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 I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Yuli's version)

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PostSubject: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Yuli's version)   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:04 pm

Okkies~ I'm posting my parts of the chapters I'm writing with Brenda here. ^^
Her parts can be found here
I've just recently gotten back into writing AND VK, so don't be too harsh if there are mistakes or if the characters aren't acting the way they do...
Have fun reading!


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PostSubject: Chapter 1   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:07 pm

C H A P T E R 1

Yuuki Kuran, daughter of Juuri Kuran and Haruka Kuran, the major of Ceram, sat straight in her canopy bed, running her fingers over the silky fur of her pet dog. Unlike her, the German Shepard was still sound asleep, slightly snoring under his paw. She admired him for that because lately she was being restless at night. She could never stop thinking about the dream she seems to be having recently. A dream, in which she kept running through her city, Ceram. Always running, running— along the never-ending streets and alleys. And every time she wondered what it meant and what awaited her when she finally reached her goal.

Birds chirped cheerfully beneath her window, announcing the beginning of a new day. Soon her maid, Akane, would come to wake her. Then she would her help her dress and afterwards accompany her to the dining room where her mother would await her for breakfast. Her father wouldn’t be there because he ate earlier and went to work in his office straight afterwards. Every day the same thing over and over again. Sometimes she had the feeling that she was missing something in her life. That there was more for her to do and more for her to live for. But the only life she knew now was the life of a major’s daughter. She had to be at good behavior whenever she was outside of her house. Yuuki was the last one who wanted to embarrass her father with any strange actions.

A soft knock on her wooden door caught the attention of the young girl. “Yuuki, dear?”

She was taken by surprise. Her mother? Usually her maid came to wake her. Why was her mother here? Yuuki knew that she loved to help around the house and a bit disappointed when the maids didn’t accept her help. After all, she was the Lady of the house. They were only doing what they were hired to do. Yuuki understood her well, she was only trying to chase away her boredom.

The door opened a creak and a curly dark brown-haired head peaked into the room. Reddish brown eyes glanced her way. She looked exactly like her mother, except her hair was straight. “Oh good! You are awake!” Light-footed, she walked over to her daughter’s bed and greeted her with a smile.

“Good morning! Did you sleep well, dear?” Juuri asked, while petting her head and placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Yes, fine, Mother. Good morning.” She didn’t want her to worry about the silly dreams she had and smiled instead. She still wondered why her mother was here in her maid’s place. “Uhm, where is Akane? Did something happen to her? Why have you—“

Juuri giggled slightly. “No nothing of that matter. Am I not permitted to wake my own daughter?”

“Of course you are!” Yuuki wrinkled her brows confused. “Is something wrong?”

“Not at all.” Her mother smiled secretly and put a finger to her lips. “Come on now, let us get you dressed so we can eat breakfast.”

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PostSubject: Chapter 1   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:08 pm

Yuuki nodded silently and got out of bed. Something was wrong. Her bare feet touched the soft carpet before her bed. The young girl petted her dog over the head. “Parfait, wake up.” His ear twitched just a little. “Parry,” she called lovingly. Juuri smiled at his name while walking to the curtains.

She thought about the time when Parfait had been introduced to his new family. Her daughter had decided to name him after her favorite food when her husband, Haruka, had first brought a dog into the household. It was because the little puppy had licked their child’s lips after she had eaten her dessert. He seemed to like the taste and that is how he had come to be known as Parfait.

The young woman pulled the long scarlet red curtains open. Bright sunrays leaked through the glass and flooded the bed chamber. Much like her mother did when she walked into a room, as if she were the very blaze of the sun. But compared to the sun, her mother’s loving rays didn’t sting her eyes and so Yuuki moaned and held the back of her hand in front of her eyes, shutting out the sun.

Again, Juuri laughed. “You are acting as if you were a vampire! You should be glad it that the sun is out.” She turned to her daughter before heading to her closet. “Sweetheart, what would you like to wear today?”

“It doesn’t matter Mother,” she said with a smile. “Whatever you like.”

“If that’s so then…” She grabbed a cloth and showed it to her. “This.” It was a maroon-colored dress with elbow-length sleeves in black. The dress was about knee-length and the ends were adorned with frills of a darker maroon shade. A simple black bow was tied around the middle of the dress. Her mother had bought this for her when they had gone shopping a while back. She had been so awed by it and insisted on buying it for her daughter. It had made Yuuki happy seeing her mother full of cheer. It always did. She grinned.


Finally, she got up and got undressed. When she took the dress from her mother and slipped into it Juuri tied the bow tightly around her waist. “There!” She grabbed a brush from the bureau next to the closet and ran it over Yuuki’s hair while pushing her down onto the small chair in front of it. It was long and silky soft as it cascaded down her back. Yuuki closed her eyes as she enjoyed the way the brush massaged her scalp and smoothly pulled at her hair.

Meanwhile Parry jumped from the bed and shook his fur. He stretched, opening his mouth widely as he yawned. Then he strolled to his owners and slumped down next to the bureau watching cautiously. He tilted his head a bit as if to ask ‘are you ready yet?’. Yuuki giggled and grabbed his ear pulling it lovingly.

“Mother, I think we should go now. Parry might want some food now—“

Her stomach growled loudly.

“—and I could use some myself.”

Her mother laughed. It was like a ring of bells. “Very well! Let’s get you two fed.”

Yuuki swung up from her chair and walked out of her room with her mother, being followed by Parfait. On their way to the dining room she was greeted by the other two maids in the household, Kyou and Ren.

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PostSubject: Chapter 1   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:10 pm

“Good morning, Miss.” They turned from dusting the pictures in the hall and bowed politely.

She smiled and greeted them back.

Parry barked in protest making the maids giggle. He felt left out. “Good morning to you too, Parfait.”

When they reached the dining room, Haruka was already seated at the head of the long decorated table. Akane welcomed them and set silver covered tablets onto the table that she was removing from a small table in a corner of the room, while the major was sipping a cup of coffee, reading a newspaper. When his two ladies entered the room he folded it and put it to the side. Yuuki was thrilled that he was here because of his hard work as a major he usually spent most of his time in his office, which made her sad. She wanted to spend as much time as possible with Haruka. Had she known that he would be here, she would have gotten out of bed much earlier. She ran up to where he was sitting and threw her arms around him.

“Good morning, Father!” she said with glee.

“Ah, good morning to you as well, Yuuki.” He returned the hug and kissed her temple. “You look beautiful as always, my princess.”

She enjoyed the warm embrace of her father. She had always felt protective in his arms. It was a feeling no one else was able to give her. Soon she pulled away and looked into Haruka’s face. He looked very handsome with the soft dark curls that framed his young face and the dark brown eyes that resembled her own so much. They were only slightly darker than her own. But you would only notice if you looked at them long and closely.

“Father, what are you doing here this morning? Do you not have to work?” Her eyes shined brightly.

“Not at the moment.” He smiled at his wife when she took the first seat to his right. His eyes averted back to Yuuki’s. “I am awaiting a dear old friend. He has come from far away.”

She raised her eyebrows. “From far away? How long will he stay?” She seemed to be excited. At least there would be some excitement in her dull life! She wondered how the stranger that was a friend of her father’s be.

“For quite some time, I suppose.” Haruka smiled with amusement. “That is, if you do not chase him away like your other tutors.”

Yuuki put on a face that made him laugh. “Don’t sulk! You did chase the last one away, did you not?”

“Father!” she protested. “I did not! Hayashi-sensei had no patience for me!” She crossed her arms and pouted. “And I did not like him at all.”

“I can understand that. But Kaien Cross is one of the most… interesting people I know. I only ask of you to go to your studies, would you do that for me?”

She unknotted her arms and let them hang down the sides of her body. “Kaien Cross, ne?” She strolled to her seat and sat down. Akane poured tea into the porcelain cup in front of Yuuki. As soon as the red colored tea was poured out a scent of fruit mixed with vanilla filled her nostrils. Juuri sipped on her own cup of coffee the maid had poured before Yuuki’s tea.

Haruka nodded. “We used to go hunting together.”

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PostSubject: Chapter 1   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:12 pm

The girl’s eyes lit up. Such a person would be her personal teacher! Quite interesting, just as her father had said. She was used to meeting teachers with a dull life. Such as studying and doing researches all the time. She hoped this new teacher, Kaien Cross, would shape the lessons into something more interesting.

“So then, Yuuki! Let us eat breakfast.” Juuri reached out for the covers of the silver tablets before Akane could. Everything smelled delicious. There was bread, lots of fruit and one plate was decorated with neat rolled up meat and cheese.

Yuuki reached her hand out for a slice of bread when her mother directed a task to her.

"And would you do me a favor and shop for a few items with Akane?" She winked. The daughter of the Kuran's smiled. She was always happy to go outside, even if it was just for an errand.

"Of course, Mother."

E N D O F C H A P T E R 1
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PostSubject: Author's Note   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:16 pm

Gah, Bren is always writing so fast I can't keep up xDDD *slowpoke* I wrote the first part in 3rd point of view before switching to Yuuki's POV.
Characters are too OOC.
And it's hard to write about characters that don't appear often xD *dies*

Have fun reading!

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:19 pm

C H A P T E R 2

This was so exciting!

She couldn't wait for her new tutor to arrive and every now and then she would ask her father when Kaien Cross would plan to visit. It was already noon when she ran into his office, a copy of his major's office in the city hall.

"Father, when is he coming?”

Haruka would then smile at her impatience, his head bent over a stack of paperwork. "In a while, Yuuki."

She pouted. That had been always been his ever-the-same answer.

"But he is coming today, right?"

"He will, yes."

Yuuki sighed heavily and walked to a dark teal-colored couch by the window, followed by her faithful friend, Parfait. Staring out of the window she had a great overview of their courtyard. One large path head straight to their mansion, there would be no way that she would miss the tutor when he came. Bushes of flowers were planted on its side, giving it a more welcome look. About a kilometer before her house, in a large oval of grass, stood a small building that resembled a temple of white marble. From her seat by the window she could see the petite fountain that rested in the middle of the temple. She liked being there. It was a nice place when she needed a moment to think. Then she would sit inside, down on the bench before the ivy-cladded columns, breathe out, count to three and let her mind wander. It always helped when her thoughts troubled her. Lately she had visited the little building quite often, trying to figure out her dream. But she had never come to a conclusion.

Again, she wondered how Kaien Cross would be. She had not met many friends of her father, nevertheless she was very, if not more excited than before. She wanted to know more about him. But when she had asked her father, he had only grinned and said that she should wait until Kaien arrived and then ask him herself. She didn't know what was worst. Her impatience or her excitement. Either way she had the urge to explode! There was only one way to get rid of that energy.

She jumped up from her place in a sudden burst, nearly startling Haruka. Instantly she apologized with a sheepish smile and excused herself. She wanted to go to the garden. Parfait pursued her happily with a wagging tail excited to see where exactly they would be going now. Yuuki hummed a tune she had picked up from one of her maids and passed through the halls. Soon she reached the living-room that opened to a large balcony and walked to it. She skipped down one of the staircases on its side, aiming her way through the garden flowers and sculptures of small columns with cupids. Juuri had insisted of placing them in them in the garden with reasoning them as sweet decoration. Her husband had let her do as she wished as the garden was her territory.

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:20 pm

Adjacent to her mother’s garden a large field reached the borders of a nearby forest. The field was framed with a wooden fence, securing the horses that grassed within it. The Kuran family owned four horses all together. A Spanish horse, Luz, which was a mare, belonged to her mother; an Appaloosa stallion named Lair and two Frisians. One belonged to her dear brother, Kaname, who was currently busy with his studies. He had tenderly named her Syrin. And her own, a black Frisian stallion that she had been entitled Peeko. She liked the name. It fit his cheery and curious nature.

To give the horses the comfort they needed Haruka had hired a neighbor farmer to take care of their horses. He was even friendly enough to let the Kurans ride through his property as well. It always was a pleasant trip because he owned quite a few hectares of land.

She loved to go horseback-riding, but she didn’t plan on doing that today. She needed something else to dissipate her excess energy. A full-body-activity would be best to rid herself of that.

Yuuki continued to stroll further until she arrived at the desired location. The end of their property. Here, hidden behind a few bushes she could do what she wished to do. Quickly, she took a look around for her mother and then disposed of her shoes and tied her dress up mid-thigh. Afterwards she reached down to pick up something from inside of the plant. A ball of soft leather about the same size of her head.

With a wide grin she looked down at Parfait. He was panting, letting his tongue hang out. Drool dripped from his tongue due to excitement.

“Ready Parry?” She pushed her sleeves up her arm while balancing the ball in her free hand, doing so with her other arm and switching the ball into the other hand.

Then she tossed the ball into the air and shouted “Go!” just when Parry jumped into the air trying to snap at it. When it fell down Yuuki ran and kicked it. Parry chased her while she chased the ball, running and kicking at the same time. She giggled as she stroked the ball hard with her foot, sending it flying against the wall. It came flying back at her and she hit it with her hand palm, knocking it back to the wall. The minute it came back, she dodged it. Parry barked loudly and ran after her. She shrieked enthusiastically and started running towards the ball. She prepared to kick just when Parry made a boost towards her target and in the last moment her foot met with the leather—

—and she fell hard onto her back.

“Ow! Oh that—“

“Quite interesting play for a young girl, isn’t it?” a voice spoke up.

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:25 pm

Yuuki’s POV

I yelped in shock and searched for the voice I have never heard before. I raised my head back and a wave of embarrassment washed over me. There, next to Father stood a slightly taller man with a black trench coat and brownish-blonde hair tied into a ponytail. He looked mysterious…

He had a small smile on his face as he bowed down to me.

“You are Yuuki Kuran?” His voice was unbelievably soft when he spoke. For some reason I had expected a deeper voice.

I almost forgot all of my manners when I stared at him bluntly. Was this Kaien Cross, my new personal teacher?

Oh… Oh!

Throwing my hands in front of my mouth I swiftly scrambled to my feet and bobbed a curtsey just as I had been taught.

“Yes, Sir.” I secretly hoped that he would then overlook my dirty knees and hands and generally my unruly appearance.

Much to my surprise Kaien Cross burst out in booming laughter. It was shocking that I couldn’t help but stare at him with huge eyes. Oh my…

“I am Kaien Cross.” he said politely and before I could react, taking my dirty hand in his large one and yet placing a gentle kiss on the back of it. I flushed with embarrassment. On my dirty hand! Wahh…

“N-nice to meet you, Sir.” How embarrassing! Now I was stuttering! I wished nothing more but the ground to swallow me up. What would Father think of me…? Fearing his anger or disappointment I hastily glanced his way, only to see that there were no such expressions. He had a forgiving smile and a sigh of relief escaped my lips. I was glad. He wasn’t angry. But Mother perhaps would be infuriated if she saw in what state I and especially my clothing was in. I snatched my hand from my teacher and hid them behind my back.

“I… I… I”

I didn’t know what to say.

My face flushed with embarrassment.

“Let’s go inside shall we?” Father came to the rescue when he broke the uncomfortable silence. Thank you! “Yuuki, I suggest you use the back door to avoid your mother.” He smiled and nodded towards the respective door.

I nodded myself only happy to be able to escape this awkward scene. As I turned around without giving neither one of them a second look I picked up my shoes and ran towards our mansion. Certainly Parry was behind me, as always.

When I finally changed my clothes (unfortunately not before running into my mother, earning a scolding and then being dragged into the bathroom and being washed, of course) I reappeared before Cross-sensei and Father this time wearing one of my blue dresses. It was long and comfortable, yet still looked elegant enough to be seen with guests. Shamefaced I made my way into the dining room where everyone seemed to await me. I was late. This just made me more embarrassed than before. An apology slipped over my lips before I sat down in my seat.

Thankfully the rest of the evening was quite pleasant and peaceful. We talked and had fun. And Cross-sensei was actually a very kind man just as I had hoped. He talked about so-called old times with Father. They seemed to be very close and I was just pleased that I was able to meet him. A little bit of pride swelled up within me. A close friend of my father’s was going to teach me.

I smiled.

Not long after we had eaten dinner and talked for a quite a while I found my mother hurrying me to bed for it was soon midnight. Tired, but satisfied I dressed into my nightgown and slipped under my covers. With a yawn I called my furry friend to my bed and cuddled with him before letting my eyes shut.

Tomorrow I would be going shopping with Akane… And the day after my studies with Cross-sensei would begin.

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:49 pm

The next morning I had not been woken by Mother but by Akane as she usually did. I hurried and dressed myself before excitedly leaving the house with her. She had ordered a carriage that would take us to the inner city because we lived on the far side of it. It would take far too long to walk there if we didn’t expect to still be on our way before the day ended. As soon as the door to the carriage was opened by the driver, Parry jumped in and made himself comfortable on one of the cushioned benches. He looked at me as though he was grinning. Giggling I stepped into the carriage and sat down next to him. My hand rested on his head. When Akane finally followed in after us our trip to the city began. I was so excited I was barely able to sit still! Such as Parry was. I seemed to infect him with my eagerness… or was it the other way around?

When we reached the inner city and our driver had parked the carriage next to the fountain we all hurried out. My maid sent me away with a giggle and a handful of coins, allowing me to shop and look around myself a bit. I instantly knew where I wanted to go. The candyshop. I longed for the honeysticks that smelled so sweet and whose sweet honey ran down your throat when you licked it. It was definitely a messy task, but oh so delightful.

It didn’t take me long to find my way to the candyshop and after I had bought what I desired and given Parry a snack I had received from the shop owner, I happily excited the shop.

I was about to suck on my fresh honeystick when someone smashed into me hard taking me to the ground. I yelped when I lost my balance. The candy flew out of my hand along with the rest. They landed on my dress (wonderful! Mother would be thrilled…) and onto the stranger that had collided into me.

“What the hell is going on! Get off of me!” the stranger shouted.

I yelped once more, shocked and helpless. I stared at him. It was a young boy (not much older than I) with silver hair and angry amethyst eyes. His hair was beautiful… I had never seen a color such as this one. And never had I seen honeysticks firmly glued to one’s head!

“I… I’m very sorry…!” I said forgivingly but the end came out in a snort of laughter. I clasped my hands in front of my mouth in shock.

He glared.


-E N D O F C H A P T E R 2-
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PostSubject: Author's Note   Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:36 pm

I dozed off... xDDD Sorry Bren!
Wah, I read the last few manga chapters of VK online today... I was kinda sad and disappointed Q_Q Poor, poor Kaname...
But I guess you'd rather read the next part instead of hearing me ramble xDDD Bah~ Here you go!

Have fun!

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PostSubject: Chapter 3   Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:39 pm

C H A P T E R 3

Yuuki’s PoV

Parry’s bark rang in my ears. But the boy before didn’t seem to care less.

All I could do was glare back at him, trying my best to keep myself contained considering the cold chills his icy glower sent down my spine. I was clueless to how a young boy, not much older than myself, was able to look so evilly.

“Look girly, it’s your fault for not watching where you are going, not mine! How are you going to fix this?” he growled and pointed at his sticky hair.

How rude!

“Well? What are you waiting for? I don’t have all day you know.”

Never before had I met a person that treated a lady this impolite! I was so agape with shock that I honestly didn’t know what to say at first. Parry had stopped barking by now. Had he lost interest? He was sitting close to me, watching. Perhaps he had figured out that the stranger opposed no threat to me.

Slowly, anger built up within me. “As if!” I got to my feet myself, not bothering to brush myself off. I stemmed my hands to my hips and scowled, affronting him.

“Were you not the one who stormed around the corner and smashed into me? You owe me an apology!”

His eyes narrowed as he stepped up close to me. His nose so close to mine. I flushed. But if it was of anger or embarrassment I did not know. Normally a female was to be handled with respect, not such improper manner! And he was too close. Far too close.

“Would you be so kind and step back please?”


Immediately after this a scent caught my nose. Besides the sweet smell of honey I smelled fresh grass and hay. This boy smelled of land, just like the farmer that worked for her family. I closed my eyes. I liked that smell. Most likely he lived on the countryside with lands as far as the eye could see…

“No way… Are you… sniffing me? Give me a break…”

I appeared that he seemed to be shocked. I snapped my eyes open, noticing that I had leaned a bit into him as well. Stunned, I took a step back.

However bad luck seemed to have its toll on me today and so the heel of my shoe slipped on a small stone and I tripped. A hand shot forwards and grabbed my arm before I could fall. Silver hair grazed my forehead.

“Watch it, girly,” he said. I couldn’t help but smile slightly. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all?

“So you want me to apologize to you, huh,” he said softly. “But what if I do? Will you try to help me fix my hair, since it was your food that got it to be in this state now, you know.”

I grinned. “Sure, I could just cut it off!”

He swiftly raised an eyebrow. Did he practice that in front of the mirror? Chuckling, I shook my head and reached my hand out to his hair.

It was surprisingly soft. Except for the part that had the honey stick attached to a few strands. I examined the problem and then asked him to hold down his head. After all, he was a bit taller than me.

“Hold down your head please.”

“Hm.” He did so. As soon as I grabbed the candy and attempted to pull it out he winced as I pulled a few strands as well.

“Watch it!” he growled.

Sheesh, what a crybaby. “Stop overreacting. How do you expect me to get it out if you complain like a child?”

After that he was silent. I smiled to myself, knowing I had pinched his pride.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw people passing by and casting a curious look towards us. But aside from that they ignored us and kept to their business. It was better that way, I suppose.

Slowly, and careful not to hurt him I removed one single strand after the other. Though a few wouldn’t release the candy, so I tugged at it, trying not to tear it out at the same time. How troublesome… But it worked.

“What is your name?”

He didn’t answer straight away. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that, but curiosity had gotten the better of me.

“Ichiru,” came a quiet reply. But he didn’t ask me for my name. I mentally shrugged it off and continued my work.

After a while a heavy sigh came from him. “Are you ready yet?”

He was impatient too!

“Almost, Ichiru…” I pulled the last hair and finally freed him of the sticky candy. “There.”

I stared at the candy which now looked as if it had fur and giggled. I tossed it in a nearby bin that happened to be next to the candy shop and turned around to the boy.

And I blurted out laughing. I slammed a hand to my mouth to stifle the laughter, but to no avail.

”What,” he asked irritated and scowled.

I wasn’t able to respond. My body shook, no matter how much I tried to contain myself. A deep glare was shot at me so I tried to answer. “Your… hair!” The words came out in a gasp before laughter overtook me once again.

He turned to look into the reflecting window of the candy shop.

He turned to look into the reflecting window of the candy shop. Through the reflection I could see his annoyance growing even more. Oh God, I really should stop laughing now. But I couldn’t! His hair just looked too funny!

You,” he growled. Haha, he even growled more that Parry! “You really think this is funny, messing with my hair and then messing it up even more!” Bringing a hand up to his forehead he sighed deeply. Next he tried taming his hair but didn’t succeed in doing so.

“This is really not my day.” A sigh and a glare soon followed.

I silenced, pressing my lips tightly together. The worst I could do now was anger him even more. I didn’t want that. Instead I rocked on my heels, trying to distract myself and the uncomfortable silence between us. “Well?”

It would take some time for Akane to finish her shopping, I knew that. She always seemed to take her time.

And I was still waiting for him to apologize to me. Expectantly I looked up straight into his eyes. Would he even apologize? Who knew…

“I’m still waiting for an apology, you know. And I want you to make it up to me for ridding me of my candy.”

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PostSubject: Chapter 3   Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:09 am

“Fine, I’ll buy you more of this sticky stuff,” Ichiru said with a heavy sigh and grabbed my arm to walk towards the candy shop I had went into a few minutes ago.

When we stopped at the door he dug his hands into his pockets and soon after he pulled out some coins, shoving them into my hand.

“Here you go, paid you back. But if you would excuse me now I have better things to do then sticking around you much longer.”

My mouth opened to say something about his rude behavior when he turned around to leave.

“Hey! Wait!”

He wouldn’t stop.

“Hey Ichiru!” I stumbled after him and my hand got ahold of his sleeve, pulling him to a stop. “I do not want your money!” I shoved it back into his hands. “Keep it!” I scowled. Something I rarely did because I was usually a cheery person. “Pay me back another way instead.”

A look of confusion crossed his face.

“What do you mean pay you back in a different kind of way? Seriously, girly, why don’t you just accept the money and leave me alone, instead of confusing me with your chattering. C’mon.”

He attempted to give me back the money but I stepped back so I was out of his reach. I shook my head stubbornly.

“I do not want it!”

How was he supposed to pay me back? What was I to say? I didn’t want his money, no way. Judging from his type of clothes, he didn’t seem to have that much anyways. And taking that from him would make me feel guilty.

“How about you… spend a day with me?” My cheeks heated up as soon as I had blurted the words out. Those words made me look as if I were lonely.

I felt his eyes looking me up and down and blushed even more. It made me feel uncomfortable. I knew how my question had sounded. But I wasn’t one of those girls.

“Ooh, why not. But before I am going to let you join in my adventures, I need to know your name, girly. Can’t keep on calling you girly, only if you insist of course.” He grinned at me.

Looking to the floor sheepishly I answered quietly. “My name is Yuuki.”

“Ok, Yuuki, follow me then.” Excitement was heard in his voice. Was he actually happy to let me tag along?

He led me back to the center of town. A dark brown horse tied to a wooden fence raised its head to stare at us when we approached it. It whinnied softly and bloated its nostrils. I was awed and stopped. It was a beautiful horse. And such a horse was his…?

Ichiru took something out of his pockets and fed it to the brown beauty. Its tongue lapped at his hand greedily, snatching the snack up with its teeth, carefully not to bite him.

“Yuuki, let me introduce you to Rose, my horse,” he stated as he loosened the reins tied to the fence at the same time. Afterwards he led Rose to me.

Rose watched me with curious big eyes and sniffed my head. Her breath was warm. She nudged me shoulder almost knocking me over and then lowered her head as if she were… looking for something. Food perhaps?

“Can you ride?” His soft voice reached me when I was about to pet Rose’s head.

I looked at him and smiled, touching my nose to Rose’s head. She was warm and soft at the same time. Standing perfectly still she watched me pet her and neighed softly.

“I can. I have a horse myself back home… His name is Peeko—”

A bark interrupted me. Instantly guilt washed over me, reminding me that I had forgotten him. Sheepishly I looked down where my German Shepherd looked up at me expectantly. How could I forget the one friend that followed me around all the time? Meeting this silver-haired boy must’ve made me think of nothing else.

“Ah, yes… and this is my faithful dog, Parfait.” I secretly wondered what he would think of the name… Most people hid a laugh when I told them his name.

And as predicted he burst out laughing. I somehow knew he would… Smiling faintly I pet Parry’s head, soothing him. Maybe it was not that easy for him to carry such a name… But he was used to it and it suited him. I wouldn’t change his name now!

Rose’s ears twitched and I noticed that she was growing impatient. She even nudged Ichiru while he was laughing and almost toppling over. I grinned. What a silly person…

At last he regained his composure and tenderly touched Rose’s head. “Sorry, Rosey.” With shining eyes he turned his head to me.

“Sorry, Yuuki, but you have given your animals really particular names. It beats me how you could come up with such names.”

My grin widened. Well,… they had to be original, or not? It wasn’t as if I wanted my pets to have a name every other animal had. At least I was able to say that they were unique and creative!

“But enough of that. You can sit at the back and hold onto me as I show you around the countryside. How is that? Like that idea?” While waiting for my answer he absently pet the shoulder of his horse and played with her mane.

“Of course!” My eyes gleamed with joy and I almost, almost squealed. A giggle escaped my lips. A ride over the countryside! Never had I been this far out of town. The excitement almost exploded within me. I was barely able to contain myself.

And then something hit me.

All of a sudden I was worried about Akane. What if she was worrying where I had gone if I didn’t show up later? What would she do? Could I just run of with this boy without her knowledge? I just had to tell her!

“W-wait, my maid— I…”

A fine eyebrow was raised. “A maid? You actually have a maid? What is she? Your nanny too?”

There was a slight hint of amazement in his voice but I winced uncontrollably hearing the bitterness as well. Not everyone was able to afford such wealth… My heart stung thinking of that. He shouldn’t hate me for the position I had. It wasn’t as if I had chosen it to be like this.

“I… I…”
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PostSubject: Chapter 3   Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:21 am

“It’s fine. Go tell that maid of yours. Me and Rose will wait right here.”

I gave a soft nod as he climbed his horse and turned around running down the streets. I needn’t look to my side because I knew Parry was there. He would never leave my side. I felt Ichiru’s gaze follow me but didn’t look back. I would be back soon anyways. At least… That was what I hoped.

Would Akane even let me roam around with a stranger she knew nothing about? Suddenly fear claimed my heart. I didn’t have that many friends… surely she would let me? Unwilling to let myself being pestered with further negative thoughts I shook my head.

Now where was Akane?

After roaming several shops and timidly growing irritated with every unsuccessful passing minute I –thank goodness— found her in a shop that sold fabrics. She was admiring a mint colored drapery in her hands, brushing over its satin surface. By entering the door the bell over it chimed.

“Akane,” I called out and she looked up the same time at the sounding of the bell and my voice.

Her red hair gleamed in the sun and she smiled, it reaching her eyes as well.

“Yes, Yuuki-sama?”

Tentatively I folded my hands together and twiddled with the cloth of my coat. How was I to say this?

“Uhm…” Just out with it! “May I stay here a bit longer to go out for a ride with a … friend?” I purposely left out the fact that I had just met him and looked into my maiden’s eyes pleadingly.

A smile slid onto her lips. “Certainly, miss. I will be waiting for you at the café by our carriage, is that alright?”

I squealed with glee. “Wonderful! Thank you soooo much, Akane!” Not being able to withhold my joy I leaped forward and threw my arms around her. She yelped out of surprise and then, smiling, stroke my head.

“Now run along, your friend is surely awaiting you. And take your time, there is no need to rush yourself.”

My cheeks flushed. She was right. I had to get back to Ichiru at once! Giggling I let go of her and turned on my heel. Calling out another “Thank you!” before running out to the streets. Parry jumped and then dashed after me as we headed down the streets we had come from.

Would Ichiru still be there, waiting for her?

My question soon enough was answered. My heart fluttered once I caught a glimpse of the silver-haired boy sitting on his horse and waiting on the very place I had left him. Interestedly Rose raised her head and glanced my way.

I stopped running and continued walking towards him, panting, from running that much. At the same time I knew that my face was flushed, just as red as a tomato. But at that point it didn’t matter.

“Ready?” He asked and a grin combined with a nod answered him. I couldn’t answer him now, my breath was too hitched.

The moment he held his hand out to me was the moment I knew this was likely to be a wonderful day.

Perhaps even one of the best.

-E N D O F C H A P T E R 3-
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PostSubject: Chapter 4   Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:57 am


Rose galloped through the grass with her head held high and seemed cheery as she did so. Even Parry appeared happy as he ran behind us. Birds chirped happily and flew away above our heads. I closed my eyes and tightened my grip around Ichiru’s waist. Just relaxing, I took in the breeze that passed up while Rose rode into it. My long hair was lifted and the wind ruffled it, as if playing with it. Beneath me I felt the strong muscles of the brown mare move and flex as she ran through high grass corn fields. Relaxed, I let my eyes open again. The sight before me was… beautiful. All in all, pure nature in its raw and unimaginable beauty. There were fields of sunflowers as far as you could see. I longed to run through it with spread arms…

My grip loosened and I squealed when noticing that we were riding towards a forest. Had I been sitting on my Peeko I’d race him to it…

“And Yuuki, enjoying it so far?” We rode straight through a small river. I yelped and then giggled when water splashed over the end of my thin coat soaking it. Parry leaped into the river and snapped at the waterdrops that were caused by Rose’s running.

“Definitely! This is amazing!” Letting go of him I stretched my arms out and laughed. Rose reached the end of the small river and jumped, making me crash into Ichiru’s back. Blushing furiously I dug my hands into his shirt, gripping it tightly.

“Sorry,” I mumbled sheepishly.

Ichiru just laughed at my actions and shook his head. “Don’t be, just keep on holding tight to me and you’ll be fine.”

I saw him smile. Why was he smiling?


Rose was still galloping not showing the slightest that she was getting tired. Where did she take her energy from?

Reaching the forest Ichiru made Rose slow down and walk on the man-made path that had been trampled over by several riders.

A shiver ran down my spine when it grew dark. The sun had disappeared behind the clouds. Now the forest seemed a bit creepy. I shuddered.

Thank goodness it didn’t take long until we left the forest behind us only to find our way into a field with trees. My mouth opened in awe. I have never seen so many trees with fruits in one area!

They really looked mouth-watering.

As soon as I thought that I realized that I was hungry. Maybe I should have gotten a bite to eat before leaving with Ichiru…

“Hooo, girl.”

Rose stopped at his order and I raised my head. We were standing beneath an apple tree. The fruits were ripe to eat and glowed red in the lasting sunlight.

“I hope you don’t mind if we have a little break, but when seeing the little orchard with stray apple trees here just now, I thought it’d be a good idea to grab a bite. You like apples?” he asked me and smiled.

“Yes, I do!” A grin lightened up my face. “But are we allowed to take the apples? Just like that?”

My thoughts swirled. These trees didn’t belong to anyone, did they?

…I was a worrywart. Why did I always worry so much?

But the apples sure were a delicious sight… Without realizing it my hand had shot up and I was reaching for an apple over Ichiru’s shoulder. Just a little more to the side… My hand grabbed ahold of it. Hah! I felt myself slowly slide off Rose’s back and squeaked. Out of reflex I clutched Ichiru’s arm taking him with me.

Luckily the grass was high and soft when we fell to the ground. I gasped feeling a heavy weight drop onto me.


Rose turned her head to the side and looked at me as if I were stupid. Great…

“Geez, Yuuki, I did not know you were that hungry,” he said in a teasing voice, making me blush. I refused to answer that. Usually I did not blush that often. But the way he talked to me and teased me… I could not help it.

He held out his hand and I thankfully let him help me up. At the same time he picked up the apple that lay beside me and handed it to me with a playful grin.

“Ah… Thank you.” Yet embarrassed by my actions I took it and rubbed it off the hem of my dress to rid it from its dirt before biting into the crunchy flesh. Its delicious juice filled my mouth and I ‘hmmm’ed before chewing and swallowing down. It was just as tasty as it had looked.

“It’s delicious.” I smiled and licked the remaining juice from my lips.

“I know, the apples are the best over here,” he stated and walked back to the tree. He climbed up the branches that were a bit lower than the rest and reached his arm out for a few apples. Afterwards he jumped from the tree and easily landed on his feet.

I was amazed, but then again not that much. It wasn’t as if I were not able to do the same. I knew I was very athletic and thought nothing more of it when he dazzled me with a soft smile.

“Come, let’s sit for a bit and talk.” He voiced. I titled my head as he walked to a tree near us and plopped down, patting the place next to him and gesturing me to sit down.

I strolled to him and kneeled down beside him. I felt uncomfortable like this, spending time alone with a boy. Nervously I placed my hands in my lap and played with my fingers.

There it was… the awkward silence. Oh, and how awkward it was!

I snuck a peek at Ichiru and found him watching me. I eeped and accepted the yellow apple he offered me. Quietly I thanked him and thought about what I should ask him. I did not know what to say so I blabbered out the first thing that came to my mind.

“Do you live out here?”

He replied to my question in a soothing voice that made me relax a bit.

“Yes, I do. We are fairly close near it to tell you the truth.” He pointed into the distance and I followed his finger. “Look over there on your right, after that group of trees, there stands my family’s farm where I live with my twin brother Zero—“

Oh my! He had a twin?

“—and my mother and many animals. Well, mostly cows and sheep, Rose and my brother’s horse Lilly. What about you? Where do you live? Let me guess… You live in the big city?” And then he grinned after saying that. I suppose he noticed by looking at my clothes.

“Ah… yes. Well… actually I live out of town. Not that far from it, but far enough to live in peace. We have a… mansion next to the forest and a few fields that belong to a neighbor farmer. I live together with my father and mother and brother— although he is away on his studies for the time being.” I did not want to show off, knowing that he might not live that well… I wasn’t even sure if he knew that my father was the mayor…

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PostSubject: Chapter 4   Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:25 pm

I blinked in shock when he stared at me with widened eyes. Had I angered him? Had I said something wrong?

“Yuuki, don’t tell me you are the mayor's only daughter and that your brother is studying away from home because he is a genius and can learn very well?”

Flinching at those words I nearly dropped the apple almost to Parry’s luck. But I didn’t. I gripped it firmly in my hands and nodded faintly.

“Is that… Does that change anything? I mean— could we still be…?” With my stammering I was not able to bring out a correct sentence. “Friends?” I mumbled the last word, secretly hoping that my status would not destroy anything. Finally there was someone who treated me as a normal person and not…

…and not as the major’s daughter.

When I felt a hand pet my head I looked at him stunned and started to calm down. He was smiling at me so warmly that it made me give him a smile as well.

“Don’t worry, Yuuki, you are my dear friend. From now on let’s make a promise that whenever you are with me you are just plain Yuuki, not the noble mayor’s daughter but just Yuuki, friend of this poor farmer boy which is me, can you promise me that?” Another smile grew on his lips.

I was relieved. I smiled shyly before it burst into a grin. “I will, I promise.”

The wind rustled my hair and without removing my eyes from his I combed a few strands behind my ear. “Thank you, Ichiru,” I said and really meant it. I was glad. His words seemed to have washed my fears away. That meant a lot to me.

Parry lay down next to me when Ichiru took a deep breath and lay down onto the grass. He crossed his arms behind his head and watched the clouds. Watching him for a moment I saw him relax and close his eyes. Deciding to do the same I lay on my back and looked into the sky. It was a pleasurable afternoon, nothing was more peaceful than this now. Closing my eyes I breathed in the sweet air that was adorned with the scent of apples. The aroma was calming , making me so sleepy at the same time.

I suppose I fell into a nap after thinking that because the next thing I remember is hearing Parry’s warning bark and shooting upright in an instant. With widespread eyes I tried to remember where I was and looked around me.

Apple… trees?

Oh yes… I had met this farmer boy, Ichiru and we had come to this place to rest…


I nearly jumped. Wha? What was going on? Frantically I searched for the voice. It sounded angered, I did not wish to meet this person…

“Thieves! THIEVES!”

My heart stopped. Thieves? Had Ichiru not told me that these were stray trees and they belonged to no one?

When I saw something, or rather someone run over the hill in our direction I shrieked. A chubby farmer with a checkered shirt and overalls was running towards us with a hayfork. He seemed to be very fast, even though he was quite heavy built.

I paled.

“YOU THERE! Stealing my apples and gobbling them down like greedy crows, neh? WELL NOT WITH ME YOU KIDDOS!”

Hastily I checked on Ichiru and saw that he was still napping. How was he able to sleep with this noise? Shaking him I exclaimed his name.

“Ichiru! Ichiru, wake up!”

I wanted to scream that this insane man wanted to kill us and shook him even harder.

Finally he shot his eyes open and grabbed my hand firmly, racing to Rose. Right then Parry wasn’t sure if he should run after the man, continue to stand barking or follow me.

“Quickly, get on Rose’s back, Yuuki. Get in the front and make Rose run, I’ll follow you soon.”

He hoisted me into the saddle. Wha? Wha?

“What about you, Ichiru?” I asked, alarmed. What was he thinking? “What are you doing? Get on!”

But he just shook his head.

“Don’t worry about me, just go.” Giving Rose a pat on her back made her move forwards and burst into a fast gallop as she whinnied loudly.

I turned my head to watch his figure slowly fade away and the farmer come closer.

Clenching my fists annoyed I gritted my teeth. That… boy! He should have gone with me! Perhaps this was one of his heroic actions that men tended to have…

My hair lashed into my face, preventing me to see what lay before me. Argh… I turned my head back towards the direction Rose was taking me and held tightly onto the reigns.

Confused, I just hoped he really would be fine and come back.

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PostSubject: Chapter 4   Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:48 am

At last, what seemed like several minutes, Rose halted in a field with wild flowers and small lakes surrounding the field. I gapped at her when she lowered her head and began to grass as if nothing had ever happened. Feeling my stare she turned her head to the side, looking back at me while she slowly chewed.

And I did not even need to look after Parry because I knew, where water was he was surely to dive into it the second he laid eyes onto it.

I almost laughed. I couldn’t believe these two! Was this an ordinary daily routine for Rose and Ichiru? So… adventurous.

Sighing I climbed out of Rose’s saddle and walked a few steps away from the brown mare before letting myself fall into the flower field.

It could not be helped. I guessed I would just have to wait here until Ichiru finally came.

Taking in the sweet-smelling fragrance of the wild flowers I observed the traveling clouds over me.

And waited.

I was thinking about what an extraordinary day it was and how it had turned out so far. I had not expected any of this to happen. With a small smile I had to admit that I was happy that it had turned out this way.

Hearing steps behind me and Rose’s snort gave Ichiru’s presence away. I did not need to turn my head because he was sitting next to me soon after. His eyes glowed with excitement when brown met with violet.

“Here I am again you guys. Missed me?” His boyish grin made me giggle.

I pushed his shoulder playfully.

“What do you think?” I questioned with a smile.

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PostSubject: Author's Note   Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:44 am

Chapter 5 already! And in such short time too! If it weren't for my partner-author I would never had gotten this far xD I guess I always needed a mental 'kick-in-the-ass' then... xD *chuckles*

Here's Chap 5! Though not as much yet, my mind is blank right now...

I made Juuri be very very VERY protective of her daughter (Kaname will be too, but he's not here yet.) and Haruka, since he seems so much more laid back will be the calm one. Other than Juuri he allows Yuuki to do a lot more things than his wife would... Hihihi. <3

Have fun reading!


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PostSubject: Chapter 5   Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:45 am


Before Ichiru brought me back to the city we spent the rest of our time talking and discussing about various things. I did not know that I was able to have a nice and long conversation with other males beside my father and brother. It was a pleasant feeling. When we arrived in the city, the sun had already begun to set. Dark and heavy rain clouds had shrouded the sky, it would start raining soon. Akane was waiting by the carriage as she said she would. Parfait greeted her cheerfully and jumped up to lick her hand palms. I thanked Ichiru for bringing me back and smiled at him genuinely before he climbed down Rose to help me get to the floor. I thanked him again. He even waited for me to get into the carriage and drive off before making his way home as well. I watched his figure and waved until he disappeared completely from my sight.

Then I leaned back into the soft cushions and sighed happily with a bright smile.

“That was a handsome young man, wasn’t it?”

Akane looked at me with a questioning smile but I only shook my head with a blush, deciding not to speak of it. I was happy that way. My smile lasted until we arrived our mansion.

By then it had already started to rain and Akane made sure that Parry and I quickly got into the house. The chauffeur and the maids saw to it that the items Akane had shopped for were brought into the house. I was pleased to be at home again, yet I wished to be back outside. Whistling cheerfully I rid myself of my wet and in-dirt-covered shoes.

“Yuuki-dear! You’re back, my sweetheart!” A pair of arms were thrown around me as I was crushed into a motherly hug.

“Uwah! Mother!” I laughed and peered over my shoulder. “Yes, I’m back.”

“What took you so long? I was about to send someone to go after you.” She turned me around and looked at me closely. “Don’t tell me… was it a boy that kept you?”

I gasped softly. How had she known? I knew that she surely would not approve when I started to ‘hang out’ (as Ichiru had put it) with a farmer boy that was not familiar with our class. Not that it mattered to me, though. I could care less… But Mother wanted the best for me, as she always said.

“I-I-I...” I didn’t know what to say!? And I was terribly bad at lying!

Mother’s eyes widened when she realized that she had been right. Her eyes began to be teary. She opened her mouth to say something when Father walked down the hall, for sure to welcome me home, of course!

I took the chance without hesitating and ran to him, flinging my arms around his torso. “Father!! I’m back!” was all I managed to say.

“Woah!” he exclaimed and staggered back a few steps. He chuckled, looking down and ruffled my hair lovingly. I smiled and snuggled up to him. It had been cold outside. But here in his arms it was pleasantly warm.

“What about me, ne Yuuki?” Mother pointed at herself and pretended to sulk.

I dug my face into Father’s shirt. “You are just being mean and embarrassing me.”

“What is it?” he questioned with a smile.

Mother stemmed her hands on her hips and pouted. “Your daughter met a man today and refuses to tell me about it. I am a woman! And your mother! Of course I have the right to know when my cute little daughter interacts with the other gender!”

“You did?” He sounded happy when he asked that. “Who is it?”


Not him too! But weird enough he sounded happy other than my mother…

“I met a friend! That’s all.” And then I hurried to escape out of his arms and raced down the halls to my room. I heard Mother gasp and talk about how this all started with friendship… and then before you knew it you would elope and marry behind your parents' back and have tons of children! Mother sobbed dramatically and threw herself into Father’s arms, exclaiming his name.

What?! Marry! NO! No way!

I rejected the though. I did not want to marry just yet. My way of thinking may be childish… But I wished to marry someone I loved with all my heart. I continued to flee. I met Cross-sensei on the way and greeted him before jumping into my room and closing the door behind Parry.

Phew! Relieved I slid down the door and pulled my legs up to my chest, resting my head on my knees. A smile appeared on my lips when I looked at Parry tongue that was hanging out of his mouth while he panted. A giggle escaped me and I hugged him, despite of his slightly wet fur.

“It was a fun day, wasn’t it, my dear boy?”

He gave a small howl as if to affirm my question.

Yes, it had been wonderful. Ichiru was everything I did not expect and I was pleased that I had met him. Possibly even thrilled. He seemed to be everything I was not and I dearly hoped that I would meet him again soon. I would make sure to visit the city more often. But now that my lessons would start tomorrow I did not know how long I’d be able to stay. Until then she would dream of meeting the silver-haired boy again…

Stifling a yawn I dressed in my nightgown and decided to sit a bit before the fireplace in our hobby room before going to bed. It was a cold night after all. Although it was summer, the nights were cold. And after being caught in the rain I yearned to sit in front of the warm and cozy fireplace.

I really hoped that mother would let me be this time and avoid the subject that contained Ichiru. I honestly did not wish to speak of it! As if I would marry behind her back… And certainly not Ichiru… At least that is what I thought. I doubted it would get that far…

Sighing I opened my door a crack and peered outside. No one was there. Wonderful! Slowly and carefully I tiptoed down the hall and a passed a few doors before reaching the entrance of my goal. Peeking into the hobby room I was delighted to find that a fire was crackling in the chimney. So inviting…

“Come on, Parry,” I called and walked ahead of him. Ahh… It really was very comfortable before the fireplace. Lying down on the soft fur that lay a bit further form the fireplace I rested my head on my bent arm. The fur rustled a bit beneath me when Parry came to cuddle. He snuggled up to my waist and enjoyed the strokes over his fur I gave him soon after. It was comfortable like this. The heat… the warmth of Parry’s presence…

I daydreamed, reminiscing about the events of the day. Soon my eyelids grew heavier from the relaxing atmosphere and the daydreams became dreams…

It was not until morning that I noticed I had in fact fallen asleep. I woke up in my bed with my furry friend cradled up to my feet. I guessed that Father had carried me to my room after I had fallen asleep in front of the chimney like he always had. Still dazed from sleepiness I thought about my dream… It had simply and expectantly been of Ichiru. We had taken our horses out for a ride and it was simply amazing…

Shortly, after I had awoken a maid knocked on my door, announcing that it was time for me to get up. Breakfast would await me and then… my studies.

My studies with Cross-sensei!

Remembering I nearly jumped from my bed (and earning a soft growl from disturbing Parry from his sleep) and started for the bathroom that was connected to my own room. Thank goodness a bath had been prepared for me! It didn’t take me long to rid me of my clothes and slip into the steaming water. Ahh… This was pure relaxation. When hearing the door to my bedroom open and close again a bit later I assumed that clothes had been laid on my bed for me to wear today.

Soap bubbles made their way through the bathroom and water swapped out of the tub as I began scrubbing myself with a sponge and cleansing myself. A few minutes later I jumped out of the tub. Grabbing a towel I quickly dried myself. And a bit later than that I was already dressed and was combing my hear in record time, wincing clearly when catching a knot with my brush.

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PostSubject: Re: I Am A Peasant In Your Princess Arms (Yuli's version)   Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:25 am

What would the lessons be like? I wondered.

Sighing, I set down the brush and headed to the dining room. Purposely I left the door open for Parfait. He could follow when whenever he woke up.

Arriving the dining room I wished everyone a good morning. Even Cross-sensei would eat with us this morning! Cheerfully I took my place. Only then I noticed how hungry I truly was. Thankfully I ate the sausages with eggs and fresh bread on my plate and found myself asking for a second helping soon later. It wasn’t unusual that I ate this much. It was something I had inherited from my father. I was able to ate several helpings at once and not regret it later. Sometimes my parents described my stomach as a black hole… And every time I would laugh. The look on Cross-sensei’s face was priceless when he watched me eat my second helping without a pause. It was almost as hilarious as the face Ichiru made when my stomach had complained even though eating almost an armful of apples…


He almost jumped at my sudden call and I apologized with a giggle.

“When do the lessons start?”

Answering with a smile he said, “Soon, right after breakfast.”

I clapped my hands, excited for them to start that soon. My excitement was growing again. Not knowing what to do with my sudden burst of energy I decided to eat another portion (somewhat smaller, of course) and helped the maids clear the table afterwards.

After that had been done I whistled optimistically while walking towards the library which was also my study room. Opening the heavy doors I glanced inside to see if Cross-sensei was already there.

“I’m right here.”

I eeped! He stood right behind me, supporting the weight of his door with one arm. He must have come up behind me… Had I been that thoughtless not to hear him follow me? Shrugging it off, I entered the room.

“Shall we start?”

“Yes, sensei!”


I turned around to look at him and raised an eyebrow when I found about half a dozen books tucked under his arm. And quite heavy books as well. Were those my… study books?

He laughed when seeing my panicked look. “Don’t worry, these aren’t your study books. I study quite a… different way.” He gestured me to sit down by a table in the middle of the library and proceeded.


The lessons with Cross-sensei were fairly… different. Instead of hitting the books he took a chair and sat opposite of me. And then he… talked. He had explained it to me this way: to talk with his pupil and getting to know them is the best to learn efficiently. To be able to teach something to someone the teacher must get to know the student he is teaching to.

I had enjoyed the time with him to say the least. Cross-sensei had an interesting character and I didn’t get bored spending time with him at all.

…In fact I was really looking forward to the next lesson.

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Wuaaaah… xD Chapter 6! This is way too fast for me xD What would have probably taken me months to write now took me around a week O.o I didn’t expect this because I’m such a slow writer xD
Before you know it this’ll probably be done soon… Let’s see… Chapter 1 was first written on September 5th… Writing 6 chapters in almost ONE week is soooo fast Oo If we keep this up we really might finish this fast xD Nooooooooo I don’t want it to end! T^T

Have fun reading guys… ^^



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Time passed by fast and Yuuki could not yet believe that it had already been three months that she had met the silver-haired farmer boy, Ichiru. When they had first met it was near the end of summer… Now winter was slowly coming and chilling the air. During this time the two adolescents had become very close friends, meeting whenever their time allowed it. Ever since they had first visited the apple orchard it had turned out to be the place of their reunions. From time to time even Akane or another maid came along. She had promised to keep their meetings secret, knowing that her mother would throw a fit… She did not know that she was meeting Ichiru and that he was a farmer… And she wanted to keep it to that. Although she found it ridiculous to think that way, it seemed so… so old-timed.

Lately she was not able to get together with Ichiru because he was busy with his farm. Since they had met he had wanted to be more supportive to his mother and brother and helped as much as he could at his home. And especially now they had to work harder than before, preparing for the upcoming winter. Ichiru had told her all of it. Written it in a letter she had found tucked between a few branches when she had gone to the apple orchard. It had been addressed to her and curiously she had opened it in which the young man had apologized and explained why he wasn’t able to spend time with her the next few days or weeks. Although she was sad and depressed to not being able to see her friend, she knew that it must be done. She respected that and decided to wait as long as she needed to.

But the days of waiting appeared to be longer and longer and so she was glad and relieved that her brother finally came back from his studies.

She was sitting in her father’s office when she saw a familiar black Dogde drive up.

Yuuki’s PoV

With a gasp I shot up. Was that…? Could it be?

I remembered that this was the same car he had been in when he left us… Was this really him?

I pressed my face to the window and stared at the car as it finally came to a stop. A young man with shoulder-length dark brown hair stepped out of the car. He turned the window I was looking through and smiled. It was him! I squealed with glee and burst out of Father’s office to run outside as fast as I could.

"Onii-sama!" Calling out for him I jumped into the arms that were already spread open for me. I had missed him soooo much! He had been gone far too long...

"Yuuki..." He chuckled softly and called my name sweetly. Digging my face into his shirt I inhaled his scent deeply, memorizing it. This was definitely onii-sama's scent. It felt home, it felt peaceful... I couldn't wait to talk about Ichiru! What would he think of him? I wondered...

"I thought you were still studying? Why are you back now, Kaname-onii-sama?" My cheerful smile seemed to bring a smile to his face as well.

He gently tossled my hair. "For now I'm on a break. It's nice to have a pause from studying from time to time."

"And Hanabusa Aido and Takuma Ichijou did not come with you this time?" I looked behind him to see if his two blond friends would stand behind him or step out of the car. But there was no one except for oni-sama's assistant Seiren. She stood silently and with an expressionless look behind Kaname, as if she were his shadow...

A slight shudder took over me. I had never understood who Seiren really was... Only that she was wherever brother would be. It was a little creepy to be honest...

"Kiyaaah! My dear son, Kaname!"

Fortunately I jumped out of the way hastily before Mother found herself jumping at Kaname and nearly hugging him to death. He sighed and just let it happen. At this point I did not know what to say. So I just shook my head and laughed.

"Hello, Mother, how have you been?"

"Worried! My poor son being so far away from his mother...! Those studies must be awfully boring without your family around..." She pet his head and snuggled her face into his hair, saying that she had missed him, oh, so much.

Actually I believe it might be peaceful without us there, Mother. Is that not why onii-sama left? To study in peace? And to learn more of course...

"Mother?" I piped in and put a hand on her shoulder. "Why don't we go inside? Onii-sama just had a long ride... He might want to rest up." I said, winking at Kaname.

"Yes, yes! Of course, of course..." Mother released him, much to Kaname's relief. She ushered us into the house and asked Seiren to get his bags. She nodded without a word before doing as she was told.
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After unpacking his things and announcing that he would be staying for the next two months I was overly happy. To celebrate I wanted to invite onii-sama for dessert in a cafe we had visited quite a few times. And so I was excited when he accepted with a laugh. Hooray! Parfait for me! ...The dessert, not my dog, of course!

Maybe Ichiru would be in the city too? Since he had written me the letter I found tucked in an apple tree I never quite knew when exactly he would show up and where... Sometimes I met him by surprise, sometimes I didn't meet him at all. But that never kept me from being on a lookout for my silver-haired friend.

As soon as we arrived the city with our carriage I dragged Kaname into our cafe and took the last table in the farthest right corner. It was our table. This is where we always sat when Kaname and I came here. Maybe I should bring my new friend along some day... I knew he'd be happy.

"Come and sit, onii-sama!" The words flooded out of my mouth and I patted the place next to me with urgency. A warm smile appeared on his lips and he did so.

Of course I ordered my beloved parfait as onii-sama asked for a cup of coffee and a cheesecake. The atmosphere was peaceful around us and I suppose we were (or mostly I) were/was the loudest in the cafe. But it was not as if we could be thrown out... First of all we came quite regularly and Second, our Father was the Major. That was a plus when being the major's children.

Onii-sama, gentle and polite as he was let me talk most of the time, asking questions from time to time, until I grew fed up with doing all of the talking and told him to tell me everything he has been doing up until now.

It was fun while it lasted. After my second cup of parfait, onii-sama asked for the bill and even though I complained that I wanted to pay he declined politely, saying that it would be rude to let a woman pay in a male's presence. I pouted and crossed my arms. That might be childish if you consider my age, but in that moment it did not matter to me.

"Oh, Yuuki...! Don't be upset." He raised his eyebrows after paying and slipping a tip along with it.

I wrinkled my nose. "I'll forgive you if you... if you..." I thought for a moment and saw the candy shop from the cafe's window. Jumping up, I squealed. "If you buy me sweets!"

Kaname-onii-sama nearly burst out laughing I could see that. But he contained himself and just nodded with a grin. He was only like this when I was around. When I wasn't, he was so self-contained and had a cool personality as if nobody could come close to him. Even towards Mother and Father.

We walked outside and towards the candy shop. Someone brushed past me with their shoulder and protesting I turned to see who it was.

A silver-haired boy continued walking his way, staring at a small paper package in his hand, and not ever noticing that he had brushed me.

But that was...! Why did he ignore me?

I opened my mouth to say something but onii-sama beat me to it.

He was scowling. "That was rude. Should I--"

"No! No!" I waved a hand in front of my face. "No harm has been done! I suppose he was in a hurry, so it does not matter now."

He stared at me for a while, unsure what to say before he finally nodded. "Alright, Yuuki."

Swiftly and without directing another word at me my dear brother disappeared into the candy shop. With a puzzled look I first stared at his retrieving form before returning to look at the one that had bumped into me.

Had that not been Ichiru…? My thought tumbled over one another and I was unable to grasp ahold of one. Neither did I know what to think nor what to do. A pang in my chest told me how… hurt I felt. That had been Ichiru. There was no other one I knew whose hair had the color of silver. And I had been coldly ignored.

I bit my lip. What should I do?

No matter how much I wanted to chase after Ichiru, I certainly could not leave onii-sama? But soon my feet found their own way, hastily racing down the streets with Parry hot on my heels. I did not even have to look back to know he would be. I just had to know why my friend had given me the cold shoulder. By all means I had to know what was wrong—


My name rang in my ears and I closed my eyes in remorse. Forgive me, Onii-sama!

Heels tapped on the stony ground beneath my feet as I quickened to keep up with my friend. For a moment I stopped, gasping to gain my breath and my heart sank when I figured I had lost sight of him. But then a snow white horse trotted past me and I caught sight of silver hair…

But a white horse…? I thought he had a brown mare… No I did not think that, I knew for sure! However that did not matter now.

“Ichi—“ I called but stopped. What was I doing, calling for him? He would not hear me anyways… So I decided to follow him. It might be more difficult to stalk him by foot than on horse, but I did not plan on losing him now. By the way, I was a fast runner. Looking down at Parry with a grin plastered to my face I asked:

“Ready, my boy?”

A bark affirmed my question. I laughed.


And then we started running.

The time seemed to fly by as we ran through the fields keeping a watchful eye on Ichiru. I was pleased to know that we were not running through a forest and taking to many turns around corners. I could have lost track of him. After passing a field of wheat I saw the roof of a small house. Oh thank goodness… My chest heaved with every shaking breath I took. I was sweaty and my feet ached… I vowed not to wear high heels in the next few days or maybe weeks. It was a pain to run in them… After seeing we would not be running through a forest I had taken them off. They now dangled from my left hand. And I was sure to keep them there for a while…

I was insane to run after him like this…

Miles before me Ichiru stopped in front of the house and jumped from the white horse. I saw him walk to the house and knock on the door. A young man with a striking resemblance opened the door for him and squeezed his hand before both of them disappeared into the house again.

My eyes widened.

Oh… Oh!

Oh, how could I have forgotten?! I slapped a hand to my forehead. Twins! Ichiru had a twin, it must have slipped my mind… No wonder he acted to brusque earlier. He had never seen me. He might not even know of my existence.

Breathing heavily I slowly walked towards the household. I saw Parry running to the side, towards the sheep. I didn’t mind. He was seldom at a farm I could understand his excitement.

When I finally stood before the house, barefooted and with my shoes in my hand, I contemplated on what to do now. Should I knock…? No, it would be silly of me to do that… The boys might look at me strangely, asking what I was doing here… And I did not know whether Ichiru would be angry and scold me. He had after all told me never to follow him here… A farm was not a place suited for me. I did not belong there. Those words were harsh but I somewhat understood him… Maybe he was… ashamed?

I walked around the house and found a window near a bush. Pacing towards it I felt guilt wash over me for something I had not even done yet. I would attempt to look through the window and spy on the people in there. I knew it was none of my business but again I could not help but be a little curious. I wanted to know what was going on. Biting my lip nervously I let my shoes drop next to me and stood on the tip of my toes to peep through the window.

Fortune favors the brave.

I saw the silver-haired twins quietly talk to each other, amazed by how similar they looked. From time to time they glanced to the side. I followed their gaze and saw a woman lying in a bed, with a cloth over her head. Ichiru— or Zero, I could not tell them apart— walked to the woman and took the cloth from her forehead, wringing it out over a washbowl and dunking it in and wringing it out again before wiping her face and replacing it on her head.

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It was then when I heard a bark directed towards me and I shrieked in surprise when a Shepard’s dog jumped up the window. I staggered back and unfortunately, yet fortunate, I landed in the bush behind me. Usually I was not afraid of dogs, but the sudden appearance of it had shocked me. What a traitor! I had not wanted anyone to see me!

A door was torn open and the twins that had been inside of the house were standing before me, looking confused. I tried to find differences between them and to make out which one was Ichiru… I felt ashamed for not being able to recognize my friend until he stepped forward and offered me a hand.

“Brother, who is this?” the identical twin behind him asked and followed.

Ichiru (I now knew which one of the two he was) looked up and sighed. “Zero, meet Yuuki. Yuuki, meet Zero, my older brother.”

“Yuuki?” Zero’s eyes widened. “You mean the mayor’s daughter? Are you friends with the mayor’s daughter? Ichiru, I am shocked.”

I heard a cough from inside the house and looked to it sadly, overhearing Zero’s words. The poor woman seemed to be terribly sick… Sympathy grew within me.

“Yuuki-chan, what are you doing here? Did I not tell you to never follow me here?” Ichiru said and tried to hide his grin— but not from me. Even though it wasn’t appropriate at the moment, considering the fact that an ill woman was lying in bed, I forced a smile. But then it died again and my eyebrows furrowed. I wanted to ask what was wrong when Ichiru beat me to it.

“Come, let’s get you inside, then you can tell me and Zero everything.” He nodded to his brother and walked back towards the house.

My shoes lay under the window— forgotten.

Once inside, Ichiru lead me to a couch by the small kitchen. The size did not matter to me at the moment, I had other things on my mind…

“Ok, Yuuki-chan, you can tell us now, but please talk softly, our mother is very ill and needs her sleep.” He gave me a half-hearted smile and I smiled back, my smile being the same as his. He was waiting expectantly but I saw him cast a worried and sad glance towards the bedroom every time a cough occurred. And then a raspy wheeze as she gasped for air.

Tears welled up in my eyes. The woman was their mother…? And she was very ill… And judging by their appearance and the place they lived in I guessed that they could not afford a doctor to come here and take a look at their mother. I wanted so much to tell him why I was here and that I had missed him dearly, but the words didn’t slip past my lips. My sight grew hazy and teardrops fell from my lashes, sliding down my cheeks.

“Don’t you need help…?” My voice was filled with sorrow and sympathy.

He looked at me with a sad smile when I had asked my question.

Ichiru called me softly. “Come here, you…” He spread his arms and pulled me into a tight hug. I sniffled and dug my face into his shirt, staining it with my tears that now flowed hurriedly down my flushed cheeks.

“If you can do anything to help my mother get better, Yuuki-chan, plase tell me because I don’t think the medicine Zero brought can do anything for her now.” An unhappy sigh left his lips.

I nodded slowly, bringing my hands to his chest and grasping his damp shirt there. I did know a way… But I needed to discuss it with my elders. And it was something I would not back down from. Ichiru and Zero’s mother needed help… desperately. I turned my head to the side and saw Zero somberly stand quietly next to his mother, holding her hand as she trashed in the bed, fighting the illness.

“I… I…” I swallowed. I had to act quickly. Blinking away my tears I raised my head bravely to give Ichiru a confident look. I would help him… her… them.

“Ichiru, please take me home… I… have a family doctor, he is well known… He might be able to help.” I raised my eyebrows and smiled at his worried look. Then I said softly: “…And do not worry about paying… It is a friendly deed.”

He nodded, but somewhat hesitant. “Sure, I’ll take you, but first let’s call Zero here; he needs to know of your plan, Yuuki-chan.”

I gave a nod of my own and brought my hands to my eyes where I wiped the tear stains away. When we walked back to the bedroom in which their mother was lying my eyes met with Zero’s. From his place on the bed beside his mother he raised an eyebrow and cast a look at his brother.

“Ichiru, why did you not tell me you were befriended with Yuuki Kuran. You know it’s unheard of to be seen with mere farmer boys such as ourselves for a girl of her standards. I hope you told her that before telling her anything about yourself, right, Brother?”

I blinked and then scowled, but Ichiru just shook his head.

“Zero, you don’t understand. Yuuki-chan and I are really good friends, she can be herself when she is with me and I really like her company. I am sorry for keeping it a secret, but, Brother, there really is no need for any of these arguments. Please save them for later. Yuuki-chan just offered me to take her home to ask her family doctor to look at Mother and I agreed to it. …And I want you to do the same.”

The atmosphere grew tense as Ichiru and I waited for Zero to answer. I prayed that he would have a common sense and accept my help. Their mother was tossing in the sheets again… Her breathing sounded labored and she sounded as if she could not get enough air. Boldly I fought back new tears and pressed my lips together.

Zero exhaled with a deep sigh. “Ok, Ichiru, take Yuuki Kuran back, but please make it quick. I don’t know how much longer Mom is going to keep this up she needs help really quick.”

To be honest, I could not say how relieved and glad I was as that moment when hearing those words.

“Yuuki-chan, come on, Zero agreed we’d better go.”

He did not need to tell me that. I turned on my heel and ran outside, Ichiru following me in a fast pace. But as soon as we stepped out of the house he took my hand and we ushered towards the stables, not far from the house.

I had never seen anyone move as fast as Ichiru did then. He brought the bridle around Rose’s head and jumped on her back while he was at it. My heart thumped fast in my chest when he held his hand out to me, gesturing me to get on.

“Take my hand, Yuuki-chan,” he called. Rose danced on her place, perhaps full of anticipation to finally run. I gulped and took his hand, but not before bringing my thumb and index finger in my lips and whistling.

Parfait!” I hollered. “Come here, boy!”

Thank God, he was there in an instant, standing readily in the entrance of the stables. I brought my leg on Rose’s other side and drew my arms tightly around Ichiru’s waist.

“Run fast, Rose, please.” I pleaded and closed my eyes tightly. If we did not make it in time… I stopped my thoughts in time and shook my head mentally. Their mother needed their help as soon as possible.

My heart was still racing, nearly stumbling over itself as the blood rushed in my ears. I was sure that Ichiru could feel it against his back too.

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We dashed through the fields and over the man-made road I knew that lead us straight to the city. All the while my thoughts were blank. I could not think of anything else but Ichiru and Zero’s mother lying in bed, trashing and tossing and clutching the sheets. I sniffled and dug my face into his back. I did not want to cry again.

When we reached the inner city Rose walked slower now, a bit uncertain with the loud sounds coming from cars and carriages. But once Ichiru flicked his tongue and pulled the reigns to the road that lead to my home, Rose continued galloping up the street. Finally, the sounds quieted down and fields of green and an avenue lead us straight to the Kuran mansion.

Badump. Badump. Badump.

Adrenaline rushed through me as we halted before my house.

“Ok, here we are, please try to get your parents to listen, ok, Yuuki-chan?" He jumped of his mare before me and offered me his hand to dismount as well.

As soon as I set foot on the ground and thanked Ichiru, Mother ran down the stairs of the mansion exclaiming my name.

Yuuki Kuran!” Mother pursed her lips and with a furious look she stemmed her hands on her hips. Kaname joined her soon after and stood beside her silently. Yet he did not run, he walked slowly and gracefully. A scowl was seen on his face and I flushed from embarrassment of disappointing him. My attention went back to my mother. “Tell me at once what you were thinking just running off like that?! I nearly had a heart attack when Kaname came home without you!”

“I was… with a friend.” I gritted my teeth to bite back my annoyance. I did not have time to discuss with her! We needed a doctor at once!

“Oh? Him?” Mother’s eyes shot to Ichiru who was standing next to Rose, with a hand on her muzzle. I could see clearly how her eyes went into slits and she looked him up and down with detest. Ichiru raised an eyebrow. At least my brother’s look was filled more with curiosity.

“Yuuki…” Mother’s voice dreaded out when she looked back at me

I nearly exploded. How could she treat him like that? Clenching my fists to my sides I bit out: “What!? Mother?”

Was it because of the way he looked? What he wore? What he was and that could not be helped? It was not as if he chose a life such as this one!

I had never wanted to argue with her like this. Really. And usually I would never act like this.

“What’s wrong?”

Cross-sensei came down the stairs to join our… bunch. I raised my chin and scowled, ready to challenge everyone. But when he looked at me softly my gaze faltered and I ran up to him. I hoped to win his opinion. Maybe he would talk with Mother… I did not think that I would have patience for that now.

“Sensei! Ichiru, my friend here…” I gestured to Ichiru a few meters behind me. “His mother is terribly sick! We could not bring her here… They live on a farm not that far from here. Our doctor, Dr. Freiberg, might be able to help her!” I babbled down the words excited and upset that my mother wanted to argue with me at first. My eyes began to fill with tears again and I looked up to him hopefully.

Help me, Sensei, please…! Please!

“Well…!” Cross-sensei looked from me to Ichiru, then my mother and Kaname. Then he looked back at me. “I don’t know…” He was at a loss for words.

“Please! Don’t you know how important this is? You know how to contact him, please do! Or else his mother will…” A sob escaped my lips and my knees buckled. With a gasp Sensei’s hands shot forwards and caught my shoulders. Otherwise I would be kneeling on the floor now. I had hoped that he would stand by my side and help me persuade Mother, but now when you thought about it… He wasn’t the man in the house.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I looked at Mother gravely who was now staring at me with an opened mouth. She might have not expected me to act like this… She glimpsed at Ichiru and was that… regret? And guilt?

“Mother, please… Please, please, please…” My heart clenched as if someone had drawn their fist around it. I lowered my head and my long hair fell around my face. “You… haven’t seen her… Just now she looked horrible and she is terribly ill...” My body trembled and I felt Sensei give my shoulders a squeeze. “I beg of you…! Please help her…!”

I shut my eyes tightly. “Father would help without a second thought for sure…”

My tears glided down my face and I sobbed.

I would beg her on my knees if I had to… I would—


I would…



I raised my head to see if I had heard correctly, or if my ears had played a trick on me. Had she really said ‘alright’? Meeting her eyes with mine I saw a faint smile on her lips. She nodded as if to affirm my thoughts.

“I’m sorry, my dear Yuuki…” She walked over to me and Sensei dropped his arms while Mother embraced me. “I did not know that it meant so much to you…” She stroked my hair to subside my helpless sobs. I felt relieved. So relieved…

“Kaname, would you please contact Dr. Freiberg and tell him to come to…?” She looked at Ichiru questionably as if to ask where his house was located.

When the question was directed at him, Ichiru cleared his voice.

“That’s simple to explain. I live behind the biggest corn field right behind the corner of the old apple orchard. It’s on the country side near the city. Do you think that it’s possible to go there, Mrs. Kuran?”

I smiled at him, somewhat proud. My eyes glinted with tears I now wiped away.

Mother thought for a moment tapping a finger to her chin. “Yes, I suppose that won’t be a problem. Kaname, would you be so kind and give Dr. Freiberg those directions? And tell him it is urgent, dear.”

Onii-sama nodded obediently. “Yes, Mother.”

I pulled back from Mother and gave her a thankful smile. “Will you go with us, Mother…?”

“Hmm…” She shook her head. “No, I will stay here until your Father returns. He might want to know what happened.” Her look softened and she smiled at me so lovingly. “Don’t be back too late, sweety, alright?”

“Okay.” Nodding eagerly I jumped forward to plant a loud kiss on her cheek.

Kaname-onii-sama hurried down the steps of the house and informed us that the doctor was now on his way to Ichiru’s house. I nearly squealed of joy, but contained myself, for I did not know if our family doctor would even be able to help his mother…

“I am going back with Ichiru.” Looking at my friend I told him that I would saddle my horse and then we could go. Kaname volunteered to come along and together we hassled to the field and saddled our Frisians Syrin and Peeko. It was then when he looked at my dirtied feet with an amused glance.

“Where have your shoes disappeared to?”

“Oh! They… well…” I quickly told him the story while readying the horses and finished when I climbed into the saddle. He had a soft smile on his face that almost, almost resembled a grin.

“That is just the way you are, Yuuki.”

I stuck out my tongue at onii-sama and we rode to Ichiru, who was waiting for us at the beginning of the avenue.


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