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 I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)

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PostSubject: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:41 am

''Ichiru come over here right now and help me with feeding the cows if i see you slacking one more time i swear i lock you up inside the barn for a full week until you beg me to let you out'' Zero Kiryu a silver haired farmer boy yells at the top of his longs when seeing his younger twin brother asleep against a tree not far from their house. which got the younger boy to jump up at the loud voice of his brother.

Grinning from ear to ear Ichiru dusts himself of and without a word walks of into the direction of the stables to get the food for the animals. making Zero sighs while holding a hand over his forehead.

The farm they live on has a lot of land to grow corn vegetables and flowers on. and stood inside the country side far away from the city with its busy markets shops and people.
the place was surrounded by small lakes lots of wild live large fields of grass that in summer always were in full bloom with many different kind of wild flowers.

it was a place the twins never wanted to be parted with. Ichiru loved it because of the many hiding places he could hide from his brother to just slack from work and Zero reason to love it so much was when he wanted to be alone for awhile to think and to have some peach to read his book in silence.

They led a busy but pleased life. sometimes live at the farm was hard work since they only lived with their mother for as long as they could remember.

Their mother that was very talented with flowers and plants and was very well known in the surrounded villages for her knowledge of plants and even trees. She has a middle sized market shop on the large market in the city were she sells her tomatoes vegetables and corn for a reasonable price.
always having Zero take her their every Friday

Always having their small wagon fully loaded with their fresh vegetables and their mothers sun flowers and more kinds to sell. having Zeros horse Lilly carry the load all by herself but the horse was very strong and used to carry lots of weight.

As for their father. he had gone missing when they both were very little. it made them remember nothing at all from him other then a small photograph that stood on their mothers night stand.

it was a picture of a man holding a sword in his hand while winking with one eye. he had silver hair tight in a pony tail and was wearing the uniform of one of the personal knights of the king.

When Zero and Ichiru were little they always played with wooden swords playing that they were knights just like their father always saying they wanted to be just like him one day but now a days it had had became nothing more then just a dream for both boys but whenever a knight came riding on the pathway near their house they never could stop to stare at the magnificent sight before them. the wealthy uniform the sharp and graceful sword the mighty stallion they rode.

but as soon as the knight had passed they turned back to reality again sighing about the hard work they had to endure.

Zero knows they would never leave their mother she was far to depended on both her boys he knew he could never do that to her but he had his doubts about his brother who always slacks never playing much attention to his work on the farm. Zero knows he is more serious and less naive and adventures as his younger twin brother but still that was no excuse to slack off almost every day.

Following his brother inside the barn he grabs the small wagon they use to fill with hay for the cows it might be summer grass alone was not enough to keep the cows healthy enough to survive.

Soon they had given all 6 cows the right amount of hay that they needed and left the cows alone.
but their work was not yet done they still needed to feed the two horses the sheep and their dog before they could finally sit down at the dinner table themselves.

It always went like this in the summer months they gathered dry hay collected it all inside plastic bags and set it away to dry after that they went to fed the animals and went inside the eat themselves.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:08 pm

Later that night when everything was done and the whole kiryu family had done eating Ichiru disappeared to his room their mom went to wash the dishes and Zero grabbed a book that lay on the table near the window to finally rest his tired muscles from all the hard work he had done today.

soon he was miles away into his book completely forgotten about the world around him.

End of chapter 1.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:09 pm

Chapter 2
(Ichirus pov)

Early the next morning when the birds still sleeps savely in their nest a window is opened up very carefully and a head with a mop of silver hair is coming out of it soon followed with his whole body.

I slowly crawl out of his bedroom and soon finds myself standing on the grass that grows near my window to kneels down to tight my boots to my feet

with my head facing up at the sky U breaths in the early morning air while a bright grin forms on my lips.

Getting to my feet i races to the stables to saddle up my dark brown horse Rose my beautiful horse that always obeys my every order i gave her and open the door to holds a finger to my mouth when both horses turn to see who was entering their stable but when they saw who it was both Lilly and Rose turned back to their straw. they know whenever i have my my finger for my mouth to not make any sound

and always find myself very fascinated with how smart horses can be at times finding it perfect for my little escaping trip from the farm, almost every morning, through sometimes Zeros horse Lilly can be a handful when it comes to me neck legging her whenever i forget to put hay in her stable. it almost made me busted by that darn horse who was almost about to whinny loudly but since i had Rose all ready saddles i barley escaped that time.

Opening Roses stable i grab her by the halter and leads her outside to tie her down to a near by fence running in a slow pace to not wake my mother and twin brother I returns back to get the saddle and bridle from the small closet that stood near the entrance of the stables.

Within a couple of minutes the boy is done and swiftly jumps into the saddle making his horse go into a soft gallop a even brighter smile on his face when having escaped another day of work.

knowing fully well he has to endure another long discussion with his brother but for now it cant really hurt him he is free free to go were he wanted to go.

Soon i leave the farm far behind me and start to think what i want to do today.

(Zeros Point of view)

I wake up by the sun shinning through my window and know another long day full of work is waiting for me though not as hard as most days since it was friday and i would accompany my mother to the market to get her there safely to ride back home again to finish it the rest of the dry grass and collecting it into large bags of plastic.

Grabbing my jeans and a dark blue sweater from the chair near my window i get dressed swiftly but when i walk downstairs and hear my mother sign i know what time it was again my adorable twin brother had escaped from the farm once more.

My mom is standing near the window a look of displeasure on her face
still standing in her night gown her hair all tussled she looks up when she sees me standing in the door opening and walks over to me a smile forming on her lips to my relief .

''Zero i really dont know what to do with your brother any more'' and sighs once more.
''maybe its time for him to get a strict teacher i wish we had the money for you boys to go to a real school but since your father left we are just barley holding on''

I walk over to my mother and hold her in a close embrace.
''Mother dont worry about Ichiru i know you cant understand him most of the time but believe me he will grow more serious he just needs more time to turn more mature we migth be twins but he is still so different then i am''

i let go and give her a kiss on her cheek and watch out of the window as well.

''You probably right Zero'' she says with a warm tone to her voice.
''come let me make you some breakfast before we leave for the market.

I return the smile and nod my head and follow her into the kitchen.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:38 pm

I sip slowly from my warm milk while mom is making us sandwiches to take with us while being on the road to the city. fully dressed now into a dark green dress and having her long blonde hair in a braid

My mom is the most caring person i know always making sure me and Ichiru are well fed are healthy and if we are sick she is always there for us trying her hardest to get us back to full health even if she is not feeling well herself

She is a very strong woman. always cheerful and happy but when it came to Ichiru she just was not able to understand how is mind worked always asking me whenever they had a long discussion again that i had to get in between time and time again.

''Zero do you want cheese and ham on your sandwiches?'' she asks while standing in the door opening of of the kitchen.

''Yes thats fine mom'' i answer back and finish up my milk.
push the chair backwards and take my plate to the sink.

''I go make Lilly ready mom i have the wagon ride before the window and yell when i am ready ok?''
She just nods her head and continues with her sandwiches.

When i walk outside and feel the sun shine on my face i smile and feel happy
happy to have such nice weather after almost three full weeks of rain and that in July

I open the stables and step inside to have Lilly look at me with curious eyes eager to get out and stretch her long legs.

the white mare was a gift from my mother for my 11th birthday she was still a foal when she came on the farm together with mom we teaches her everything she needed to know and soon became the wagon pony that brought my mother to the city without complains.

Soon i had her standing before the little wagon that i had loaded with the fresh goods we would be selling this morning. i jump onto the front of the wagon grab the reins and led the white mare towards the kitchen window.

arriving there i knock on the small window and see my mother grab the basket with our lunch inside and hurry out of the door.

''Coming Zero'' She says as she steps inside the wagon and sets the basket on the seat besides her
''Ok lets go girl'' i tell Lilly and with a loud whinny from the pony she starts to move taking us to the city.

(Ichirus Pov)

I rode for awhile through fields of high grass until i saw a nice place to rest for a bit
it was far enough for anyone to find me and clever as i was i had taken another route then brother and mom would take when they went on their way to the the city today they would not find me here not a chance.

Making Rose stand still i slide of her back stood still before her saddle and opened the saddle bags to grab my breakfast that i made last night when everyone was long gone to bed.

Holding the bread in my hands i took a large bite from it really hungry and sat down on the soft grass while Rose kept standing still knowing i would only take a short time to finish eating.
when i was done i took out a small bottle of milk drank it fast and took my seat in the saddle swiftly

Making Rose go into a canter we soon saw the City come into view.
Thinking what i would do this time when i came into the city maybe gabble for a bit or look for something to do while being there.

Arriving into the large City i tie Rose to a wooden fence and start to make my way to the center of the the town walking through small streets with candy shops a couple of bakery's and one butcher and suddenly a door opened to my left and a petit girl with dark hair walks right into me which gets me to collide into her body and gets me to fall on the ground with her falling right on top of me spreading something very sticky all over my face and hair.

I yell out in surprise when my hair gets all sticky and before my face

''What the hell is going on get of me'' i say with still surprise and shock to be heard in my voice.
but i get no answer making me even more annoyed with the situtation at hand and try to get myself free from the weight on my body.

Wondering why something like this had to happen to me when my day had started so wonderfully.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:28 pm


(Ichiru's Point of view)

I get on my feet again and run a finger to my now very dirty and sticky hair and glare right at the girl that had done this to me but when she was glaring at me just as much.

''Look girly its your fault for not watching were you are going not mine how are you going to fix this
and point with one finger at my sticky hair.

and sigh when all she does is glaring at me still.
It makes me believe that with her wealthy dress and neat curly hair she must be someone rich that never goes anywere but her own house.

''Well what are you waiting for i dont have all day you know''

I watch her when she placed her hands on her hips which clearly was not impressing me one bit
my eyes narrowed as i listened to her words that were all ready starting to bore me

it was the way she talked her way of talking was very annoying and childish to me
and stepped a little bit closer to see how she would react

Usualy the girls here would blush and stammer whenever i came to close but this girl tried her best to not show her discomfort which was surprising me maybe i had judged her to quickly

but when she suddenly started to sniff my clothes i could not help but say something about it.

“No way… Are you… sniffing me? Give me a break…”

Stunned she took a step back but at that same time she lost her balance and since my mother tried to teach me some manners when it came to girls my hand reached out to grab her arm firmly for her to stay on her feet.

''Watch it girly'' I say and watch her look at me with a slight smile on her face.

''So you want me to apologise to you huh i say softly but what if i do will you try to help me fix my hair since it was your food that got it to be in this state now you know''

and wait for her answer back.

I was glad she said yet and did what she told me to do and held down my hair but when she starts to pull my hair it really did not felt pleased at all.

“Watch it!” I growl.

Sheesh, what a crybaby. “Stop overreacting. How do you expect me to get it out if you complain like a child?”

That got me to stop complaining it was a pain anyways to try and start a discusion with a girl such one as this girl beside me now i notice and shut my mouth trying to stay still while she pulls the sticky stuff out of my hair.

I saw people look or way and glared right back which got most of them to continue on with their business. one thing that i hated most was people staring at me with such curious eyes it made me annoyed. normally i would not mind being the center of attention but not in a situation like this.

She then spoke to me again asking me for my name. but since i was still very much annoyed it took me awhile to answer her question.

''Ichiru'' i say quietly.

not bothered to here her name i grew silent again.

She really was testing my patience that girl and i did not like it one bit.

''Are you ready yet?'' i growl''

''Almost was all she said and her words were true''
the sticky stuff disappeared into a near by bin that was standing near the candy shop and i sigh in relief when i no longer felt the sticky material attached to my hair but when i hear her laughing i look up in annoyance.

''Your hair'' she said in between laughter.

I directly look into the reflecting window and my annoyce grew even more with the sight of my hair.
it was sticking out on all ends i absolutely looked hideous rigth now.

''You'' i growl you really think this is funny messing with my hair and then messing it up even more''

I hold a hand before my forehead and sigh deeply.

and try to get my hair come down again but to no avail it stays sticking up.

''This is really not my day i sigh and glare at the brown haired girl beside me.

''Fine i buy you more of this sticky stuff'' I say with a heavy sigh and grab the girl by her arm to walk towards the candy shop.

arriving there i stand still at the door and search inside my pockets for some coins to give to her
finding them easily i hand her the coins.

''Here you go paid you back but if you would excuse me now i have better things to do then sticking around you much longer'' and gets ready to walk out of the shop in a slow pace.

But when i was walking away from the shop trying to get rid of this girl she surprised me again
as i felt her hand grab my sleeve. i came to a halt and watch her put the money back into my hands.

i glance at her a little puzzled.

''what do you mean pay you back in a different kind of way?'' seriously girly why dont you just accept the money and leave me alone instead of confusion me with your chattering'' c''mon and tried pushing the money back into her hands once more.

while thinking what she meant by another way of paying her back but thinking about it made him even more confused.

the words that came out of her mouth made me really shocked beyond words

“How about you… spend a day with me?”
she said and by the look of her face she was really serious about it meaning every word she just blurred out .

''You?'' are you really serious about wanting to spend a day with a boy you just met as a way for me to pay you back here a grin formed slowly on his face when thinking what he could do with such a girl like her she certainly was''nt hard on the eye pretty even he had to amid when taking a closer look at her figure and hair.

''Ohh why not'' but before i am going to let you join in my adventures i need to know your name girly
cant keep on calling you girly only if you insist of course and grinned at her then.

''My name is Yuki'' she answers my question quietly.

''Ok Yuki follow me then''

I say with excitement in my voice.
never before had any girl i ever met offered me something like this to me
maybe my day wasnt ruined just yet maybe Yuki could brighten it with her presence.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:09 am

I led her back to the centre of town were Rose was still waiting for me patiently until my return like a obeyed horse should be doing when waiting for her master to return.

Rose heaved her head when she saw me return and whinnied softly.

Grabbing a little something out of my pocket i fed it to the dark brown pony and turned my attention back to Yuki that stood a little bit further away from me waiting for me to talk to her again but she did not looks all that frightened at all maybe they had horses at her home as well.

''Yuki let me introduce you to Rose my horse'' i say and loosen the reins of my horse and lead her towards the dark haired girl.

Rose is a very curious horse and always searching your pockets for anything eatable so i held her reins tight in my hands as i showed her to the girl i just met.

''Can you ride?'' i ask her softly. hoping that she could or else i had to think of something else for us to do.

I listen to her answer and its making me relieved that she is capable of riding i was right when having noticed her not being afraid of Rose but who would call her a horse Peeko and her dog Parfait.

I laugh loudly when hearing both names and can stop laughing for a long while until Rose grew inpatient and wanted us to go all ready only then was i able to stop stop laughing all together.

''Sorry Rosey'' i say as i touch her head tenderly. and look back at Yuki.

''Sorry Yuki but you have given your animals really particular names its beats me how you could come up with such names''

''But enough of that you can sit at the back and hold onto me as i show you around the country side how is that like that idea?''

And try to sound as innocent as i could to not let her think i was a boy that only thought about pervy kinds of ideas really i wasn't all that bad well my dear brother thought i was but what would he knew he never really came into town much at nights not as much as i did that was for sure.

While waiting for her answer i pet Rose on her shoulder and play a little with her long manes
making the horse turn more calm again.

I smile when seeing her getting all excited and her eyes even gleamed until she changed all together and her happy exctiment all disappeared just as sudden as it at came and she was blabbering about a maid.

I raise a fine eye brow. “A maid? You actually have a maid? What is she? Your nanny too?”

She was not able to respond but that was due to my harsh tone to my voice but i could not help to feel a little envious of this girl in front of me who clearly lived a far more better live then me but it could not be helped and if i asked myself if i ever wanted to change my carefree live for a live full of rules and luxery i would say no because i was way to used to living a live without any rules to bind me.

''Its fine go tell that maid of yours me and Rose wait right here''
i climb her back and watch her give a soft nod and runs away to find her maid.

I watch her go from atop my horse back and cant help but keep my gaze looked on that of Yuki.

Who would have thought that i would meet a girl such as Yuki today.

Rose shakes her mighty head and lowers her head to eat some of the grass that was growing from out of the stones. and l am left alone with just my thoughts.

I did not had to wait long for Yuki to return to my side Rose had all ready noticed her coming our way again long before i did because my mind was somewere else all together. normally i never really think much about things but since meeting Yuki i could not stop thinking about her which was not strange she was a pretty girl to see that i wanted to get to know much better strangely looking forward to spend my day with this stranger girl.

Rose raised her head and whinnies softly.

she runs towards us and i cant help but grin at her blushing cheeks which made her look really cute

''Ready'' i said in between grinning. she could not asnwer because she was still way out of breath to do so.

I helped her on Roses back moved more in the front of the saddle so that she had enough space to settle on my horse back.

I click with my tounge and it gets Rose to start walking again.

''Here we go now hold on tight we are going to fly'' and with saying that Rose gallops away in a very fast pace.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:31 am


The minute i felt her arms holding me tight i could not help but blush happy that she was all ready trusting me enough to just join me on my horse and let me take her away it made me believe that she had never before experienced something like this before something i did almost every day when i was lucky to escape the farm that is which is going to be even harder now that Zero noticed me gone again this morning but no time to worry about that now not when this pretty girl was seated after me on my horse back i would show her what living at the country side meant. how much more fun it was then living in the City.

I led Rose away from the city and led her run towards the woods letting her run straight through high grass corn fields and fields of sun flowers.

I felt Yuki relax when her grip she had on my body slowly loses bit b. bit and squealed out in excitement of the pace we were going.

Rose really enjoyed this just as much as we did i notice as she throws her head up high in the air and goes even faster then she normally goes.

''And Yuki enjoying it so far?'' i say as we run straight over a small river and tiny water drops touch my face.

Rose jumps over the river and i feel Yuki's body crush against my back.

''Sorry,'' she said and i knew she was blushing again.

I laugh and shake my head.

''Dont be just keep on holding tight to me and you be fine''
While thinking how good it felt to have her delicate body and arms holding me tight.

Rose keeps on going still full of energy probably because yesterday i could not ride her when my dearest brother insisted that i helped him with the feeding of the farm animals.

But when we entered the forest i made her slow down a bit as i led her through the trees making her walk on the hand made path that me and Rose and other riders had made in the years.

But when the sun suddenly disappeared behind some clouds the forest grew dark and was full of shadow Rose keeps on going not really bothered by the sudden darkness and soon enough we leave the forest behind again and enter a field that was surrounded by stray trees but since it was the end of summer i knew the trees held fruit this time of the year and a fresh juicy apple was just what i wanted and maybe Yuki as well.

I lead Rose towards the apple trees and taking the reins in one hand i make her stand still.

''Hooo girl'' the brown haired horse does what i tell her and comes to a sudden stop.

''I hope you dont mind if we have a little break but when seeing the little orchard with stray apple trees her just now i thought it be a good idea to grab a bite. you like apples?''

i ask and see that the trees were full with yellow red colored apples and smile.

Her question made me laugh a little. why worry about such simple thing as stealing a couple of apples
''Nah the trees have been standing here since the time that i was little no one ever told me i was not aloud to take anything from it before so i dont think anyone will'' but i was no longer able to say anymore as Yukis sudden action get me to get dragged out of the saddle and fall with a tud on the ground well more the say i fell right on top of Yukis small petit body which got her to cry out in pain.

''Sorry,'' is all i say as i move my body away and stand back on my feet again watching her with a sligh eyebrow raised at the sight before me.

she was still on the ground and looking at me with innocent eyes and somehow i could not be mad at her when she was given me such a look as she was given me now.

''Geh Yuki i did not know you were that hungry'' i say with a teasing tone to my voice.
holding out my hand i help her get back up from the grass and grab the apple from the ground and give it to her while a grin still adored my face.

I watch her bite into the apple and when i hear her make a compliment about the apple i grin brightly and nod my head happily.

''I know the apples are the best over here'' i say and walk back to the tree to start climbing the lower branches and easily grab a couple of apples to jump back from the tree and land back on my feet with ease again.

to look back at Yuki with a soft smile

''Come lets sit for a bit and talk'' i say and walk to another tree near by sit down and pat the ground beside me to let her know its ok to sit beside me.

She walks over to me and sits down.

and notice she is not really feeling very comfortable. i glance her way and she catches me looking at me
''Do you live out here?'' she suddenly says with a soft tone to her voice but also a bit uncertain.

i try to get her to feel relax again and answer her question.

''Yes i do. we are fairly close near it to tell you the true. and point with my finger into the distance.
''look over there on your right after that group of trees there stands my family's farm were i live with my twin brother Zero and my mother and many animals well mostly cows and sheep Rose and my brothers horse Lilly. What about you were do you live let me gues you live in the big city?'' and grin it was easily figured out with her wealthy clothes and all.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:17 pm

Ohh so she is also the youngest then i think and smile.

but when i she starts to talk about the place she was living at, i could not believe my ears was she really de scripting the mayors mansion that i walked passed a couple of times always looking at in in awe on how beautiful the house was and the garden.

I look at her with a surprised look on my face when she was done talking and speak up again really need to know if i was right or not.

''Yuki dont tell me you you are the mayors only daughter and that your brother is studying away from home because he is a genius and can learn very well?''

i say and hope it was not true i mean i finally found a girl that was not acting all this snobby and arogant like most wealthy ladies did but then again little Yuki still looked very young i guesd she was even younger then i was that was probably the reason why she was still acting so naive and gentle.

I hear her stammer get all flushed and a little panicked when she admits she is indeed the mayors daughter. but seeing her like that all flushed and embarrassed makes her only look even more adorable then she all ready was to me.

i pet her gently on her head then and give her one of my most sweetest smiles i could manage.
''Dont worry Yuki you are my dear friend from now on lets make a promise that whenever you are with me you are just plain Yuki no the noble mayors daughter but just Yuki friend of this poor farmer boy which is me can you promise me that?'' and give her yet another sweet smile.

She grins back at me and says “I will, I promise.”

Glad that i made her comfortable again i lay down on my back taking a deep breath and glance up at the sky while a soft breeze ruffles my hair slightly.

I grow silent then and feel myself relax totally until my eyelids slowly flutter to a close and i fall asleep easily.

A little while later i hear some loud noise in my ear but ignore it it was probably that chubby farmer again would he never learn that it was no use to chase me i was far to fast and clever for me to catch me but then i felt Yukis hands shaking me and suddenly the situation changed it was not only me this time that could just jump in the saddle and ride away this time i had to take Yuki with me as well.

Opening both eyes all at the same time i woke up to grab her firm by the hand and started to run to Rose who was all ready well aware it was time to make a run for it again.

''Quickly get on Roses back Yuki get in the front and make Rose run i follow you soon''

''But what about you?'' she said with panic to be read in her brown eyes but i jsut shook my head.
''dont worry about me just go'' and gave Rose a pat on her back which got her to move forwards in a fast pace whinnying loudly as she starts to gallop.

I could focus on the farmer much better now that i knew Yuki and my horse were save.
Rose would take Yuki to a save place i knew she would.

A confident smirk comes to my lips then and i watch the farmer come closer.
Seeing that he knows who i am but that does not really matter he with his fat figure was no match for my speed.

''Come and catch me chubby farmer'' i yell at the top of my longs and start running away from him.

The farmer growls as he sees me which only starts to make me laugh very loudly
enjoying this game of tag more then i should.

But the farmer really knew nothing of the little hiding places i had here inside a huge apple tree not far from were i was leading the farmer now and not before long i got down on my knees to crawl inside the tree swiftly which brought me underground a little bit deep enough for me to hide while he searches for me and would give up after 5 minutes that always happened.

Rose brought Yuki to another field but this time it was a field with wild flowers and small lakes surounding the field. and came to a halt to lower her head and starts to eat grass slowly as if nothing had ever happened.

I was right about the farmer as i counted the minutes inside my head i heard him walk around while talking to himself sounding very annoyed while i grin brightly.

I peek from my hiding place at the farmer and see him walk away in a fast angry pace.
i sigh when he has all disappeared from view and slowly crawl out of the tree stand back on my feet and ran away from the trees in search for my little girl friend and my horse.

I knew were Rose had taken Yuki she had brought her to the next field next to the apple orchard the field that had flowers as far as you could see.

Running swiftly over the grass i arrive in the field and glance in the distance were i found Rose easily
grazing and Yuki seated on the grass gazing up at the sky.

I smile to myself as i make my way back to them.

Rose heaves her head when seeing me return and snorts as if telling me you really are a show off and you know it.

Standing still before Yuki i smile and speak again.

''Here i am again you guys missed me?'' i grin and slide down to my knees to sit down beside the dark haired girl.

Giving me a playful push she says. ''What do you think''
i laugh at her answer and grow silent all ready thinking what we can do next since the day was not over yet by far.

Chapter End

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:06 am

Chapter 5

The rest of the day Ichiru and Yuki spend together talking about anything that came to mind
really enjoying the time they spend together slowly starting to become very good friends
but when the sun was sinking down and some dark rain clouds appeared Ichiru thought it best to take her back to the city again and face his twin brothers scolding which he was sure to get the minute he arrived back home.

Riding back in a slow pace with Yuki seated after him again they arrive at the city not much later.
Where Yukis maid was all ready waiting. waiting with a carriage to take her back home again.

We said our farewells and we promise to keep in touch I slide my long legs over the saddle grab the reins firm in my hands wave until she has all but disappeared from sight and make my way back home while thinking what a wonderful day it was cant stop thinking about Yukis soft smile her long silky hair and her gentle nature.

Rose brings me home swiftly and before i knew it i arrive back at the farm were as especting my dearest brother was awaiting my return a scowl adoring his face and has his arms folded tightly as he glares in my direction but i am not impressed with his behavior he is my twin after all i know Zero cant stay mad at me for long.

''Hello brother i say cheery as i dismount from Roses back did you and mom had a good time in the city how was the sale today?''

Zero sighs not really liking my questions and keeps on glaring at me.
''Ichiru how much longer am i going to deal with you slipping away leaving me to do the work all by myself while you spend your day lazing around everytime again please tell me that''

he says with a angry tone to his voice.
''Mother is worried about you i dont want to keep telling her you will change because i know you wont cant you see how much you are putting her through with your reckless behaviour Ichiru''

I nod my head. ''Sorry brother tell you what why dont you take a break tomorrow take Lilly out for awhile and led me do all the work because brother you really look like you need a day off''

he laughs dryly and rolls his eyes. ''And whos fault is that huh'' he says with raised eyebrows
i just grin and pet his shoulder for a second. ''Dont worry bro i take care of everything tomorrow i promise''

But Zeros face shows no signs of believing all i just said.
''I keep you to that'' and with that walks away to disappear into the stables probably feeding Lilly

Rose nudges my arm with her head and that gets me to take her to her stable.
''Ok come on girl''

When i am done drying her body and gave her food Zero and i walk inside the kitchen like every night to take our seats at the dinning table and hungry as i am attack my food directly the minute mom places it on my plate.

Later that night i take a little stroll outside the farm while Socks our sheep dog runs ahead of me chasing rabbits and whatever she can find. Zero walks right beside me but he has not spoken one word since our little argument we had before dinner.

The sky was clear and stars were everywere i notice as i look up above.

Zero sighs then and opens his mouth to speak finally.
''Ichiru tell me what you did today?'' his expression on his face is a little bit softer then it was before dinner and i turn my head to look at him and asnwer back.

''Ohh nothing much me and Rose had some fun with chubby farmer and thats really it how about you?''
Zero knows i am not telling him everything but decides to let it slide and answers back.

''I brought mom the the market helped with the customers and was busy all day we had a great sale in both our vegetables as moms flowers if we keep this up we might take it a little easier when winter arrives''

I smile and pet my brother on his shoulder then. ''Thats good news Zero. i dont want to go through another winter like last year, it was awful, very awful and shudder at the thought.

We talk some more until we walk back home slowly to say our goodnights when being back inside the house.

Walking up the stairs i quickly strip of my clothes to fall on my bed feeling very tired but what a day it was what a day indeed as i grab my blankets cover myself with it and led my eyes close slowly.

And drift of to sleep not soon after.
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(Zeros POV)

I wake up slowly when i hear my mother stand at my bedside a warm smile adoring her face
calling my name.

''Zero dear i thought to wake you to tell you your brother has done all the chores for you can you believe it'' she says with a giggle

''He was even whistle ling when i saw him just a minute ago. did something happen yesterday that got him to be this happy right now. that boy never fails to surprise me''

Well better get up dear its already past ten breakfast is ready when you are''

I blink in surprise Ichiru did everything on his own and did not even complain about it either that was something i had to see with my own eyes to believe it truly.

Quickly dressing myself in old jeans because i wanted to take Lilly out for a ride later in the afternoon i race down the stairs and without even one glance at my mother run out the door in search for my twin.

Once standing outside i walk towards the small stable were the sheep are living and mom was right Ichiru was whistling cheerfully while feeding the sheep looking very pleased with himself.

''Really Ichiru why this light cheerful mood today i might think you met some girl yesterday and fell had over heels for her'' I say in a teasing way but all Ichiru does is shrug his shoulders and continues doing his work.

''remember your promise bro'' i call after him as i disappear into the stables to feed Lilly myself
''Yea,yea'' is all he says back and grows silent.

I walk inside the stable were Lilly and Rose were standing in their own stands both laying down on the straw ground while eating hay slowly.

''Hii girls i say and walk towards a big basket that has their food inside of it grab a large spoon and fill it with the bix to throw it in both horses food plate.

Lilly and Rose stand up from the ground and attack their food right away.

I smile when seeing this and then return back home to eat my late breakfast.
happy that Ichiru was doing all my chores for once and i could relax for a day.

Later in the afternoon when Ichiru was still busy with his chores and mom was inside the garden
i was back inside the stables with my saddle and bridle in one arm and push open Lillys box with my feet

Lilly stays perfectly still as i put the saddle on her back and the bridle on her head.
when i was all done i lead her outside and get on her back easily.

I see Ichiru watching us and led Lilly towards him.

''Brother almost done then?'' i say and he gives a nod as answer.
''Yes have a good ride later Zero'' he says back and i smile.

''Later Ichiru and make Lilly go in a slow canter as i lead her towards the forest.
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Soon we ride through the forest and enter the shadow of the trees.
I was happy that i finally had the change again to take Lilly out for a ride it all ready had been a whole week that i has the time to go for a proper ride with my white mare.

I make Lilly go in a soft trot and ride further into the woods.

(Ichirus pov)

While brother was gone and mom still busy with taking care of her garden i sigh deeply and make myself slide through my needs really tired and finding it hard to believe that Zero is always capable of going through this day in day out realising Zero really lived for the farm in a different way that i did.
but he was far more serious about this far more then i was and now that i really was not able to stop thinking about Yuki it was really hard to concentrate on my work but as i take a little break on a small field of grass near the barn my mind goes back to yesterday longing to see my little Yuki again very very soon.

(Zeros pov)

After a long ride both my mare and i are sweating badly but it was ok. I made her run far and hard and how she enjoyed going all out.

I pet her gently on her neck as i slide the reins for her to lower her head to the ground
and wait while she grabs a handful of grass with her sharp teeth to start chewing on it slowly and moves back towards the farm again.

I grin at her silly actions sit back in the saddle and led Lilly take me home.

When i return home there is no one outside and gues that both mother and Ichiru have gone inside all ready. i glance at the little pocket watch i always have in my pocket and see that is is all ready pretty late almost round 7 at night.

But they know that i am always late whenever i take Lilly out the horse needs to run long and far to keep her happy after all.

I take her back to her stable make her dry with hay feed her and put on a light blanket so that she is not going to catch a cold. slip out of the stables to disappear into the shower soon after.

The warm water feels good on my tired muscles and i close my eyes to enjoy it fully.

But i know Ichiru and mom are waiting for me so i finish washing my hair quickly wash my body and get out of the shower get a towel round my body and dress into comfortable clothes and join my family round the table to dig into my food soon after.

Chapter End
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Chapter 6

Weeks flew by and before Ichiru Zero and their mother knew it summer came to a end and they had to prepare for winter to come and living in the country side the winters always were extra hard much harder then the well isolated houses in the city.

In those weeks Ichiru and Yuki had become even closer they had made the apple orchard their place to meet when they wanted to see each other then Ichiru always came on Rose and sometimes even walking then it was Yuki that was being brought by her maid who strangely hid her mistress little outings from her parents which made Ichiru a little surprised at first but soon after he no longer thought it strange but just very handy to have your maid brining you anywere you wanted.

But since his twin brothers trust had returned after Ichirus had proved he too was capable of working just as hard as his brother he always helped Zero with his work before he could slip away to see Yuki hoping that way Zero would not get suspicious of were he always headed to almost every day.
but with summer slowly ending Ichiru had less and less time to come and see Yuki
His brother needed his strength and power to prepare the farm for winter time but Yuki always the gentle soul that she was understood his explanation never frowning or being mad about it.

But then in late october something awful happend Ichiru had just helped Zero with feeding of the cows that now stood inside the barn next to their horses they had found their mother on the ground unconscious and nursing a high fever both boys frightened with the sight of their sick mother on the ground.

Zero took her in his arms right away which was easy since his mother was very slender build and brought her to her bedroom while Ichiru brought more blankets to keep his mother warm.

After some time the fever went down a bit and that made Zero decide to go into town to buy medicine now that he thought that it was save enough to led his brother alone with their mother for a bit.

(Zeros pov)

It really scared me when i found our mother on the ground but when me and Ichiru stayed with her for a couple of hours she went a bit better but still is not waking up thats what making me go into town.
I watch my younger brother sit at mothers side holding one of her hands in his own and looking very distraught he does not even look up when i close the door behind me and walk in a quick pace to the stables to get Lilly to take me to town.

The horse feels something is wrong when i am not really given her the attention she always gets from me but i cant really get myself to relax myself.

Soon me and my mare are on our way to get the medicine mother needs.
happy that the weather was working with me the sun was shining and not one cloud was there to see at all.

Soon Lilly goes into a quick gallop and brings me into town.
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Luckily riding into town never took long for me to get into town soon enough i had arrived into the city.
Binding Lilly to a fence i left my horse to walk in a quick pace into the streets on my way to the medicine shop a small shop at the corner of the street that ran close to the center of the city itself.


(Ichirus pov)

Mother finally opened her eyes after Zero had been gone for a long while now
she gave me a weak smile and sat up a little bit more straighter.
''Ichiru can i get some water please'' she asks me softly and i directly jump up from the bed and run to the kitchen to get it for her.

Pouring the water into a glass i walk slowly back to the bed room were mother lay and give it into her hands that felt cool to the touch not warm like they normally were.

It worries me greatly to see our mother this weak and ill and hope Zero is back soon with the medicine.

(Zeros pov)

Stepping inside the medicine shop a elder lady stood behind a large oak wood desk a strict expression on her face her hair in a tied pony tail as she was watching me come inside.

Stopping before the desk i looked at the elder woman and opened my mouth to ask for medicine.

''Good day young sir what can i do for you on this fine day?''
the grey haired woman says and a half smile appears on her face when she was done talking.

''Good morning miss i would like to buy some medicine for my sick mother.''

''Certainly young sir one moment please''

I give a short nod and the elder lady disappeared into a room close to the desk.

I turn my head and glance outside thinking about mom and if Ichiru was handling it without me.

When she returned with the medicine i thank her kindly and step outside onto the street again while clutching the bag with the medicine tightly to my body dont want it to fall or get lost.

And walk in a quick pace through the streets.

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Not really caring about anything or anyone not even when he burst into a young girl that so happened to be his twin brothers Ichirus friend but since Zero did not know any of that did not recognise the girl and marched on while still clutching the package with the medicine in his hand until he came to a halt before his white mare who gave a soft whinny as greeting.

Zero jumps in the saddle and makes his horse go in a fast canter.

Lilly does what her master wants and makes her legs go in a hard gallop.

Not even 20 minutes later he arrives at the door dismounts out of the saddle and without thinking about Lilly knocks on the door to have Ichiru open it directly. his face grave and sorrowful.

Zero gives his brothers hand a quick squeeze before walking past him and into their mothers room

''Mother how are you doing?'' i say softy as i replace the clothe from her forehead to replace it with another with a new one..

She looks at me and i can see how far the disease is taking over her body all ready.
''Zero my dear boy did you brought me some medicine like Ichiru told you you would do?''
she asks me in a whisper like voice and i give a firm nod.

''I did mom please get better we need you'' i say and grab her hand to hold it in my own shocked by the cold temperature her skin feels to my touch.

Ichiru appears beside me then with a cup of tea with the medicine in it and hands it over to our mother.

She drinks it all and sets it down on the night stand to let her head fall back on the pillows again and closes her eyes not even one minute after taking the medicine.

My eyes cross Ichirus and i look down at the ground feeling very sad and desperate hoping the medicine would help mother get better again.

until suddenly Socks who lay asleep near the kitchen window stood back up her feet to bark loudly at the window.

I look up and together me and Ichiru run outside to see what got Socks to be this alert all of a sudden.
To find a young dark haired girl clothed in a wealthy dress and barefooted to find looking out of the window.

I see Ichirus walk towards the girl to hold out his hand to her which makes me very confused

''Brother who is this?'' i ask and follow Ichiru to the girl.

He looks up at me again and sighs. ''Zero meet Yuki. Yuki meet Zero my older brother''

''Yuki?'' you mean the majors daughter?' are you friends with the majors daughter Ichiru i am shocked.

But Ichiru is no longer paying attention to me but more to the girl that had grabbed his hand now and looks very sad and confused.

(Ichirus pov)

"Yuki-chan what are you doing here did i not tell you to never follow me here'' i say while trying to hie my grin glad to see my Yuki again after so long.

''Come lets get you inside then you can me and Zero everything''

Looking over at my twin brother who still looks very confused nods his head and starts to walk back towards the house.

I take Yukis hand and open the door to lead her inside and stop before the sofa near the kitchen.

''Ok Yuki-chan you can tell us now but please talk softly our mother is very ill and needs her sleep
and give her a half smile not really feeling like smiling now with mother this sick.
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(Ichirus pov)

I know after saying that Yuki would started crying but what could i do other then telling her the whole true now that she was here inside my home i felt i needed to be fair to Yuki she was after all my dearest friend next to my elder brother of course.

Who was at mothers bed side again holding her hand in his and trying his hardest to stay strong while having Yuki here with us now.

''Come here you'' i say softly as i develop here in a tight hug.
''If you can do anything to help my mother get better Yuki-chan please tell me because i dont think the medicine Zero bought can do anything for her now'' and sigh unhappily really dont see any other way then ask my dear friend for help.

I watch her look at my brother before drying her eyes and looks back at me with a confident expression upon her face and spoke once more..

“Ichiru, please take me home… I… have a family doctor, he is well known… He might be able to help
And do not worry about paying… It is a friendly deed.”

I look at her with surprise to be seen in my eyes when she was done talking
and nod my head sure i take you but first lets call Zero here he needs to know of your plan Yuki-chan

Walking back to the bedroom were Zero was now seated on the bed and looks back at me his eyebrows raised when looking at me.

''Ichiru why did you not told me you were befriend with Yuki Kuran you know its unheard of to be seen with mear farmer boys such as our selves for a girl her standards i hope you told her that before telling her anyhthing about your self right brother?''

I sigh deeply and shake my head.
''Zero you dont understand Yuki-chan and i are really good friends she can be herself when she is with me and i really like her company i am sorry for keeping it as a secret but brother there really is no need for any of this arguments please save them for later Yuki-chan just offered me to take her home to ask her family doctor to look at mother and i agreed to it and i want you to do the same''

and look at him with confident eyes ready for anything he might say to make me change my mind but he did not and just sigh unhappily.

''Ok Ichiru take Yuki Kuran back but please make it quick i dont know how much longer mom is going to keep this up she needs help real quick.

Relief washes over me when Zero agreed to my plan and i quickly rush back to Yukis side.

''Yuki-chan come on Zero agreed we better go.

Taking her hand i dash out of the room and rush towards the stables.

Arriving there i only make Rose wear her bridle before i jump on her back while holding my hand out towards my dear friend/

''Take my hand Yuki-chan'' i call out and feel Rose dance underneath me ready to race away.

Soon we are riding out of the stables and on our way back to the city.
I feel Yukis arms holding me tight and notice her heart beats very fast. this is probably the first time of her experiences something like this and i hope it be the last time i want mother to make it and while think about that a fire awakes deep inside of me thats given me the strength to push Rose to the fullest.

The horse submits herself to me and goes even faster faster then she ever did.

Not before long we arriving in the city and i turn the right corner that leads to the biggest house in the street the Majors house.

but this were no fields this time but loud cars and many more people than i was used to see near the farm Roses ears twitch and turn but she knows i need her know and gallops on.

When we finally arrive at the Majors house i turn my head and look at Yuki.

''Ok here we are please try to get your parents to listen ok yuki-chan''
jumo from my horse back and held out my hand to make her dismount as well.
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The minute Yuki opened the door her mother came running down the steps
and looked at me with detest in her eyes i was not in the least impressed and just raised my eyebrows at her while my thoughts were with my deathly ill mother more then with the sight before me now.

I waited standing close to Rose and petted her slowly on her shoulder and manes
while listening to Yukis efforts to get a doctor to come to our farm.

But just when she thought she had to ask for my help as support her mother gave in and said in a whisper like voice

''All right''

and had her eyes on me the moment she said it.

I was surprised that Yuki managed to get her mother to agree to it but also very relieved at the same time.

Taking a step forwards i came face to face with her mom and had to admit she was a very pretty lady all ready thinking what Yuki would look like when she was older but i quickly tossed that thought away and cleared my voice.

''Thats simple to explain. i live behind the biggest corn field right behind the corner of the old apple orchard its in the country side near the city do you think that is possible to go there Mrs Kuran? ''

and glance at Yuki and feel les tense when seeing her smile back at me probably thinking it will all be all rigth now. ohh how i wish it would.

I waited impatiently tapping my feet while Yuki went to get her horse but the part of her big brother coming along was not really to my liking i never really liked this Majors eldest son and seeing him in rigth before me did not made me like him more.

After everyone had gone back inside i mounted Rose again the mare was all sweaty and looked tired but after given her a kiss on her mouth and cuddled with her manes she pushed her head in my hands and that made be believe she was ready to carry me a little more further.

I waited at the end of the road and not before long Yuki and her brother Kaname came on their magnificent horses to follow me to my farm.

Rose shakes her head when seeing the two large black horses and i nod my head.
''Dont worry girl you always be my number one'' She whinnies softly as if she wanted to say thank you.

END Chapter 6

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:28 pm


(Zeros pov)

While Ichiru was gone again i still was very shocked with this revelation of Yuki and Ichiru being befriend
but i should have known the moment he had started to act this strange and way to happy for his doing
but Zero could not really blame his twin brother for finding a liking to this petit girl. not that he knew Yuki Kuran they had never met before and then out of the blue she was here on his farm of all places to meet the Majors daughter it had to be on this very place.

But a loud knock on the door made him come back to reality rather roughly all ready thinking his brother had returned but that wasnt possible since he had left not even twenty minutes ago when looking at the clock.

Given his mother one last glance he turned around to open the door.
to find the towns doctor at his footstep very out of breath and sweat was to be seen on the man's brow

''Good day young sir i am the towns doctor dr. freiberg. i got a message from the Majors wife Mrs Kuran to come and take a look at your sick mother. can i come inside to see what i can do for her please?''

Zero was amazed little Yuki had managed to convince her parents to get a doctor coming and steps aside to led the doctor come inside.

''Welcome doctor come inside i lead you to my mothers room.
The doctor gave a nod and follows the silver haired youth to his mothers bedroom.

(Ichiru's pov)

I rode like a mad man leaning forwards almost into Rose mean pushing her as hard as i could and was not really paying much attention if Yuki and her brother were still following me all i could think about my mother and if the doctor had managed to get to the farm all ready.

When we finally arrived i dismounted from Roses back and led her stand before the door knowing she would not walk away.

Nodding at Yuki i opened the door for the three of us

To finding the room empty quickly i run to the bedroom and saw Zeros face as white as a ghost when looking at the man clad in black almost as if he just got very bad news and i was almost to afraid to ask before Zeros stirred when he saw me.

He looks very very unhappy and before i know it he is standing next to me hugging me tight while tears are about to fall down from his cheeks.

I hold him while looking at my mom and gasp in shock she had worsen even more when we were gone

The doctor shakes his head and looks as if he had done something that could never be forgiven.

I embrace my brother and let go when i see Yuki and her brother come inside the room.

''Is there anything you can do for her doctor?'' i say and notice my voice is very broken.

The doctor looks very grave but nods his head first of all she needs to be remove out of this house and needs to be placed somewere warm were she can be watched every minute of the day.

I look at Yuki and her elder brother and hope she can offer my mother such a place.
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The moment Yukis elder brother said that it would be no problem i almost felt like hugging him but of course i didn't that would seem very silly to have to guys hugging just like that instead i focused my attention back to Yuki and embraced her instead while looking back at her elder brother my facial expression full of gratitude for helping us.

''Thank you Kuran-san'' i say softly and walk back to my brother who was looking very surprised by Kanames offer but gave me a half smile when feeling my hand on his shoulder.

We both look at Kaname and the doctor then.

''How are we going to get our mother to your house Yuki-chan i ask and await her answer.

Kaname answered instead of Yuki.

“Under these circumstances I would suggest ordering a carriage, but I think it will take too long for it to arrive.” He looked at the doctor. “Dr. Freiberg, you might have enough room in the back of your car to transport her to our mansion?”

He scratched the three-day beard at his chin in thought. “Hmm… That should be no problem, considering how large the seat in the back is…” He gave Ichiru and Zero’s mother a measuring look. “Someone would need to sit in the back with her, of course.”

I shared one more look with my brother and he gave me a soft nod before i went to answer the doctor.

''Zero will sit at the back with mother i stay behind to let my horse rest for a bit and follow as soon as my mare is ready to travel again i mean someone has to stay behind to take care of the farm''.

Zero gives me a warm understanding smile and i can see in his eyes how grateful he is of me to take the responsibilities for once.

And i share a look with Kaname and the doctor and wait for their orders of how we are going to carry mom over to the car.

I watch patiently out of the window to see Zero and the doctor carry mother to the car and feel very unhappy and unable to laugh or even crack a joke i normally am so good in doing.

When Zero had stepped inside the car and mother is savely inside as well I hear footsteps and notice Yuki is still inside the room.

Clasping her hands into mine she looks up at me with her dark brown eyes and says my name softly.
''Ichiru. “Is there anything I can do for you? “I could help you at the farm… or I could take you with me to my home.”

I smile when seeing her innocent expression to be seen in her eyes and know she means every word.

Squeezing her hand i nod my head.

''I still need to feed the sheep cows and Lilly and Rose. its way past in the afternoon all ready and because of mother being this sick neither me or Zero had any time to feed them yet. and grin slightly.
''Do you think you are up for the job Yuki-chan?'' and ruffle her hair a little roughly. awaiting her answer.
Not that i all ready know what she will say i jsut wanted to hear her say it with her own words.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:17 am

“Of course! You don’t even need to ask!” She said gently.

I let her take my hand away from her head and watches her ran her thumb over my knuckles but when she started to kiss my fingertip my eyes widened and felt my cheeks heat up a little.
when she brought my hand to her cheek.

“You know I’d do anything to help you, Ichiru.”
She says as i look into her reddish brown eyes. and for a couple of minutes i have no idea what to say or do other then just stay perfectly still and enjoy the moment we share together right now.

Until Socks appears whining and looking at me with her dark brown dog eyes pleading for me to feed her
and the moment is broken as i stirr blink and look down at the the black and white sheep dog at my feet.

''I know girl you get your dinner rigth now'' the dog barks loud and whips with her tail madly while running back to the kitchen while turning her head a lot of times just to make sure i am following her.

Looking back at Yuki i smile. ''Lets get to work then Yuki-chan''

and start to make my way to the kitchen.

While Yuki was talking to her elder brother i made myself busy with feeding socks who hungrily attacks her food the minute i place her plate on the ground. and look up to see Yuki come inside the kitchen a questioned look on her face as if she wanted me to tell her what she could do.

''Ahh Yuki-chan done talking with your big brother then?'' I say a little teasing while washing my hands after putting the food of my dog away again.

She nods her head and walks inside the kitchen.

''There is nothing more to be done in here come follow me'' i then look at her feet still wearing now shoes and grin a little before shaking my head at her air headed behaviour.

''Yuki-chan better borrow my moms shoes before going out what you think better idea right?''

And walk to the front door kneel down on the ground and grab my mothers shoes from the ground and carry them back to were Yuki was standing.

''Thank you'' she says and stands there just staring at me not knowing to just slip them on or wait for me to say something.

I walk closer and push the shoes in her hands.
''Here you go just slip them on and you done''

She does what i said her to do and i open the front door with Socks right behind me barking hard glad to be back out side again.

looking at Yuki i think it to be very weird to have a wealthy little lady on my farm helping with the work that a lady her status would normally never do and it made me very amused by the thought all ready.

''Yukic-ah follow me to the sheep barn. that is a job just for you i believe. they are calm and sweet and wont fight over their food like Rose and Lilly do if you wont separate them before given them their food''
I say and laugh out loud.

She nods her head happily probably excited to see all of these new things she never saw before.

I open the large door to the barn were ten sheep turn their head curiously to see who disturbed their rest.

And grab the handle of a small wagon that all ready was full with the food the sheep's like best it would keep them healthy and strong.

''Its simple Yuki-chan just fill all the small feed buckets at corner of the boxes completely with grains and you be done''

''You think you be able to do that while i feed the horses and cows ?''

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:46 am

Her cheery ''Sure makes me believe she be fine but still waited a bit at the door in case she needed my help after all.

But when she waves at me signalising she be fine i chuckles softly and leave the barn.
walking to Rose and Lilly i visited the little barn attached to the house to grab bix and two blocks of hay for both horses. with the hay in one hand and the bix on a small wagon i went to the horse and cow stable.

The horse stables were located at the back of the barn and the cows were at the beginning of the barn.

I open the doors and only the horses look up at me with ears turned my way Rose was whinnying slightly and Lllly was shaking her head impatiently.

Not impressed with their behaviour at all i fill their feed baskets with the bix and put the hay on the ground before closing their doors again.

The cow food was inside the barn it was a big box with a grains in it only the grains of the cows were more bigger then that of the sheep they were bigger after all and needed more to stay well.

When i was all finished and the only sound i hear was the sound of the animals eating i step outside the barn but dont lock the door i still need Rose to get back to mothers and Zeros side very soon.

I frown and cant stop worrying hoping mother will make it through.

I turn back to the sheep and grin brightly when seeing Yuki standing there. her appearance had changed completely. Her hair was in a high pony tail and her cheeks were all flushed.

She really looks very adorable and cute standing there its making me wish to see this sight every day but i know it would never be, she was the Majors daughter and i was nothing but a poor farm boy.

Still it could not spoil my mood thinking she was my friend and that was more then enough for me now.

''Yuki-chan all ready then?'' i say trying not to laugh and step towards the dark brown haired girl.

She looks at me disbelieve to be read on her face and it makes me grin.

Was that it now…?

“Is there more to do…? Or should we head to my house…?”
She asks and i shake my head in a no.

''That was the most important part i like to go see mother now come lets go''
and knowing she would follow me i walk back to the cow and horse barn to get Rose to take me back to the Majors house.

By the time i arrive there Rose has all ready eaten everything in her feed basket and looks up to see me enter the stables again. only this time i grabbed the saddle from the saddle chair pushed open the door of the stable and quickly placed it on her back.

''Sorry girl but you need to make one last ride after that you can rest for as long as you want i promise you'' The chestnuts horse lowers her head to the ground and makes soft sounds with her nose it makes me believe she has accepted my apology.

I place the bridle on her head and with the reins in my hand go back to Yuki ,who was waiting at the end of the road,seated on her own horse.

Mounting my horse i swiftly ride towards my friend and nod my head to tell her i was ready.
My expression grave i hope for the best.


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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:59 am


We rude over small paths over fields until we arrive into the small forest we had to cross to get to the forest but i really did not felt like taking in my surroundings at all.

i kept staring ahead my shoulders low and my expression grave, i notice Yuki is trying to make me feel better but not even her soft and caring nature could do anything for me now so i turned my head away and hold the reins of my horse a little tighter.

We got into a slow trot until we arrived into the city.
It was all ready pretty dark but i knew my way in the city like the back of my hand even in the dark so it was really no problem at all.

I keep silent as i ride besides my friend and only when we arrive at the majors house did i speak again.

''I am sorry Yuki-chan for being this silent the whole way but i just cant seem to stop thinking about my mom'' and try to smile but all i can manage is a small half smile as i dismount from Roses back and wait for her to lead me into the house.

“It is alright, Ichiru… I know what’s on your mind.” she responses back while given me a comforting smile.

I follow her towards a large field were we leave the horses and wait for Yuki near the paddock while she puts away the saddles and bridles.

Not really surprised anymore with the amounts of space they have here though space we at the farm have enough as well its making Rose happy to finally be able to rest and lets herself fall to her knees and just lays there looking at me.

When Yuki returns i follow her inside and without even greeting any of her parents run inside in search for my mother and twin brother Zero. but the house was so big that i quickly got lost until i saw my elder brother come out of the farthest room inside of the house. i run to him and embrace him tight while looking at him and see he has a little bit more lighter expression on his face it did not seem he had cried anymore it was given me hope mother migth be ok after all.

He returns the hug and kisses me softy on the cheek before letting me go again and urges me to follow him inside the room. i follow him directly and together we step inside a large bedroom with white walls a huge window a middle sized closet and a bed stand with a small lamp on it that was turned on shinning on our mothers face.

''Mother'' i say eagerly and rush to her side eminently.
She heaves her head from the pillow and looks at me with tears in her eyes.

''Ichiru my son come here'' she says weakly. ''I am glad to finally see my other son were did you go?''
I sit down on the bed near her head and remove a stray her away from her face and smile softly.

''It doesnt matter now i am here mother you are going to be just fine dont worry Yuki-chans doctor will help you i know he will''

But mother goes silent then and i look up at Zero for answers but my older brother just shakes his head while given me a grave smile and i know this is very wrong when brother acts like this its never a good thing.

its making me panic as i look from mother to Zeros eyes and shake my head.
''Dont tell me you cant be cured mother please i cant bear to lose you not now not ever please dont say it please dont'' and i feel tears burn in my eyes ready to fall down my face.

Mother grabs my hand then and i feel how cold they all ready are and know its true.
''Ichiru my darling boy i love you so much i love both my boys jsut the same and wished your father was here now to take care of you when i am gone but i am afraid you have to be strong and keep the farm going can you both promise me that Zero Ichiru?''

A firm nod of both me and Zero is all she needs to smile at us warmly and to take a long and painful breath.

Zero goes to sit down besides me while holding his arms on my shoulder holding me tight
he is crying and i cant stop my tears either when seeing my older brother cry and together we sit at our mothers bed side like two little boys that are unable to let go of their mothers hand.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:34 pm

I let mother stroke my head and just enjoy her touching my hair in the gentle way that only my mama could. while tears stream down my cheeks. i cant believe she be gone soon. its so hard to let her go and no longer be able to hear her laugh, or be angry at me when i tried one of my latest tricks on her again to steal the cookies she just made. Its making me realise that when she is gone me and Zero are really all on our own i just we be able to holding on.

Mothers fingers stop stroking our heads and she falls into a deep sleep only then i dare to move my head and turn it into the door opening were to my surprise Yuki was standing and it looks like she had been cryin as well. i knew it might be hard for this small girl who was even younger then me and Zero she was at a age that she should never even experience something like this but it came on her path its not my fault for making her see this.

''Yukic-chan'' i say in a broken voice and urge her towards me.
''Please dont cry Yuki-chan i want to see you smile.smile for us show me that gorgeous smile you have''
and give her a broken smile.

I saw she had trouble with doing what i asked her to do but after a couple of seconds she shows us her smile and it really warmed my heart to have her smile at us.

and when we hear a dog bark she opens her mouth again to talk.

“Uhm… You should let your mother rest in peace— Uhm. Sleep for a while now… Why don’t we eat a bit…?” I she stammers.

“Eh… You mustn’t eat of course… If that is what you want. I can let Akane bring you something later…?”

I wanted to answer back when Zero shakes his head and looks her way.
''Thats very kind of you Yuki-sama we will join your family for dinner but only for a little while. We want to stay at our mothers side for as long as she needs us'' and looks my way to make me agree as well.
I was glad brother wants to eat with Yuki-chan and her family, but i wonder if its such a good idea to accept her invitation but since Zero thinks it is i nod my head and smile at Yuki.

I stand up from the ground and follow Yuki to the dinning room, with Zero close behind me.

Once we arrived in the dinnint room i look around with huge eyes the whole room was so huge the dinning table was so large and the table cloth seemed like it was made of the finest material it was even shinning i turn my head to watch my brothers reaction and he was looking around in amazement as well.

“Ichiru-kun, Zero-kun! Sit down, please. Wherever you like, of course.”
Yuki said with a smile and it made me step out of my dazed state and so did Zero.

I sit down at the table rigth besides Yukis mother and smile a little awkward back at her clearly feeling not all that comfortable but i am doing this for Yuki she wants us too feel a little bit better so i try my best to feel less tense and hope neither me or Zero is going to make a fool out of our selves i mean so many spoons knifes were to start?

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(Zeros pov)

The minute i walked inside the dinning room i felt like i did not belong in a place as wealthy as this but with mother being here badly sick i really had no choice but to get along with my brothers friend the majors daughter of all people it still surprises me that my own twin brother could befriend the gentle and small Yuki but now i am happy he did what he did if not for their friendship mother would have died far sooner.

While Ichiru all ready sat down near Yukis mother i still stood there rather awkwardly staring at the table not really having the courage to just sit down like Ichiru had if not for Yukis signs to sit down besides her i might have been standing there for much longer.

I sit down and glance at my brother who gives me a nervous smile back.
The major and his wife started talking and dinner got served by two maids which was very strange to be served when at home mother always had dinner on the table when we were done with the work on the farm.

I glance at the many silverware. two spoons two forks and two knifes and notice my twin was just as lost as i was until Yuki saw our hopeless looks at the table and decides to help us by brushes with her leg against mine to get my attention.

“You always eat from outside to the inside…” I mumbled under my breath. “If you have problems, just watch me.

I look at her surpeised and she gives me a wink and grabbed her serviette to fold it neatly on her lap making sure we were both watching us by glancing from me to Ichiru the whole time while doing it.

I followed her example and Ichiru did as well and not before long we understood what she meant.

And had my own serviette on my lap and look back at my plate smelling the food and was glad i accepted Yukis offer i was hungry after all.

Trying to stop thinking about mother to much i grabbed my fork and knife and starts to eat slowly.

Ichiru followed my example and starts to stuff himself, probably even more hungry then me but that wasnt strange he and Yuki had travelled far from the farm all the way to the mansion again.

After dinner me and my twin were taken to separated bathrooms. I watch Ichiru go in a room right next to me and knowing he was close by made me go inside as well. he gave me one last glance and smiles at me with a warm glance in his eyes and disappears inside the room and know Ichiru will make it through he might need my support a lot in the time to come but i be sure to give him all the support i can offer him.

Stepping inside the bathroom i am amazed once again by the luxury this room has. fluffy looking towels lay ready for me to use even clean pijamas that by looking at it might even be in my size lay on a small white wooden table together with a light grey robe to put on after the bath.

The bath itself was middle sized but it looked like two even three people could bath in it. it was that big.

It was all ready filled with warm water and very inviting to just step inside and relax my tense and tired muscles after glancing at it for a couple seconds i made up my mind and bath for a little while and after that rigth back to mothers room to see how she was doing.

Slowly i step inside the bath and sit down inside the warm water. the moment my skin comes in contact with the water i feel myself relax bit by bit. i cleans myself and throw water over my hair and when i am all done i quickly dry my body dress in the dark blue pyjamas and pull the robe tight round my body and swiftly leave the room to meet up with my twin along the way his hair still wet which doesn't surprise me Ichiru never thought it necessary to dry his hair always saying it being to troublesome no matter how many times me and mother scowled him for it he never listens.

''Brother?'' he says in a soft voice and grabs my hand to hug me tight.
''How are you doing Zero-ni?'' he says as he hugs me still.

''I am trying my best to be strong for mothers sake and for yours Ichiru but its so hard''
I admit and feel him tense up a little before he relax again and turns his head to face mine.
''No one says you always need to be strong brother even you need to let it go once in awhile let it be now and let me be the one you can lean on Zero''

and i see confidence in his lilac eyes and know he is right.

''You're right Ichiru i am glad i still have you'' and tighten the hug to let go after a while and we both walk back to mothers room in silence.

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(Ichirus pov)

I notice brother is having a hard time with mother being ill and tries to carry all the weigth on his own shoulders i just hope my words gave him some rest and did not made him think he has to do his best even more now to keep us happy.

I open the door and see mother even more pale then after we left to have dinner with Yuki-chans parents and it made me rush over to mothers side directly.

I hear footsteps behind me and know Zero follows me.
Kneeling down on the ground besides the bed i grab mothers hand again and squeeze it softly
she looks up at me and coughs slightly.

''I am glad you are awake mother'' i say finding it painful to watch her looking like this. in this weaken state.

She gives me a painful smile and nods her head.
''Will you and Zero stay with me tonight i want to die with my boys at my side''
she says with tears springing to her eyes the minute she is done talking.
i nod my head firmly an Zero kneels down besides me to nod his head as well.

''We will mother we will stay by your side for as long as you need us''
Zero says blinking away his own tears while trying to look strong.

Mother smiles warmly at the bot of us and closes her eyes again. trying to rest to avoid the pain she was feeling.

We just stay by her side and the room grew silent when neiher me or my big brother was able to come up with a conversation to talk about in this grim hour. we just listen to mothers heartbeat thats very uneven all ready its making us known she will leave us very soon.
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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:23 pm

That night neither me or my brother got much sleep we both watch like two guard dogs how mother is sleeping and i dont know what happend but before i realised i had fallen fast asleep my head near mothers arm and my position knelt down on the ground.

That when Zero woke me up the next day i felt like i could not even stand up on my own feet. brother saying it being my own fault for falling asleep like that and why i just had not followed his example and had seated myself in one of the armchairs instead i just shrugged it of and had focused myself on mother.

This very moment she is is just trying her best to breath but i know what a struggle it is for her i can see it on her face. pale and lifeless eyes staring back at me it makes me very aware of how close she is is to death all ready.

I comb through my hair and push it out of my face finding it annoying of how long it is getting thinking about maybe better pulling it in a pony tail but thats not really important now.

''Mother can you still here me?'' i call out to her but after i dont get any response i start to panic and glance over at my brother who was watching me and rushed over to my side rigth away.

but to our relief she opens her eyes a little urging us closer.
We do and are almost touching her face so close that we are.
With all her strenght she kisses us both on our cheek and falls back on the pillow then closing her eyes again. one last whisper is all we hear ''Goodbye my dearest boys'' and when we listen for a heartbeat we cant hear anything and know we are truly alone she is gone and will never come back.

Tears spring to my eyes and my twin brother is crying just the same
I jump in his arms and he holds me tight while running a finger through my hair slowly.

''She is gone brother she really is gone'' I sob and feel tears slide of my cheeks and fall on the sheds.
Zero nods his head. ''Be stronger Ichiru jsut be strong we will get through do it for mother''

''I try but i dont think i can'' i say in between crying.
He does not response but just holds me close knowing its what we both need now
nothing but each other to find comfort in.

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I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)
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