was just what she needed to come here to visit the beach and just come to relax herself if only for a little while.

She had managed to get herself to free from Aidou her bodyguard and personal teacher for the time being which wasn't a very easy thing to do at all.

And with her brother Kaname gone again on a meeting with the new council she badly was in need of some time away from that huge mansion and it being summer she longed for the beach and the sea the waves the soft sand underneath her feet while walking near the shore.

The minute she had aidou distracted she had run away heading towards the near by train station only dressed in a simple summers dress with wearing simple brown sandals and carrying a tiny handbag were she kept her money in to pay her ticket for the train enough to take her to the beach if her calculations were right not that beig turned back into a vampire made her suddenly more smarter then before not by far she still very much sucked at maths which made Aidou lose his patience more then once in the last couple of months that he had been given her lessons.

But thats not the point here rigth now Yuki had managed to get inside the train that brought her swiftly towards the beach..

By the time she had arrived the sun was slowly setting and made her hurry to find herself a nice place on the sand to watch the sun drown into the ocean. it was one of the reasons thats she had come to watch the sun go down and to be alone for awhile.

but she never had thought to find Zero on this very same moment watching the sea wearing only shorts and a simple t shirt he was even barefoot as well.

not knowing what to do this very moment Yuki was even too afraid to even move one muscle while thinking of a reason why Zero was here right now. maybe he had just like her come here to find peach and to relax himself Yuki believed that was the reason. what else could it be?

The silver haired youth had all ready noticed Yukis presence on the beach he was not for nothing on of the best hunters of this time.

He led out a long sigh before looking into the direction were Yuki stood close near high sea grass looking completely shocked to see him here right now it made him grin slightly and shook his head
Silly girl coming here all alone not even Aidou sempei was at her side.

It made Zero wonder why she had come to the beach only wearing a simple dress and nothing more it made him wonder how she had even managed to get out of the house was Kuran finally letting her have more freedom instead of always having her caged inside his little mansion but being the stuborn boy that he was he remains standing on the same spot thinking it not to his business any more if Yukis was concerned she no longer lived at the academy she was no longer the human girl he thought he had knew no Zero had no interest in his vampire that was here to disturb his rest that's all he thought of this sudden meeting nothing more and nothing less.

Trying to act as if he had not seen her yet his eyes once again fixed on the ocean before him.

Yuki still very much in shock about meeting Zero just when she wanted to spend a little while away from home to spend time on the beach to be alone with her own thoughts.

Slowly she sits down on the sand while folding her long dress over her long legs trying to ignore Zeros presence completely and soon she is deep in thought all forgotten about Zero but her peach is not for long when he comes to sit down not far from were she was seated which makes her shift her position a little bit further away from the silver haired boy holding her gaze on the ground while doing it.

What was he trying to do with suddenly coming to sit near her Yuki was not sure but she did not like it one bit.

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:45 am

Zero ignores her attempts to move away from him and closes his eyes.

Ever since Kaito kept hammering on him spending some time away from the hunter association to take some time off from work and jsut when he had finally aloud himself to rest and to listen to his advice he came to meet with Yuki Kuran of all people to come across it had to be her his enemie who had sworn to kill the moment they were to ever meet again but how could he kill her now when she was looking so defenceless and innocent looking no Zero could not get himself to grab bloody rose to kill her right then and there.

After a little while longer of complete silence between the two the sun faded into the sea completely which made Yuki shiver slightly cursing herself to have forgotten to bring a jacket with her with her rush to get out of the house.

She alouds herself to have a look at Zero for a little while but while doing that Zero descides to open his eyes as well which got them to look at each other just at the enact same time.

The hunter sighs once more before standing up and walks towards the dark haired vampire girl stands still and looks down at her.

''Yuki'' he starts what are you doing here all alone?'' he asks with a sharp tone to his voice and his expression serious.

Yuki is a little startled by his sudden questions and is unable to answer him right away. having him standing so close to her now makes her vampire instincts come to live his smell was almost too much for her to handle right now.

Zero waits for her answer he has time enough rigth now but when Yuki keeps silent only looking at the ground he was slowly starting to feel his patience slip away little by little.

''Yuki i am not repeating my question again dont you know how dangerous it is for you to stay here at nights specially for you'' he finishes talking still having his eyes fixed at Yukis.

Which makes her feel a bit uncomfortable all ready.

Looking back up into his grey eyes she nods her head and starts to talk
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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:11 am

''It relief's me to still hear concern in your voice for me Zero'' Yuki says while she tugs away some of her hair behind her ear.

''But there is really no need for worry about me i am perfectly fine thank you''

Hearing this makes Zero a little irritating by now.

''Are you sure you are fine when i place my gun against your head vampire'' he growls and grabs his bloody rose gun from out of his pocket to hold it firm in his hand all his muscles tight all fixed on Yuki
having the gun pointed in the direction of her head.

But Yuki gives no reaction of being afraid at all no emotion in her expression gives it away.

''Zero please cant you try to stop treating me like this everytime we meet cant you pretend if only for tonight to not see me as a enemy but again as my child hood friend. thats all i wish for rigth now
i know you dont want to kill me i can see it clearly in your eyes. all i came here for was to get away from everything meeting you here really surprised me can you do that for me Zero its all asked of you''

She finished talking and looks back into his amethyst eyes.

And knows she has won she knows Zero would never hurt her not ever.

Hearing her pleading words Zero puts away his gun slowly not meeting her eyes as he does.

''All right Yuki you can have your wish but remember after tonigth everything goes back to normal and you better run and hide the way you always do'' he says with a cold tone to his voice.

With a faint smile on her lips she gives a slow nod.

''Yes Zero i do understand it clearly''

Slowly she moves a little bit closer to were Zero was seated. thinking it to be more saver to sit next to him then it was before she had asking him let down his defences this time.

there by trying to make her hair stop blowing before her eyes. the wind really was blowing harder and harder Yuki noticed hoping the weather would not chance and become bad.

''It sure is windy dont you think Zero?'' she says trying to get Zero to talk to her but the silver haired hunter does not react but remains seated were he was. not really listening to her anymore but trying to enjoy the silence. only hearing the waves rolling down the shore and the sea birds making loud noises while fighting over their fish.

For once Zero was able to relax he all ready felt his muscles become less tense as he takes a deep breath and breaths in the salty air.

Going to the beach after sunset really had something special about it and Yukis presense also helped but being the proud boy that he was he would never admit that to anyone not even Yuki certainly not Yuki.

But having her seated next to him also brought him some peach. it made him think about times before everything had changed. it was because of her wish to him that made him feel this relaxed now it made him feel like he could forget about being a vampire hunter if only for this one night.

Besides him Yuki has closes her eyes and takes the salty sea air in. the fresh wind blowing in her face being happy to be spending time together like this. happy that he accepted her wish.

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:51 pm

But at the same time Yuki felt afraid about Zero leaving again soon she did not wanted him to leave so soon. she did not wanted him to become her enemy the next day. no all Yuki wanted was to have his friendship back to have him back at her side. her childhood friend who she grew up with who she still cared for so much no matter what had happened a year ago from now.

But how was she able to make him see this she still was the same Yuki he had known before even though she had awakened her vampire side of her. how could she make him realise that she was far more differently the the pureblood vampire Hio Shizuka that had killed his family.

A soft sigh escaped her lips when she was not able to come up with a answer to her question.

which makes Zero look her with a slight confused expression to be read on his face but remains silent.

The nigth grew darker and still Zero remains silent making Yuki think of a conversation to talk to him about but all she really could come up with was to ask him about his live at the academy and how her human friend Sayori was doing.

Looking his way again she sharps her voice and calls his name to get him to look her way.

''Uhm Zero i uh was wondering how you were doing at the academy and how the chairman and Yori are doing?'' she asks softly

Zero sighs and answers her question.

''Its break now Yuki Yori is at home did you all ready forgotten about the dates of summer vacation and when it starts'' and shakes his head.

Hearing this Yuki can only laugh at her dumb question while holding a hand behind her head.

''hahaha yes how could i forget its summer after all how silly of me i am sorry foe asking such a foolish question to you Zero''

''Its fine Yuki but shouldn't you be heading back home before Kuran comes looking for you i am not really in the mood to have him meeting here right now no thank you''

This makes Yuki gasps in surprise

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:37 pm

When she sees the time on the small watch round her wrist. it was all ready way over eleven. how was she going to make it back home when the last train had all ready left twenty minutes ago.

Standing up she looks around her and holds a hand before her face in distress of what to do now.
''Ohh what am i going to do now oni-sama is going to hate this he forbids me from leaving what if he finds me gone when he comes back tomorrow and lets out a mournful cry.

Hearing this makes Zero stand up from the sand as well curious if it was really true what she had just said about Kuran being gone.

''Did you say tomorrow just now? could this mean that Kuran was not around for this whole night. it made his mind come up with fantasies he normally always suppressed never given in to them but now it was far different storie the monster inside of him already longs to have his fill of Yukis delicious blood. fighting to get out.

Yuki removes her hand from her face to answer Zeros question and nods her head slowly.
''yes thats why u wanted to get to the beach tonight but i never thought i would lose track of time so easily to the point that i cant even return back home again because my last train has all ready departed a long time ago'' she finishes talking. kneeling down in the sand again she burrows her head in her hands and starts to cry silently.

Now what was Zero to do when having the Kuran princess on her knees crying in front of him
he never was able to withstand hearing her cry. back in the days when Yuki still lived at the academy
he always wanted to see her smile to see her happy it always filled him with sadnes inside whenever he saw her cry and now it still had not changed. he still wanted to see her happy and before he even knew it himself he kneels down besides the crying girl and lays a hand on her shoulders tenderly.

''please Yuki dont cry. there really is no need for your tears it be all right i promise. i help you to get back home'' when he heard himself talking he really had no idea what had came over him but it always happened to him whenever Yuki was in such a state it made him behave far differently then he normaly did it made him stop acting always so proud and not caring and blamed it on the soft spot he still had for Yuki that still remained even after all this time. it made him help her rigth now.

Yuki could almost not believe her ears was Zero really offering to help to get home

''Are you sure Zero?'' can you really help me ?'' she says with a voice nothing more then a near whisper.

Zero nods his head slowly feeling a little embarrassed and felt his cheeks turning red.
he never could resist the look she was given him right now. it was a look he was so familiar with when back in the time she was still human. it made him realise that by turning into a vampire not all of Yukis human side had faded away that she still possessed some of the trays that made her Yuki.

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:30 pm

''Yes its not save for you to stay here'' is all he says and offers her his hand which she grabs with a warm smile on her face happy that Zero was going to take her home. and the idea alone made her get a nervous feeling inside. her brother was not home yet and she was sure Aidou was still locked away in a room far from her own it would be ok for her to invite Zero inside the house.

Slowly Zero led Yuki away from the beach and the sea. but being a vampire his eyes found the way easily
same for Yuki.

They walked through high grass for a long time until the sea was no longer seen.
But it was Zero that walks the fastest Yuki was really not paying much attention on her surroundings but on the hand of the silver haired youth that was still holding her hand firm in his own and it seems like he was not even aware of still holding her hand but kept his head up high determined to bring her back

but true be told the monster inside of him was really getting the best of him more and more. having her so close by her sweet smell her delicious blood was asking for him to sank his fangs in her delicate neck. but it was against the rules to drink from a pure blood especially the kuran princess of all people.

Zero knew that all to well but having her so close by made Zero struggeling to keep himself under control.

After awhile of travelling they arrived at the huge kuran mansion and stood still before a huge fence which Yuki opened easily. and to her regret she had to let go of Zero's hand who looks at her with a slight blush on his face but when he noticed she was staring at him he swiftly looks away feeling a little bit uneasy with having her noticed him staring at her and looks into the direction of the huge house before him.

''Lets go Yuki'' Zero says softly.. and pushes her on her back to get her to start moving towards the house. Yuki looks at Zero and nods her head.

But she was having second thoughts now to have Zero come here what if her brother had all ready came back and was waiting for her and since Aidou was still inside the house he might have told him she had escaped the house again. she jsut kept on standing before the front door unable to move which got Zero to lok at her confused.

''Shouldn't you be getting inside Yuki?'' or have you lost the key?'' that would be really something she would forget but when he came to stand next to her he saw her distressed face and that made him feel a little bit afraid as well. and hopes she had not been lying to him about Kuran being gone and was still inside the house. but if that were the case Zero would have noticed by now.

Taking a deep breath Yuki takes out her key of her left pocket and opens the door and steps inside feeling only Aidous prescense and no one else which relief's her greatly.

Zero follows her inside and closes the door behind him. since Kuran was not around made Zero feel save enough to step inside and follow the dark haired girl to the living room.

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:34 am

Yuki walks further into the house and the soft sound of Zeros shoes makes it know to her that the silver haired hunter has also joined her inside the house.

feeling a little bit uneasy with the situation at hand rigth now Yuki has no idea what to do other then asking if he wanted to stay for a bit.

standing still she faces Zero who also came to stand still before her and saw that he was not really feeling all that comfortable about the whole situation rigth now. she smiles warmly at him and opens her mouth to speak but Zero was quicker.

''Look Yuki i think i better go before Kuran returns you are save here and no longer need me around to protect you and turns away from her but not before she grabs his sleeve of his right arm and given him him such a sad look that he gave in and sighs deeply.

''Fine i keep you company a while longer''
Beaming Yuki gives him a quick hug and releases herself again just as quick not wanting Zero to feel the need to drink her blood and sits down on the sofa before the window far away from were Zero still stood.

''Wont you sit down Zero?'' she asks him softly and got him to nod his head slightly.

He sat down on the couch near Yuki but still was not able to lose his tense feelings inside his body
that made him unable to look at the dark haired vampire princess besides him.

They were all alone together and Zero knew that he was not able to keep the monster inside of him at bay for much longer. his breathing became swallow as he tries to not stare at her delicate neck once again.

Zeros eyes amethyst eyes meet with Yukis reddish brown ones and sees the understanding shining in them. Yuki knows Zero is in a lot of pain right now but is trying his best to keep himself to the rules as much as he is capable of doing. she knows its torturing him to no end smelling her blood she knows she has to let Zero go but when that happens she has lost him once again and that she is trying to not happen right now. maybe if she just gave him a little bit of her blood for old times sake maybe Zero would stay a bit longer or would it made him angry to no end when she offered him her blood?

She was not sure as she kept his gaze still but what harm could it done she lives far away from anyone noticing her offering the blood to a hunter and before she is really able to stop herself she cradles over to his side of the couch first touching his hair tenderly and then touching his cheek in a most careful way still holding his gaze which she saw confusing shinning through.

''Yuki?'' he says in a almost whisper like voice. ''what are you doing?''
But Yuki is ignoring his question as she lowers her head and starts to kiss his neck with slow tender kisses which got the boy to moan softly

a playful smile appears on the young vampire princess lips as she hears him making sounds of pleasure
and continues to place kisses on his most tender places on his pale skin until she holds her head a little bit higher again to softly starts to kiss his lips instead making Zeros eyes turn wide with surprise but not even a second later he finds himself kissing her back with much force. placing his lips on that of hers to kiss her with all he has got. all his feelings he held inside for so long came out all at once.

Yuki closes her eyes the minute Zero is responding to her kiss and lets herself go al the way only having eyes for the silver haired boy before her now totally forgotten about her Fiancée Kaname. she had longed to have Zero kiss her back for so long that when it finally happened she was not really able to control herself.

but soon they had to part for breath but Zeros lips found hers once again to let his tongue slide into her mouth finding her tongue and began to play with it rather widely moaning even more.

Zero was way to lost in his love making to Yuki to think straight anymore her scent was making him drunk with desire for Yuki. he wanted to have her all for himself and finally it seemed that his wish was granted Yuki was here besides him making him feel like he was the only man in her live that she ever needed Kuran long forgotten.

Not before long he found himself losing Yukis buttons of her white dress mad with desire to have her inside of him.

Yuki saw no desire to disobey his wishes and let him slide her dress over her head revealing a black strapless bh and innocent white panties.

Making quick work with his own clothes he too was all naked and ready for Yukis every desire.

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:35 am

Sweat was forming on Zeros brown as he takes Yuki in his arms again and starts to kiss her throat while breathing hard and moves to her lips capturing them with ease.

Zero knows he is playing with fire but at this very moment he is not caring about it one bit
all his thoughts are focused on Yuki and Yuki alone.

Until very sudden his sharp finger nails scrapping at Yukis soft skin and a small drip of blood comes out of the tiny wound but it was enough to make Zeros eyes to turn red and his fangs to grow to its full length.

Growling slightly Zero soon finds himself lowering his head to get to her delicate neck and bites into her soft milky skin drinking her blood even knowing he is making the most biggest sin a hunter could ever do when it comes to the rules of the vampire society the rules of the association.

Yukis shrieks in surprise when she finds Zeros fang biting into her neck but knows is no use to stop him when he was all ready so far gone. she had all ready seen from the very beginning of the eveing that he was not really all that healthy but all pale looking she thinks that by allowing him to drink her blood she is helping him just like old times back at the academy.

a soft smiles appears on her face and grabs the silver haired hunter in a embrace allowing him to bite into her flesh even deeper making her moan silently.

Zero sees pictures flowing after each other of Kaname always Kaname him kissing her on the cheek her lips, him embracing her when he has to leave again to a meeting. he sees her sad eyes watch him go
he sees her holding the old school picture of her silver haired best friend and her together he sees her holding it close to her body while a lone tear falls down.

Slowly Zero removes his fangs out of her neck and watches Yuki look at him with a soft understanding smile on her face. he lays down on her shoulder and sighs contently. feeling save and warm with Yuki holding him close. he closes his eyes and soon his breathing returns to normal as he feels himself relax in the first time in so long.

''Zero?'' Yuki says his name softly and hopes he has not falling asleep yet.
''Hmm?'' he mumbles still holding his eyes closed.

''How are you feeling i hope you dont feel any quilt for drinking my blood you know i offered it to you outt of my own free will please dont feel any regret of having done it i wont blame you for wanting my blood'' she says while still holding his gaze.

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:11 am

Zero nods his head and sighs a little.
''Yuki you have every right to do with me whatever you want remember when i told you back at school?''

he says while looking at her with a soft expression on his face talking slowly and almost in a whisper like voice.

She looks at him really looking at him this time and kisses his cheek softly.
''Zero i really need you having you here beside me again makes me realise how much i have missed you.
I dont want us to run any more i cant stand to have you be my enemy. please Zero say you will forgive me''

Her voice was full of desperation and it made Zero feel a bit uncomfortable when looking at the young vampire princess before him. he never saw her look this vulnerable and unsure of her self as the way she was now.

''Yuki i cant just forgive something like this. you cant image how hard it was to let you go to have you leave with Kuran to have you become my enemy i need more time to forgive you really Yuki i hope you understand'' he says very softly not looking at her any more but at the ground when talking.

Tears spring to her eyes when she hears it and gives a firm nod.
''You still believe that the Yuki you once knew has disappeared for good dont you Zero?'' but thats not true she is still inside of me if you open your eyes to really see me then you will know that i havent changed really that much but you just see the pureblood vampire in me when you look at me and not the me that still exist as well''

Cupping his cheek she kisses him softly on the lips and backs away a little before turning to face him again.

''The human in me would never have found the courage to kiss you like that Zero but the vampire inside of me longs to have you near me it longs for your blood. did you know that once our purebloods have found the right person to love only their blood is able to still our thirst. what if i tell you that Kaname-oni-samas blood is not enough to still my thirst but that i need your blood as well to make me thirst for more is. can you believe me if i said it was Zero?''

Zero blinks not believing what Yukis just said.
''Yuki?'' Is that really true. do you need my blood more then you need Kurans?'' i cant believe it''
and shakes his head in disbelief.

she nods her head and has a very serious look in her eyes when doing so.

''Yes Zero. I love you. i was a fool for not realising it sooner but i do need you. i need you so bad that not even Kaname-oni-sama was enough that it was you that would make my live complete''

Hearing this makes Zero to take her in his arms once more and embraces her gently.

''You do realise that this is making it even more complicated to leave you tonight dont you Yuki
given me such a confession is making me feel very confused and happy at the same time that i cant decide what to do with the situation we are staging in rigth now''

This makes Yuki giggle a little and shakes her head.

''Dont go then Zero. Stay with me tonight and dont worry about Kaname-oni-sama he will understand that you are here. he wont be mad i promise you''

Realising her from his embrace he sighs deeply. and sits back against the pillows of the bed.
''I want to stay Yuki i really do but i dont think its very wise to do right now i think i better go''
and prepares himself to leave to have Yuki hold him back having both arms on his shoulder.

''Zero please dont leave me here all alone you know everything now and you still think its better to leave me be even after knowing how i feel about you. dont go''

She al but begs from him. tears burning in her eyes as she looks into his lilac ones.

He relax against the pillows once more and nods his head.
''All right i stay but if we get problems with Kuran its you who is going to explain everything not me you do understand that dont you?''

she gives him a happy nod and kisses both his cheeks.
Really that happy to have him to stay this night.

''Thank you Zero it really means a lot to me''
He just shrugs his shoulders and gives her a half smile.
which she returns with a very bright one back.

END Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:56 pm

Chapter 2

Chance Encounter With Kaname Kuran

Not soon after Yukis eyes have fluttered close and she falls into a peach full sleep while laying in Zeros strong arms who is thinking about her love confession. never thought that after their meeting this afternoon on the beach to have her in his arms asleep that same night.

Looking down at her sleeping form he sighs deeply and feels himself getting sleepy as well
but he has to be on his guard since its Kurans manor even Yukis words would not make him feel all reassured that it be save enough for him to be here of all places. so he blinks with his eyes rubs them even everything to keep himself awake enough to sense the presence of the pureblood prince Kaname Kuran.
But in the end even Kiryu Zero the mighty hunter cant win his fight against the sleep and falls into a deep sleep with Yuki still laying in his arms.

Both unaware of a pair of blood red eyes watching them every move.

Inside of him the rage of anger is boiling up higher and higher when seeing his sweet little Yuki in the arms of Kiryu Zero the hunter that swore to kill her were they ever to meet again
He knew the boy could not resist his girls charms and had probably forgiven her all ready.
but how why and when? all those questions ran through his mind as he tries to find the answers himself but comes up blank again and again.

He had been gone on a meeting a little further away then he migth have liked from up here he could not watch Yuki as much as he would have liked and the minute he came back home the hunter had taking his place just like he had done the minute the headmaster had brought the boy in and had made Yuki all forgotten about him and had given all her attention to get the boy to smile again.

Kaname feels like a intruder inside his own home as he slowly walks back to the living room and makes himself slide down on the sofa and stares into the distance unable to think clearly not believing Yuki to have betrayed him in the very end just a month before their wedding.

Running a hand through his long dark brown hair the pureblood prince stands up again and vanished into the thin air unaware of the couple sleeping in the room near by.

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PostSubject: Re: You Are My Sin   Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:50 am

That night Kaname did not return to the manor he had to think about this. he had to think about Yuki and Kiryu together.

that when the next morning arrived Zero was relieved to find Yuki still fast asleep in his arms and no Kaname had come back to claim what was his. it makes him feel more relaxed then he felt in a long time
His lilac eyes focus themselves on that of his sleeping beauty besides him and a soft smile appears on the silver haired youths lips then.

Sunlight invades the room then and it makes his sensitive eyes slightly irritated by the light it makes him look away from Yukis side but to his luck she stirs then and opens her dark brown eyes to look back into his lilac ones.

A warm smile appears on her lips then and throws the covers away from her body.
''Zero'' she says softly. '' I am so glad you have stayed''

The hunter nods his head. ''I am glad i did too Yuki. Did you sleep well?''
''Much better'' she answers back and moves closer to his side of the bed.

To place her lips upon that of the hunters the second she was close enough
Who returns the kiss, eagerly to please his princess.

It soon turns into a more rougher kiss. their tongues had began a dance that brought Yuki and Zero soon very much out of breath that they had to stop to come for air.

''I love you Zero'' and takes him in for another kiss
Which he returns easily. but he cant yet say he loves her back its still to hard for the boy to accept her love and with Kuran still very much a part of Yukis live Zero finds it hard to say he loves her back just yet.

After the kiss Yuki wraps her arms around the hunter and just holds him tight
enjoying this moment together before they had to tell Kaname about all of this
which Yuki found very hard hoping her brother would accept Zero in her live
She could no longer marry him Zero's love meant more to her then her brother it was Zero she wanted not Kaname but it really frightened her if he were to disagree with her choice.

Zero notice Yuki was very silent and playfully takes a long lock of her long auburn hair in his fingers and twirls it around in his hand for a little while until Yuki comes back out of her thoughts again and giggles cheerfully at his silly action of getting more attention from her.

''Zero'' she says playfully'' and the silver haired hunter stops what he was doing and releases the lock out is hand and it falls back near her face again.

''You were so far away i had to do something to have your attention again Yuki'' he says with warmed in his voice.

''I am sorry i was just thinking of how we were to tell my brother about this
Zero frowns and shakes his head. ''Yuki dont i want you to stop worrying about that
i think its best that we keep it a secret for now that we only meet when he is away that is the best i can offer you for now i wished it be different but please have patience can you do that for now?''

And Yuki saw in her hunters eyes in how much pain he was for even suggestion this but it was the most logical option for now. she gave a soft nod.

''I understand Zero i accept it but please lets us meet soon i cant stand to have you far away from me for longer then a week lets try to meet up two times a week?''

Zero nods his head. ''I want you to meet me at the graveyard every thuesday night then i will visit my familys grave and my brothers and every sunday morning. you think you can make it on those two days Yuki?''

She thought about it for a little while and then eagerly nods her head.
''Yes i think i can make it''

Zero smiles and this time its a real smile.
''Then its saddled then i am afraid i have to go now Yagari-sensei wanted to see me at the hunter association this afternoon''

Standing up from the bed he grabs his jeans his shirt and dressed quickly to finish it with his trench coat
Yuki jumps from the bed to see him out.

Grabbing his hand she leads him out of the house.
were sunlight blinds them for a moment and both blink as their sensitive eyes have trouble to accept the light.

''Will see you real soon Zero i am glad to have you back in my live i was lucky to have met you last night'' and places one last kiss on his lips before she turns away to go back inside the house.

''So am i Yuki so am I'' take care and remember this will be our little secret dont tell Kuran anything until i tell its save all right''

''I promise i wont tell Kaname-oni-sama anything until its save''
You have my word Zero''

Satisfied he gives a soft nod. ''Goodbye Yuki'' and with that turned away with great haste.

Watching him walk away she sighs unhappily all ready missing his soft lips kissing her in only he could
Walking back inside the silent house Yuki goes to unleash Aidou hoping the blonde wont be to much of a problem.

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Later that day when Aidou was trying his hardest to tutor Yuki in the way Kaname wanted him to teach her Yuki could not really focus herself on her lessons never less listening to the history of the purebloods which normally found her intrest very easily no the pureblood vampire was lost in thoughs thinking about the nigth before thinking about her hunters soft lips upon hers. the longing to see him again was all ready unbearable but she had to manage two more days till she was to see him again.

''Yuki for the last time listen to what i am telling you why cant you be more focused please Yuki
The blonde crossed his eybrows and sighs unhappily as he folds his arms over each other and turns around to watch out of the window instead on the girl in front of him that clearly saw no intrest to focus on todays lesson at all and it made him wonder what was wrong with her.

''I am sorry Aidou i can i please be excused its no use i cant seem to find myself to focus on todays lesson at all'' and gives him a apologising look.

''Fine go but tomorrow you be working extra hard you hear me'' he says with a irritated tone to his voice.
''I will i promise'' she said as she shoot him a sweet smile while rushing out of the room relieved it was over for today.

But what was she going to do now she found it weird her brother had not yet returned back from his meeting last night but Aidou told her not to worry he was Kaname Kuran he would be more then capable of taking care of himself but still Yuki was very worried about him she could not help it he was her brother after all who she cared for deeply.

She strolls back to her room sits down on her bed and looks out of the window
to see it was raining and storming pretty hard right this very moment.

it makes her sigh deeply for it would keep her inside the house for the whole day
she wished she had more to do then only the lessons she had from Aidou
why did her brother wanted her to stay inside at all costs ok she understood she was one of the precious pureblood princess now one of the last of the Kurans but still she found it not fair to have her locked inside the house at all costs.

How was she ever going to sneak out again after last night Aidou had been very angry with her for slipping away but Yuki needed to go out in two days Zero would be waiting for her of that she was sure

A smile appears on her lips then when thinking about the silver haired hunter again and it makes her wonder what he was doing right now hoping he had made it back without any trouble but it was Zero
Zero was smart brave strong and very intelligent he would know how to make it back without any trouble.

At that same moment Zero just returned back to his small apartment Cross Kaien had given to him not long ago.

Locking the door behind him the silver haired youth lets himself fall to his small sofa in the living room
and sighs heavily glad to be back again.

Not before long he found himself thinking about Yuki again.
Thinking about last night about her love confession to him and about their little secret
that he had to keep a secret at all cost no one of the hunter association not even his adoptive father Cross Kaien could know about his and Yukis little affair.

it would mean the end of their relationship. no hunter turned vampire and pureblood princess could be together it was forbidden. it made Zero laugh at the irony of it but he could not stay away from his princess not after tonight.

he was smart he knew how to keep a secret specially a secret as precious as the love of his sworn enemy for they had to keep on playing this act for everyone around them
but he knew Yuki she would know how to play her act well of that he was sure.

He sighs deeply as he runs a hand through his silver locks and his eyes wander of to the window
and sees the window was all wet from the rain that kept on falling even thunder was to be heard
this very moment.

''Great just what i need. rain and thunder'' he says to himself and sighs once more
he could never stay inside the small apartment for long ever since Yuki had left to be with her brother Kaname Kuran and he had moved in this old apartment just to get away from everything
he had started to get this urges to kill more and more recently.

But since last nigth his urges to kill had faded almost completely when knowing he finally had Yukis love
she finally had returned his feelings. it made him stay inside the house longer then he normally did
maybe it was become he no longer was feeling empty inside when knowing he would see her again soon
and she would only have eyes for him and not for his long time rival Kuran.

Standing up from the sofa he lazily moved towards the simple kitchen to make himself some tea
weather like this always made him get inside the mood to drink some coffee and watch the rain fall

With the hot cofee in hand he sat back down on the sofa and blows it softly while taking small sips.
while the rain keeps falling and the weather turns worse by the minute.

End chapter

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Chapter 3

Zero's Warning message

Two days later one late monday afternoon one silver haired hunter stood before the gates that would lead inside the graveyard. the graveyard were his parents lay buried and the memory stone stood of his twin brother Ichiru.

Ichiru his other half. his brother that betrayed him but had forgiven him at the very end of his live
when he had sacrifice himself to help his twin brother to become one of the strongest hunters but now after a lot of time had passed since that time Zero had come to realise that his brother ha not vanished from his live completely if he were almost in a sleep like state Ichiru sometimes came to the surfaces to tell him some advice on how to live his live.

Zero opens the gate slowly and walks inside the graveyard. walking in a slow pace over the path that would lead him to his familys tomb stones.

arriving at said place he kneels down to lay down a small flower bucket of white roses on the grave
touching the engravings in grey stone for a couple of minutes before slighting a deep sigh
it still was hard for the young man to visit his brothers grave.

He never wanted his brother to die, he had wanted to have him keep on living
why had this dam curse had befallen over their family. Zero blamed his hunter heritage for it
it was the fault of the blood that flew inside of his body.

He was not really tired this time, the last couple of days he had slept like a rock
only thinking about Yuki had given him enough peach of mind to sleep without worries
and with no level E vampires on the list as well made Zero sleep for a long time until finally the day he and Yuki were to secretly meet up again had come which made Zero get to the grave early in the evening.

Hoping to have his brother come to speak to him before Yuki arrived but he knew he was to late to hope when he sensed Yuki from miles away,her blood made him sense her easily
pureblood blood was always easy to recognise specially for a skilled hunter such as Zero.

Standing up again on his feet he brushed his coat for a few second and looks in the way Yuki soon was to appear at.

Zero waits impatiently waits for Yuki to come find him.

When suddenly a small drop of rain falls down on his face and makes him look up at the sky in annoyance. he did not wanted his meeting with Yuki go to waist because of the bad weather and hopes that only this small drop of rain was the last one that was to fall from the sky this evening.

At that same moment that Zero was waiting Yuki hurries to the graveyard knowing Zero would be waiting for her to come.

The last couple of days had been all right for the young Kuran princess.
Kaname had returned late the same day Zero had left only a hour later
making Yuki less worried and more happy instead.

But she had sensed his tense behaviour towards her. the way he acted something was very wrong but when she asked him what was wrong he gave her a warm smile and a sweet kiss on her lips and told her nothing was wrong but somehow the way his eyes looked when he glanced her way made her still a little bit worried that somehow he knew about Zero and her but that was impossible wasn't it?

The day she and Zero were to meet up Kaname left for another council meeting telling Yuki to stay inside the house like he always did kissed her briefly and left the house in a hurry
Leaving Yuki behind even more worried then she all ready was.

Sneaking out of the house took more then she thought it would this time
everytime she tried to sneak out Aidou was there to guide her back to her room the living room or whatever places he found her in the house until eurly in the evening while Aidou was talking to the kitchen staff Yuki quickly grabbed for the door and left the house in a hurry.

Running all the way to the graveyard lucky the place was close enough to the mansion to get there in time to not let Zero wait to long.

When she had arrived and saw the tall feature of the silver haired hunter standing besides a tombstone probably his parents, a happy smile soon appeared on her face and still a bit out of breath she starts to make her way towards the hunter walking in slow but steady paces.

Standing still before the tall hunter Yuki bows forward to catch her breath making Zero look at her with a amused smile on his lips. feeling very relieved to see his lovely angel again after two days of being without her had been more the just torture alone.
he hated to have her live with Kuran but knew their secret meetings were all the had right now.

''Yuki'' is all he says before he grabs her in his arms and does not let go until Yuki calls his name softly
only then is he able to release her out his arms again and looks into her eyes instead.
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''Zero i am glad to see you again'' she says happily but Zero who know Yuki for so long all ready knew something was up when she did not sounded like her usual cheery self but less happy instead and made him touch her cheek gently to got her to look at him to have her complete focus on him.

''Yuki tell me whats wrong its Kuran is it not?'' he knows?'' he tries to keep himself calm while hoping it was not the case but when she remains silent he knows that was the reason why she was acting this way and sighs deeply.

''I know this was wrong from the start'' and rans a hand through his silver strands trying to keep on thinking clear but with Yuki looking at him like he knew all the answers made it dam hard.

''Zero i am not sure if he knows or not so please reassure me tell me it be all right. i cant lose you again i dont want you to go please Zero dont go dont leave me behind''

Tears sprang to her eyes when she was done talking and clang to his body hugging him tight
Zero was glad he had thought of this meeting place it was far out of reach of the hunter association they would not see their proud vampire hunter have the Kuran princess hugging and touching him like this.

He sighs once more already knowing Yuki would win she was the only girl in his live
the only girl he would do anything for and she dam well knew it.

Sighing once more he gives a slow nod before he takes her back into his arms
''Its ok Yuki but i cant guarantee meeting up like this is going to keep up for long
Kuran will evidentially find out about us together lets face it Yuki he will find out maybe not now but soon he will'' And grows silent then trying to enjoy having Yukis slender body in his arms holding her like this was something Zero really could never get enough of but he had to think realistic and so did Yuki.

Yuki looks down and nods her head slightly knowing that what Zero just said was all true
but the vampire princess saw no reason to stop her meetings with the hunter.

''Zero please dont say this. i cant have you leave and let you believe that i can be happy with Kaname cause i cant its not him i need its you i need just as bad. please believe me Zero''
she says desperately all ready thinking she was fighting a hopeless battle, a battle she thought she would lose for sure.

Suddenly a loud thunder lights up the sky and not a second later a hard downpour falls down on the hunter and his vampire princess making them soaked to the bone in no time at all.

''Argh just what i need rain'' Zero growls grabbing Yukis slender hand in his own as he starts to drag her towards a near by shelter that was build to shelter from the rain when visiting the graveyard.

Arriving at the small building the air around them is tense and awkward as they stood staring at the rain that keeps on fallen down hard.

''Yuki I''.. he stops talking and sighs deeply.
''I am sorry'' and moves closer to whip away her tears that keep on fallen dripping on the ground below
''Please dont cry smile for me please''

''Zero remember when i told you it was you that i needed more then i needed my brother to be by my side its your blood that i long for every waking hour. its cant compare to Kaname-oni-samas it never will
you know that and still you try to push me away. Zero dont push me away not when i finally realised my feelings for you to be more then just a friendship kind of feeling''

And goes silent then hoping for Zero to respond to her words soon.
but the silver haired hunter found it so very hard to give a good enough answer instead of repalying back he wraps a arm round her slender waist and pushes her close against him.

''I would never push you away Yuki you know me better than that for ever doign something so low lets us stop this meaningless conversation for now and just enjoy the time thats been given to us right this very moment. if we keep going like this a headache is not far from happening and you dont want to have me be all cranky now dont you?'' and gives her a ghost of a smile which made Yuki giggle softly

'' Ohh Of course not Zero but you're right keeping going like this wont do either of any good''
and nods her nods slightly.

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The rain rages on keeping both Zero and Yuki trapped inside the little shelter
but neither of them thought it a bother they stood close together Yuki had her head resting on Zeros shoulder while Zero holds her tight still.

Both stood before the opening of the shelter enjoying each others company.

Zero really hates the rain fallen down right now he thought to spend some nice time outside walking around the park that lays besides the graveyard but instead he found himself stuck inside this small building with Yuki.

He glances her way and saw she wasn't so happy about the weather either. frowning as she looks outside.
''Yuki?'' he says softly to not startle her.

Looking his way again the young vampire princess gives him a questioned look and waits for him to continue talking,

''How long can you stay with me tonight till Kuran finds you missing?'' the last words he almost spats
really hating to say anything that concerned his rival for Yukis love Kuran Kaname.

''Dont worry about that Zero Oni-sama is gone to a meeting of the council that lasts for 3 days Aidou-sempei told me this morning but i cant stay away for longer then a couple of hours or else Aidou-sempei will come find me and will surely let Oni-sama know i am missing and then we really have a very big problem on our hands''

''Hmm then i hope the weather will lighten up again soon'' he mutters
making Yuki smile at his sullen expression.

''Aww i am sure it will stop raining soon Zero''
Yuki says cheery ''and since when has rain stopped us from being outside i remember a time were we were both soaked while being on patrol but when i told you we should head back inside you insisted on staying out saying it was good training for you saying that a hunter should be able to wistand any weather and in the end we both had to be called inside by the chairman and had a very bad cold the next day but you kept saying it was worth it even though you had a very high fever so why wait now huh Zero?''

He chuckles then grabs her hand and leads her outside again.
''You are right Yuki come lets go for a walk and talk for a bit'' and gives her a warm smile which she answers with one of her own and walks besides the proud silver haired hunter
hand in hand they walk as the head towards the near by park that was now abandoned because of the rain perfect timing Yuki thought now no one would regonice the Kuran princess walk rigth beside the strongest vampire hunter of this time.

The rain had slowed down a bit when they went out again but it still falls down in a fast enough pace to make their hair wet again pretty soon but they ignored it all only having attention for each other
Yuki was the one that talked the most while Zero just listened and it reminded him of times long ago times back at the academy when being away to go shopping for the chairman. it made getting him a smile on his face when thinking about it again.

Glancing her way while she still continues on talking telling him about how Aidou-sempei and Ruka had a figth the other day about the shoes of Kaname and who's turn it was to clean them but Zero was no longer listening only having eyes for the beauty walking besides him.

Yuki knew Zero was never a very talkative person so while she keeps on talking and he gives slow nods little comments its enough for the young girl to keep on talking.

Until Zero suddenly stops to look at his watch and sighs when looking back at Yuki again with a unhappy smile on her face and Yuki knows its time to head back but she understands while Zero wanted her to go he wanted to have a little time at his brothers grave to talk to him for a little while.

''Yuki come here'' he says gently and without thinking the girl closes the distance between them in seconds of time. and feels strong arms holding her tight while burying himself in her long hair
''Be sure to come see me again in two days from now ok Yuki'' he whispers almost
and gets her to nod her head in a yes.

''I will come Zero i always come to see you for as long as its in my power to do so''
and hugs him even tighter not wanting to say goodbye just yet but knows she has to.

When Zero releases her again she sighs unhappily kisses him on the lips for a long time before she walks away waves while turning around and soon disappears into the distance
leaving Zero behind who finds it all ready too hard to say goodbye to the girl he loves so very much.

Pocketing his hands he walks back to the graveyard back to his brothers grave hoping Ichiru would be there to talk to him this time.

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when he arrived back at the grave the rain had stopped fallen down making Zero relieved it to be dry again
kneeling down on the ground again near the grave he notices he feels very tired but tired in a good way
because it had been Yuki who had made him feel this way now and it was a very good feeling

Slowing closing his eyes for a second he hears his brothers voice not a moment later
appearing close besides him a smirk on his face as he watches his elder brother with interest
''Hah Zero i never thought you to be doing something that is forbidden and i mean like really really forbidden having a affair with little Yuki Kuran. i am impressed Zero. i always thought you to be a man of the rules but it seems that you cant to get yourself away from her as i thought you couldn't
but Zero before you get yourself in deeper please stay prepared for Kuran Kaname. i know you and i know you are a great hunter with great senses but you need to be aware of Kuran and that he can figure out your secret meetings with Yuki''

Zero sighs deeply and nods his head.
''I know Ichiru i told Yuki about the danger we find ourself in now but you dont know how stubborn that girl can be and does not listen to anything i said

Chuckling Ichiru shakes his head.
''Well brother i cant really tell you any more then you all ready know other then be careful and most of all be veyr much on your guard when it concerns pureblood vampires and i should know the years i spend at Shizuka-sama's side teaches me a lot about her kind''

''I never asked for this to happen i had all ready given up on ever having Yukis heart it was her that came back to me she was the one that confessed her feelings to me what would you have done if it would have happend to you brother would you have let her down and walk away?''

''I know Yuki means more then live to you brother i have seen enough to know that you do
i dont say to let her go and try to forget your feelings you have for the Kuran princess all i ask of you is to stay on your guard at all times it would make it easier for you to understand will it go wrong in the end more i cant really give you advice on''

Zero sighs deeply ones more and places a hand on his forehead to let it fall to his side again after a moment.

Ichiru slowly fades away into nothing then leaving Zero behind with more then enough to think about
his younger brother was right. being with the fiancée of a pureblood vampire was very risky and dangerous most of all specially if the husband to be was Kuran Kaname.

Standing up Zero is very confused about his feelings now confused of what to make of all of this
wishing Yuki was here now to make him feel better again but she no longer was at his side and that made him very sad this very moment.

Walking back to his apartment that took a hour by foot Zero only thought deeper and deeper about his secret relationship with Yuki but no matter how deep his thoughts went he could not come up with anything other then to let it be as it was for now to meet up 2 times in the week and try to keep their meetings as secret as possible.

When he finally made it back home he walks inside his small room were his bed and a middle sized closet stood. stands still to slowly strip himself of his clothes and falls exhausted on the bed

Not a minute later the young silver haired hunter falls in a uneasy sleep.

END Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

The next day Zero woke up very late in the morning. he had slept another night without getting any nightmares or restless nights like he had survived through the last couple of weeks months since Yuki had left to be with Kuran no even since last week since Yuki had come back in his live his nights had been peaceful and calm.

But just when he had woken up a little a loud knocking on the door made him walk to the window to see who it was that had come to see him this late Wednesday morning.

When he saw it was Kaitou a fellow hunter college and friend from way back when he still learned under master Yagai. the elder man found it nesecary to check up on him almost every day since he had loacted himself on cross academy to teach in ethics.

but Zero still thinks it was Cross doing thinking that he had asked Kaitou to keep a eye on the boy while being close by.

Sighing he pulls a simple sweater and some jeans not bothering to brush his hair he walks in a slow pace to the door and opens it to find Kaitou leaning with his elbows against the near by wall a playfull smile on his face as he waves his hand in a hello.

''Morning Zero-kun'' he greeted the light iritated hunter who only grumbles under his breath as the elder hunter walks inside the small apartment sits down on the sofa and looks with intrest at his fellow hunter friend who closes the door and walks back to sit down besides him.

''What it is Kaitou?'' Zero says with a frowning expression on his face not really in the mood to work right now when all his mind could think about was Yuki.

Kaitou turns his head to look at Zero who stood a little further away from him leaning with his elbows against the wall near he small kitchen.

''nothing special Zero-kun i just came to see how you were doing'' and gives him a neutral smile.
which always made Zero more supsicous then he all ready was on the man before him.

''I am doing fine really but you know i have classes in thirty minutes better tell me whats up before you waste my time''

''Tsk tsk always so impatient you are Zero-kun but all right before you get even more grumpier then you all ready are Yagari-sensei wants us to come at the hunter Association for our new assignments in the afternoon. after classes i come to your classroom to get you make sure you are ready to go right away
thats all if you will excuse me now i have some classes to teach'' he said with a sarcastic smile which made Zero roll his eyes and sigh in annoyance.

''Fine i be there it better be something worth my time this time not some teen idol that needs our help because she is being harassed by her fans that so happen to be level E vampires''

''I have no idea Zero-kun we''ll see'' well i see you later today bye'' and opens to door to make his way back to Cross Academy. leaving Zero behind in a bad mood.

he had not planned to get to the hunter Associantion this afternoon but it could not be helped

making his way to his fridge he pours himself some milk and takes out some bread to have for breakfast before it was time to get to his classes.

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Arriving at the academy he slowly walks inside the class room and sits down at the back of the room laying his head on his table and just listens to the teacher.

Who was explaining things Zero all ready knew but it was his own fault that he had to redo his senior year he had declined to go to highschool when he had the right age and now he had to redo it but he just saw it as a way to sleep and relax only when it was Kaitou who was teaching him did he stay alert never knowing what the elder hunter was going to do next.

but since it was not the case this time he closed his eyes and continues to lounge.

Times at school always seem to last forever for the silver haired boy but with the nigth class gone it finally had turned into a normal academy with normal classes and most of all now he could be a real prefect and had more time to do his duty as a vampire hunter.

When the last class had finally finished Zero saw Kaitou walking towards his classroom grabbed his bag and met up with him at the door.

''Ready lets go'' Kaitou said with a serious tone to his voice which made Zero nod his head and together they left the academy on their way to the Association.

while walking Zero and Kaitou both were very quite but neither hunter had anything to say much
Zero was not a very talkative person and neither was Kaitou so they remain silent and keep a fast pace
while walking all Zero could think about was tomorrow when he was able to see his princess again to hold her in his arms once more not knowing what this new assignment would do to their new found happiness what it will do to their secret meetings.

Arriving at the hunters quarters both hunters walk inside and keep on walking until they have reached the presidents office that Yagari-sensei and his adoptive father Kaien Cross held position until Zero was of age to be the new president something which Zero really did not wanted but his master and Cross insisted on him taking the chance will it come to it in later years.

Stepping inside the office Yagari was seated on a chair near the presidents desk one leg over each other a scowling expression on his face and his arms folded together and looks up when seeing both Zero and Kaitou enter at the same time.

''Ahh good to have you both joining us brats sit down'' he barks and continues to scowl at Kaien who was smiling at both the young man that had just walked and starts to speak.

''Good now that you both are here i explain the mission its a easy one that i am afraid you both might dislike since it concerns Kaname-kun and my dear Yuki'' and as expected Kaitou sighs and Zero looks not that happy either despises their unhappy faces he continues on.
''Kaname-kun asks me not to long ago to have a couple of hunters guard his guests at his up coming ball he is going to be holding at his mansion he wants all the noble families to get to know Yuki better to make them known of his upcoming wedding to her'' and stops here knowing how hard it still is on his adoptive son to hear this but to his surprise all Zero does was staring rigth ahead as if its not really doing anything to him anymore making Cross a little confused but continues on non the less.

''The ball is going to be held in three days from now and they both expect the both of you round eight in the evening to be present''

''Fine i be there'' Kaitou says and groans not really wanting to do this but since it was asignment he really had no other choice. looking at Zero he was expecting to find a similiar expression on the boys face but instead got a very neutral one as if it was not really any problem for said boy

''Heh Zero are you able to do this you are so quite something wrong?''

Hearing his name being called made him come out of his thoughts he was thinking about Yuki and what kind of dress she would be wearing this time until Kaitou brought him out of his thoughts again

''Of course i am Kuran can do whatever he wants i dont care''

Kaien shakes his head at Zeros cold behaviour towards the pureblood and reached out his hand to give Zero the papers for the mission.

''Here you go Kiryu-kun'' taking the papers Zero walks out of the office without saying anything and slams the door behind him.

He really was not happy about this mission and needed to have a serious talk about it with Yuki
how was he going to suppress his emotions when she was to be there at the ball in the arms of his rival
wearing a very wealthy dress and being looked up and down by all those fitly nobles that only came for one thing to have their precious purebloods blood.

Sighing deeply Zero had no idea how he was going to do this hoping that Yuki would come up with a solution to his problem.

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Since he had nothing to do for the upcoming days Zero goes back to the academy to spend the rest of the day with white Lilly the only horse at the academy that wasnt afraid of the silver haired human turned vampire which made both Zero and Lilly very good friends.

Since the academy was not that far away from the hunter Association Zero arrived there in not even twenty minutes walking on foot.

Walking on stable grounds the boy approached Lillys stable at the far end of the stable and grabs a brush to take care of the horse before he went to ride her.

The white mare whinnies happily when seeing her favorite human of the academy.
''Hii girl'' he says gently as he starts to brush her dirty fur making it all white again
the horse soon closes her eyes as Zero starts to brush her really enjoying all the attention she was always getting of the hunter.

After ten minutes he leaves her alone for a little while to go get her bridle and saddle
all carrying it in his arms lays the saddle in the straw to first put in her bridle
when that was done he slowly puts on her saddle makes sure the stirrups are the right height and then leads her out of the stable by only holding her reins with one hand he trusts her enough to lead her like this.

The mare leads her taking away easily but only Zero could do that this easily since he was the only one the white mare trusts not even Cross could manage the mighty mare only Zero was able to control the horse.

making lilly wait at the exit of the stables he opens his jacket and throws it over some hay boxes it really was to hot to right with a jacket on in summer while doing that he notices some Day class girls watching him with huge eyes.

ever since the vampires had disappeared from the school the girls all thought Zero to be very hot and sexy at least thats what Cross and Kaitou told him but he knew it was true the way the eyed him
made him getting the creeps it was only Yuki he had eyes for all those day class girls could stare for as long that they wanted it did not matter to him at all.

Mounting Lilly the boy soon leaves the hordes of girls behind who unhappily go back to their classes not understanding why Zero had no interest in any of them.

Two hours later a very tired horse and its rider return at the Cross stables tired but satisfied they return to the stables were the silver haired boy dismounts from the white mares back who lowers her head to give her rider a friendly nudge with her head before he leds her away again given her a tired smile knowing it was Lilys way of saying thank you for the nice ride.

not taking notice of the many girls near the stable entrance he walks inside to bind her to a metal stand to wash away all the sweat from her body to help her cool down after the long ride but since his own clothes got wet in the process made him pull out his shirt and continue to cover the horse with the cold water not noticing the many girls gathering around them he was too focused on taking care of Lilly to notice their stares or jsut ignored it all together.

When he was done with the water he turns it of and takes Lilly back to her box to rest and places some hay in her stable to nibble on for the night before he left to his own apartment again but since he was still at the academy and Cross had begged him from time to time to stay for dinner he decided that tonight it would not hurt to take on his offer and cook for the elder man he did not hate to cook and since the Chairmans home was still a place he felt very at home made him decided it.

But first he needed a shower and he needed it badly.
taking the other way to the boys dorms he grabs a towel a fresh simple white shirt of the closet out of the room he still stays in while visiting the chairman and makes his way to the shower.

After he was all done with his shower he feels much better again.
running with his fingers through his still wet silky hair he closes the door behind him to walk to the Chairmans house.

Knocking on the door he soon is welcomed with open arms.
''Kiryu-kun how nice of you to stay for dinner i saw that you took Lilly out so i all ready was hoping you stayed for for dinner''

''I am only hoping you have done some grocery shopping this time chairman'' is all Zero says before he walks towards the kitchen to see for himself before Cross could even answer the question.

who quickly follows him to tell him he indeed went shopping this afternoon.

Opening the fridge Zero sees enough vegetables for a desant soup and even enough meat balls to put in it.

''Kiryu-kun i did went shopping today but if you dont want to eat soup we can also go into town for some ramen that you like so much?''

Shaking his head Zero did not wanted to travel all the way into town just to eat ramen.
''Itrs ok i make the soup i call you when we can eat Chairman''

Who nods in return to disappear into his office again to finish some school work from some of his students while Zero gets to work.

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The soup was easily made and soon enough the silver haired boy with a steaming pan in hand made it to the living room to sat it down on the table to eat together with the Chairman who was very delighted to finally eat together again with his adoptive son who never seemed to be around anymore now that he had pulled himself into more training more studying and worst of all had moved out of the house to have some peach of mind away from the academy.

Not that the Chairman did not understand Zeros point of view ohh that he did but being all alone in the house with both his children gone was bound to be lonely.

Both man sat down next to each other and eat the soup in silence with only the sound of the clock on the wall ticking lightly away.

''It tastes delicious Kiryu-kun i missed your cooking so much please come visit more your father is getting so lonely with you gone''

Sighing Zero ignores his whining and continues on eating his soup until the chairman was able to have a normal conversation with him again.

Knowing it was futile to get Zero to react to his words Cross soon turns serious again
''Kiryu-kun i know you are more then capable of taking care of yourself but just what i said to Kaitou
be on your guard at all times i dont want anything to happen to Kaname-kun and most of all to my dear Yuki-chan''

''Dont worry none of those bloodsuckers is getting anywere near them Chairman and if they do its their own fault if they get hurt simple as that'' Zero answers with a cold tone to his voice.

and continues to eat his soup in silence making the chairman look at the boy with a unhappy face
why had this young man before him turned so cold and emotionless of course since he had discovered that Yuki had turned out to be one of the worst enemies had hurt him deeply but to keep on behaving so cold always when it concerned vampires made Cross worrying over the boy.

Hoping that his relationship with Yuki would be the way it once was only she could get Zero to cheer up again if only the boy would realise she had not changed all that much at all

but for now he let it be the way it was if Zero saw no need to make peach with Yuki who was he to force him to do it.

When dinner was finished Zero left the Chairmans house to get to his own apartment.
Arriving there it was all ready far past eleven time to sleep and to dream about his dear Yuki

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Chapter 5

Next day at Kuran Mansion Yuki had woken up with a start crying out Zero's name loudly.
all in cold sweat and breathing hard when she had just got one of the most worst nightmares she ever had before they were even far worse then the hallucination dreams she had when she was still human.

the nightmare had been about her and Zero together. at first it had been a wonderful dream
they were out to dinner at a normal restaurant nothing to fancy since Zero does not like it when it happend
suddenly Kaname had appeared holding a knife in hand and before she could stop it from happening he had stapped the silver haired youth in the back a couple of times the boy had spit out blood and fell to the ground in pain while Yuki knelt down besides the man she loved yelling out in pain of why her brother had done it but when she looked into his eyes all she saw was pain. pain and nothing more

''I told you Kiryu Zero i dont want you near my Yuki ever again now die!! he had yelled and with one little move of his fingers had killed the boy in one instance making Yuki cry out in pain
and woke the second later.

Looking around her she soon realised it was only a dream which made her very relieved
Kaname did not know about her and Zero together her dream turned nigthmare would not become a reality. telling herself that all the time made her calm down enough to get back to sleep again
since it was still very early in the morning to be up and about again.

She still did not gotten used to the idea to sleep on daytimes and kept to her old times of when she was still human if Zero who was a vampire as well di not do it why should she
only thinking about her silver haired vampire made her all happy inside.

Hugging her blankets to herself more she fell asleep in seconds
to be woken up again a hour later by the soft voice of her brother Kaname who kisses her softly on the mouth to wake her up she responds to be easily betraying her own feelings she still felt for this man
when she knew she had chosen Zero in her heart but she could not let him know in any way or else Zero would be a death man in seconds.

''Good morning my dear girl did you sleep well?'' he says with a gentle voice
there was no way she could tell him about her dream so instead she just gave a meek nod
''Yes i did did you return just now Kaname-oni-sama?'' who puts a finger to her lips
''Yuki its Kaname please i want you to practise saying my name more''
she blushes at the contact between them and nods her head
''I am sorry Kaname.'' who chuckles at her blushing face and answers her question

''I just came to say goodmorning to you before i have to leave again i am sorry for being away so long my love but i promise you when we are maried i wont leave your side for a very long time
and kisses her full on the mouth then making her close her eyes to enjoy the kiss but even while kissing her promised lover she could not enjoy it the way she had done before all she saw was Zero kissing her instead.

Kaname was no fool he had heart her calling out his rivals name when he had returned home and knew Yuki had been dreaming about him again.

Pouting Yuki tries to look disappointed by his leaving again but Kaname saw she was not that sad about it which painted him deeply. Zero Kiryu had to die and soon but he could not be reckless now
the ball was soon if the hunter even dared to touch her with one finger he was sure to feel pain of its worst kind.

''Expect me back in two days my dearest Yuki goodbye now'' and kisses her once more tenderly.
Standing back on his feet he swiftly left Yukis room to step inside the awaiting car outside that quickly drove away.

Yuki turns her head to look out of the window and sighs deeply it was really hurting her by keeping a secret for Kaname but she had no other choice there really was not any way that she could tell him
it would surly mean the end of Zeros love to her.

That same moment Zero opens his eyes to groan when the sun shines into his sensitive eyes
whenever the sun shone so brightly made him stay inside the house for as long as possible
being a vampire made him avoid any daylight contact but since he was a turned vampire he still manages to walk underneath it with no problem but since Yuki was a pureblood that meant he had to wait till the end of the day to meet her at the graveyard a long time which was torture to his very soul

It made him turn around in his bed to try to fall asleep once more hoping sleep would come for at least another couple of hours.

Since Yuki had not slept all that well she spend most of the rest of the day in bed only when it was round noon did she tiptoed to the kitchen to get herself some lunch to eat were she spotted Aidou seated round the dinner table eating a sandwich and looking quite bored.

''Hi Aidou-sempei'' she says meekly when walking towards the fridge to get herself something to drink
''Yuki Cross i thought you never were coming out of your bed i know Kaname-sama is away much but please dont be so sad about it and you know what to cheer you up again i treat you on some sweets at the cafe at the hunters town what do you say like that?'' he says in his usual cheerful tone.

Looking at the time and back at Aidou again she gives a happy nod. ''Only if you treat me on parfait Aidou-sempei'' and giggles softly.

''All right get yourself ready to go. i will be waiting rigth here''
Without given him a answer she runs back to her room to get dressed.

Once fully dressed in a long sleeved dark pink dress Yuki runs out of the room and back to the kitchen to get to town only hoping that Zero would not be there finding it hard to hide her feelings whether said boy was around.

Aidou smiles when seeing Yuki come back into the kitchen when seeing her in a much better mood then when he saw her earlier.

''Ok let us go'' Aidou says then and together both vampires left the mansion in a slow pace.
A car soon came riding before the mansion that brought them to their destination without any trouble.

Stepping out of the car the chauffeur opens Yukis door who thanks him with a smile.

Together they walk inside the small but cosy cafe to have a little visit to lessen Yukis longing for sweets.

A young blond waittress with pigtails came to meet them at the door and gets all happy when recognising the elder blonde vampire. ''Welcome back Aidou-san and i see you have brought a guest with you welcome young lady'' and gives Yuki a warm smile who the young girl returns happily.

''Good afternoon'' Yuki says and bows slightly.

And then quickly rushes over to a near by table to sit down and get her parfait which she longed to have a taste of in so long good thing that Aidou also had a sweet tooth just as bad as she had.
and made her giggle at her thought when looking at the blonde guy that still keeps on talking to the waitress with pigtails who was heavily blushes now at something the elder vampire had just told her.

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Not before long Yuki was enjoying her favorite dessert happily taking small bits from it with her spoon while Aidou was eating a large piece of apple pie with cream.

Both really enjoying their time at the small cafe but Yukis mind was not totally on the sweets before her without Aidous knowledge she was secretly watching the time glad to have a small clock on the wall of the cafr that made her check it from time to time.

when she was done with her parfait she suddenly stood up from her chair and dashes out of the room which surprises both aidou and the work people of the cafe greatly.

I am sorry Aidou but i cant let Zero wait any longer i am all ready late.
she thougt inside her head while dashing through the streets in great haste hoping to avoid getting cached by the elder blonde bodyguard but to her great relief she made it at the graveyard without any delay at all.

Breathing hard she kneels down to catch her breath again before she was to meet up with her fair haired hunter who she had dearly missed but she knew that she could not keep on doing this to Aidou and to Zero there had to be a other way for them to meet but Yuki had to solution and neither had Zero so instead she walks to the gravestone of the Kiryus slowly.

Arriving there she soon was being wrapped in strong arms that holds her tight and knew Zero had come but when looking in his lilac eyes of his made her known that he was deeply worried and she could not blame him in three days he would be one of the hunter guards at her and her Fiancée's celebration ball to announce the date of their wedding oh how she fretted the upcoming ball all read
she only wanted Zero to marry to have her heart but how could she ever tell Kaname this without hurting him.

''Yuki'' Zero breaths as he takes in the smell of her hair and wraps her in a even closer hug
''I missed you like crazy'' he says softly and falls silent then only wanting to enjoy to have the girl of his heart to be in his arms this very moment.

''And i missed you Zero but you know that we need to talk about the next ball Kaname oni-sama is going to anounce our wedding date did you know that ?'' she says with dread in her voice
which made the silver haired boy gasp in surprise.
''That soon all ready but i thought you were to marry next spring why this hurry for Yuki?''
shaking her head she has no answer to his question.
''I wish i knew Zero but i am just as confused as you are about it

Zero frowns when hearing her answer and sighs deeply.
it still makes me believe that he knows about us secretly meeting Yuki

''Kuran is no fool you know that just as well as i do Yuki. i still hope its not the case but it would explain the date of your wedding being still this year and not next spring but dont worry your little head over it now we still dont know how soon its going to be so for now lets us enjoy the time we can spend together.

given her a warm smile he releases her out of his arms and takes her hands in his own.
''What about a little boat ride since its a warm evening and a little nice outing on the water would surly do us some good?'' just to relax a little before your big event in three days?''

''Sure i would like that Zero lets this'' Yuki happily chirps.
''Boat ride it is'' he says chuckling at her childish replay and together they start to walk into town trying to avoid the places noble vampires came together to avoid being regoniced they made it to the small lake that had everything from small boats till luxe outing boats for hire.

They picked a small yellow boat with motor and a wheel that would be easily to manage even for Yuki
Gently Zero takes Yukis hand and makes her get inside the boat to sit down himself to grab the wheel
and starts the motor.

Yuki sits down besides him and lays her head on his shoulder sighing deeply
''This really is a good idea Zero when did you get so romantic i wonder'' she says with a teasing tone to her voice and giggles softly.

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Zero frowns slightly when hearing Yuki telling him about becoming more romantic but when his eyes remain on that of Yukis he soon turns his frown into a smile and cups her face with his hands to kiss her lips softly.

She responds to his kiss eagerly and soon enough finds herself lost in the kiss until both needed to stop for air.

Yuki lets her head fall on Zeros shoulder and sighs in content.
Happy to be with the person she loves above all even more then her fiancée Kaname.

A long but peach full silence follows then with neither having any need to speak they just led the boat sail away on the wind while sitting close together just enjoying each others company.

While being on the water they see the sun drown in sea and soon twilight came which made Zero gets a little bit more alert since they bout to return before it was going to get to dark to find their way back again.

turning the motor back on Zero turns the wheel and gets them safely back on vast ground.

With the help of her faithful hunter Yuki steps out of the boat and soon enough they walk back into town holding hands while they did.

But both knew they had to part ways very soon.

Arriving back at the graveyard Zero lets go of her hand in his and sighs unhappily
the moment they had the part and say goodbye became more and more difficult with each time.

Looking back into her big brown eyes Zero knows he had to be strong for the both of them.

''Well its time to get back Yuki and this time when we will meet again you will be in the company of Kuran god i hope i can bear to see you in his arms instead of mine''

Yuki is silently crying when hearing his sad voice talk about their next meeting
and cant bear to see him this sorrowful grabs him in a hug to hold him tight for a long time.

''Dont worry Zero we will be together i will do whatever is in my might to make us happen
there has to be a way to make us possible but for now be strong and have faith in our love because i know its the most strong if we believe in it being a reality in the future''

and with those last words she releases herself out of his strong arms with a unhappy look on her face since it was never easy to part from the man she could not bear to be parted with not even for one moment.

''I will Yuki '' and with one last kiss they both left to return back to their home
Zero to his lonely apartment and Yukis to the company of the man she loves yes she still did but not in the way she was supposed to be since in her heart she knew she could only love the lonely silver haired hunter and no room was to be added in her heart for Kaname kuran.

end chapter 5

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Chapter 6

A couple of days later the day of the ball at the Kuran manor Zero was feeling restless and tense
it was late afternoon all ready and he did not ate anything except one slice of bread in the morning
Knowing that would be the only food he was able to eat this day and gave up on eating for the rest of the day.

Getting ready for his assignment later this evening he puts his gun in its belt and leaves the apartment closing the door behind him slowly as he locks it.

but he had only took one step towards his destination before he was tapped on the shoulder by his fellow hunter Kaitou who gave him a cheerful grin and a wave with his hand to say hello.

''Ready for our mission Zero-kun?'' Zero sighs and gives a slight nod
''Always am Kaitou now lets go

Not before long when they started walking a black car came driving up to were they were walking and stopped the ensign.

Yagari and Kaien Cross who was behind the wheel gave both hunters a warm smile.
''Get in quickly boys'' he said with urgently in his voice.
Kaitou and Zero open the door and step inside the car who came back to live as soon as Cross starts it again and within a minute or two they had left the street and were on there way towards the Kuran Mansion.

after a while of driving they arrived at the Mansion that now stood parked full with cars black ones white ones and even a couple silver ones stood all parked near the huge house that now was all glimmering with lights that were attached to the roof and door even.

Getting out of the car Zero and Kaitou walk towards the mansion whil Yagari and Cross drive away again they werent needed for this mission and had enough faith in both Zero and Kaitou to leave without any worry.

As soon as they stood before the huge brown door it opens up for them to see Kuran Kaname standing right before their face a cold expression upon his face when seeing Zero who gives him a even more colder glance back at him until Kaitou opens his mouth to break the silence.

''We have came from the Assocination to watch over your guests tonight Kuran-sama can we come inside?' the older hunter spoke and made Kaname change his attention away from his rival to turn his face into a smile again.

''Certainty follow me both of you'' he says with a warm tone his voice that almost made Zero puke knowing it was all fake but chose to ignore it for now and follows Kaitou inside the huge mansion hoping to catch a glimpse of his Yuki.

They arrive in the main room of the mansion which was the most biggest part of the whole house and able to recieve all the noble quests inside to announce the date of the wedding of their beloved pureblood Kaname Kuran and his fiancée his younger sister Yuki Kuran.

Looking around Zero all ready felt uncomfortable seeing all those filthy vampires glare at him and Kaitou but he was here for work and nothing but work only he could not allow himself to show any kind of emotion that would get anyone to suspect him having feelings for their beloved vampire princess Yuki no he had to focus his mind on his work no matter how hard it was going to be.

Kaname showed them their place to watch over his guests and left them to their selves soon after.

Kaitou looks at Zero and grins when seeing Zeros serious expression he was wearing now on his face

''Lose up Zero-kun here take something to drink'' and grabs a glass filled with champagne and hands it to the silver haired hunter who accepts the drink to sip on it absent-mindedly.

''I am going to have a look around the room to see if everything goes without trouble i be back shortly'' Kaitou says and only a slight nod from Zero is enough for the elder hunter to leave him alone and disappears in the group of people.

Zero sighs and wonders why its taking so long for Yuki to show herself

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It surly took Kaitou long to return Zero thought when looking over at the huge oak clock. he had been gone for over forty minutes and Zero was getting more and more bored with every minute while the many guests that had come to the ball keep on talking as if they did not notice the stares of hate he was sending them until suddenly a loud bong was to be heard and a door opens to reveal his Yuki in all her glory. she wore a velvet blue gown that made her look like a real princess of old. her hair was up in a bun with only two thin singlets of hair round her face.

Zero looks up at the stairs that she had come to reveal herself to the public and cant help but smile slightly knowing it was him that had captured their precious princess heart and not their beloved pureblood prince Kaname Kuran.

Only when looking more closer he saw she was holding the hand of her fiancée and had a happy smile on her face when waving at the many guests but when she met his eyes she looks away not wanting her brother to know about her affections for the hunter no she could not do such a thing
if she did she would surly have her brothers attention in no time
She knows Zero believes their love is strong he trusts her with his heart this event was only to prove how strong their love really was.

Holding the hand of her brother Yuki makes her way down the stairs and glances for a split second at Zero who quickly looks down at the ground but before he did she could see a ghost of a smile on his lips and thats enough for the young vampire princess to know Zero loved her appearance

A even more happier smile comes to her lips then and she cant help but feel like she could fly
that very moment but knows she cant show any such emotion she had to wait for awhile

Kaitou returns then and sees Zero stare at the vampire princess but not with a look of complete ignorance like he had for every girl at the academy but with a look that made you think like the poor guy was helplessly in love.

Petting Zero on the back Kaitou grins and stands still besides him to glance over at Yuki as well.

''My my Zero-kun i thought you hated all vampires and here i find you looking like a love sick puppy
but i cant help but agree with you she looks quite attractive to bad she is a vampire and a pureblood at that to think she is Cross-san's adoptive daughter''

Zero looks away quickly when being busted by Kaitou and tries to hide his emotions to just shrug his shoulders and hoped it would fool the elder hunter but knows thats not a easy thing to do to the keen man.

''what are you talking about Kaitou?'' i was just looking at the time wondering what it took you so long to come back i am not staring at that vampire what nonsense are you saying''
and sighs deeply.

Kaitou smiles and gives him a knowing look.
''Sure be that way Zero-kun i keep a watch on you''

''Why dont you just keep yourself busy with doing your job instead of watching me huh Kaitou''
and walks away to have a look around for himself.

Kaitou is getting suspicious with Zeros behaviour thinking deeply about any information about the princess and Zero in the last couple of weeks but as far as he knows is that Zero hates all purebloods when he discovered his adoptive sister Yuki turned about to be a vampire herself he cant image Zero having a close relationship since that time but still he cant help to stay a little suspicious and decides to keep watch over the young hunter without his knowledge.

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You Are My Sin
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