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 I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:31 am

We did not even notice Yukis parents the maids Yuki and her elder brother had come to the room we were to lost in our own grief for the lost of our mother that when Yuki came to embrace us i tried to push her away at first but she kept resisting until we gave in and held her close besides us crying all together.

after some time i feel like i could not cry anymore and look up at the crying girl besides me.
blinking away my own tears i try to speak but no words came out only more sobs and i gave up right away.
and kept on holding tight to my brother and to Yuki-chan for as long as i can.

When Yuki led us away from our mother i got one last glance at mother before we walk out of the door
i keep silent i had no energy left to talk or do anything but just stare ahead of me and nothing more.

We sat down on the sofa near the fire place but the room did nothing to me. i feel numb inside numb and empty. i never felt so empty inside as i felt now. it was so wrong to lose your mother at the age of 15. why did mother had to die. why?''

Until Yukis soft voice got me to look at her again and blinking away my own tears i move closer to were she was seated and shook my head.

''Its not your fault Yuki-chan please dont apologies for something you could not prevent from happening''
i say with a very grave tone to my voice.

Zero nods his head and joins in. ''Ichiru is right we are grateful for the help you gave to our mother. you did all you could to help her but it just wasnt enough. now we have to try to overcome and move on no matter how hard it might get we really have no other choice''

I listen to my brothers grave voice and i became so full of grief that i really could not stand it anymore
i had to get out.

without looking at my brother or Yuki i dash out of the room run to my guest room dress myself quickly and run out of the door to slide down to my knees besides Rose who had came galloping towards the fence the minute she saw me.

Leaning with my head against the wooden fence i feel Rose warm breath in my neck and know she is there to keep me company. She brushes her head on my head and tugs at my hair but i let her have her way nothing really matters to me now nothing at all.

Taking a deep breath i try to get my mind of everything that had been happening this past hours.
While Rose remains at my side.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:40 am

(Zeros pov)

I knew it was bout to happen for Ichiru to just run off and find peach else were probably with Rose
i held Yuki back when she was about to run after him and shook my head slowly.
She obeyed and i saw how much in pain she was as well.

I give her a warm smile and make us both sit down again.

''Dont worry Yuki-sama he be all right he is just taking it harder then all of us.
He and mother never got along very well but that did'nt mean he did not loved her. he just loved to tease her and mother did not mind his teasing she knew that if things went wrong i was always there to make him stop it.''

I take a deep breath and run a hand through my ruffled uncombed hair.

''I just really like to go home soon. is there a chance that i be able to talk to your father about mothers funeral Yuki-sama?''

I asks her still trying my best to not break down as well just like brother did. i could not do that not now.
i had to act strong. make everyone believe we would make it through.

Trying to not start crying again she lay a hand on my shoulder she spoke again.

"I will talk to my father, Zero-kun. I am sure we will able to arrange something, don't worry, alright?"
and stood up from the sofa then and forced a smile to appear on her face.

"Is there anything else you need?"

Tea would be nice thank you'' I say give her a slight smile.

(Ichiru's pov)

I knew it was a childish act of me to just run away like that i knew that but still its so hard to bear to have lost mother completely. i never got along with her well but i now that she is gone i realise how much i truly loved her.

I sigh deeply and not before long i have broken down again.
tears stream down my eyes as i am knelt down on the grass while Rose whinnies loudly not understanding why i am behaving like this.

But i could not help it it was just too much for me right now.
I hope brother is going to arrange everything with Yuki-chans father because i long to be home now
to lay in my own bed and never come out again.
Though i doubt brother will even allow me to do that.

a broken smile appears on my lips as i think about that.
i dry my cheek with the sleeves of my shirt and get back on my feet again to make Rose calm again.

''Shh girl i am ok now dont worry'' i whisper in her ears and she watches me with her big brown eyes
ears turned my way to hear my voice.

The chestnut horse calms down when i tell her i am fine again. lowers her mighty head to the ground and starts to eat grass again.

I look up at the sky and sight once more. pocketing my hands in my jeans i walk back inside again.

Walking slowly i walk back to the guest room.
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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:21 am

I walk through the hallway and notice its strangely silent. no one seemed to be working right now
and it makes me think its probably because mom just died. and i am glad Yuki-chans parents think about me and my brother doing this.

I open the door to hear my brother say to Yuki that he wanted to have tea and it makes me raise my eyebrows thinking it be to strange since brother never drinks tea always coffee. but maybe he thought it to much trouble for my Yukic-chan and i smile as i approach the dark haired little girl and take her in my arms.

''Yuki-chan'' i say softly as i smell her hair and hold her tight in my arms.
''I am sorry for leaving you both i just needed some time alone but now all i really want is to have you with me you and brother is all i really need''

when she hugs me tight and says she will be here for me always i cant stop smiling and feel happy again
knowing that with those two at my side everything that will comes my way together we will see it through.

my brother is watching us with a warm smile on his lips and makes me believe he accepts Yuki in our lives from now on.

I gently release Yuki out of my arms and go to sit down next to my brother again looking still at Yuki.
''Yuki-chan will you ask your father to help us getting back home now please''
i ask her gently and await her answer.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)   

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I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Brenda's Version)
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