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 Rose and Ichirus First Meeting

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PostSubject: Rose and Ichirus First Meeting   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:16 pm

Since i am really enjoying the au fic i am writing together with Yuli i decided to write a little one shot that will be about Rose and Ichiru. how they first met how their relationship grew so strong how they came to trust each other so well. This is their story <3

A young silver haired boy of the age of 10 tags after his elder twin brother who was walking in a fast pace through the streets while holding a blue robe in his rigth hand and a small pony tight to that same robe.

The pony was pure white. white manes white tail but all that wast white was the mares personality
the little horse had from the first time she and Zero met only attached herself to him and did not wanted anyone else around her but Zero
Thats why this very moment all Ichiru tried to do was staying away from the fowl while trying to follow his brother all the same.

Their mother was walking a little further away from her boys. a happy smile on her face as she watches them running through the streets.

it was the twins birthday today and this morning she told the younger one of the twins that it was his turn to chose a horse at the market now since Zero all ready got one a month earlier.

Mrs Kiryu thought it to be better to first have one horse come to live at the farm to getting used to his new live before getting the second one.

Ichiru was very eager to get his own horse. he was very jealous and longed for his own horse
whenever he saw Zero with Lilly but now that today it finally was his turn to chose a horse he could barley wait.

But by the time they arrived at the market a sudden downpour of rain falls down on them all which makes everyone gets inside their houses or farms and the market is closed not much later.

Ichiru looks around himself with a very disappointing look on his face. trying his best to not cry yell and get angry.

His mother puts a hand on his shoulder and gently guides him back home again.
Zero tries to cheer him up while walking home but no matter what he tries Ichiru is not able to smile not even for a little while all he does in staring ahead of himself and stays silent the whole time walking back home.

Days pass and the weather only gets worse. Its still only early spring so its normal for the weather to be this bad but for little Kiryu Ichiru its not doing anything good. its only making his mood getting worse with each day that passes by.

that on one late spring afternoon while a watery sun finally shows herself again Ichiru together with his little puppy socks who he had gotten as a present from a near by farmer that thought it very sad for the little boy that he had not yet gotten his pony gave him one of the puppies from his dog that had given birth to little babies a couple of weeks ago.

The little puppy runs ahead of the small boy barking and chasing after butterflies that fly before the dogs eyes.

The boy loves to explore the country side but most of all he loves to explore the forest thats close to the farm. its always making him curious whats out there.

Climbing inside a large oak tree he climbs to the highest branch and stands up slowly while trying to keep his balance.

He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes really enjoying this feeling of the wind playing with his hair
its making him feel all free and happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose and Ichirus First Meeting   Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:34 am

Until suddenly a strong breeze sets up and makes him shiver slightly.
Running a finger though his silver locks he climbs carefully out of the tree trying not to scratch with his clothes against the branches of the tree or else he would get a scolding of both his mother and Zero for sure.

Ichiru climbs down the tree with ease while Socks barks impatiently down below wanting for the boy to come down again. Because the dog wanted to explore deeper into the forest but not without his silver haired boy to accompany him along.

Running ahead of the boy the black and white haired puppy soon disappears into the high grass.
Ichiru while laughing cheerfully following the small dog into the woods.

The trees made way for a large open field then and the boy and his dog finds themselves face to face with a herd of small horses and i discripe them as horses since they were much bigger then the highest pony.

Ichiru looks at the herd with amazement to be seen in his amethyst eyes.
Never before had he seen wild horses this close. He knew they lived around here but he never thought them to be this close near his own home.

Socks barks and is making little whinnying sounds as he tries to get closer towards the horses.

A small dark haired stallion the leader of the herd is whinnies loudly his ears flat on his head as he has his mighty head bowed down below while scrapping with his hooves over the muddy ground to scare the barking puppy away from his herd.

Ichiru turns his head to scowl his dog.
''Socks come here boy don't scare them now'' while his gaze never left that of the horses that stood close still grasing.

The dog runs back to his silver haired boy and sits down besides him.

The black stallion calms down then and starts to eat grass again.

Wich makes Ichiru to sit down on the grass to observe the horses trying to be as still as possible to not disturb their rest.

All ready thinking what his mother and brother would think of his discovery. His elder brother Zero loves horses he knew because Lilly his new fowl was all ready more then just attached to his twin
he saw how much the small white baby horse adored him all ready even after only 3 weeks of living on the farm with all of them.

His brother would surly love to see the small herd of horses of that Ichiru was sure.

A couple of hours pass by and the silver haired youth and his small puppy remain seated on the same spot as when they had arrived in.

He was very fascinated by the herd that he completely lost all track of time

The horses had all different kinds of color.
A couple of horses were all light grey. One was dark brown. There were even a couple that were snow white even their tail and manes were snowy white.

Ichiru thought the white ones were the most beautiful horses he had ever seen and coule not stop staring at them at all for a very long time.

But when it grew dark and the sun slowly fades away into the horizon the black stallion makes his retreat into the trees wich got all of the rest of the horses to follow him obediently.

Standing up from the ground Ichiru stretches his tired muscles and yaws slighly.
''Lets go back Socks before mother sends brother to find me again and I really dont want to receive his scolding when I am in such a good mood now''

''Arrff'' Sock agrees and follows his boy back into the woods.

When walking through the high grass that would take them back to the farm a painful whinny came from close by and makes the silver haired boy turn around to see a small chestnut pony standing still a little further ahead.

The small horse was a real mess. Her hair was all tight down and huge pieces of dirt stuck to her manes and tail. And the worse part was that she was bleeding badly. Most of her front legs was all covered in blood.

She was calling for the herd to help her but it seems like the leader thought her to be too far gone to be any help to the small horse and had left her all by herself.

Ichiru was shocked to discover this badly injured young horse. With small steps he tries to get closer to the horse that tries to follow her herd still but with her legs this wounded its no use.

When she notice a young human boy tries to approach her she backs away but cant really seem to move all that much anymore and stands still shivering and all tensed up. Watching the boy with fear in her dark brown eyes.

Reaching out his hand the boy tries to touch her head when the horse does not move he gently strokes her long manes away from her eyes.

The little chestnut pony neighs in fear. Afraid of this little human boy standing before her now. But cant really move away from him since her front leg is prefending her from moving right now

''Shh girl dont try to move. I just want to look at your leg''

Very slowly he gets on his knees to see to the injured leg.
And is shocked to see how deep the wound was on the left front leg. He even could see the bone shinning through the wound was really that deep.

Its making him wonder what kind of animal could have done such a thing to this small innocent animal.

''You cant stay here little horsy we need to get you to come to my house brother and my mother would know what to do''

''If I just be lucky enough to have some robe with me then I could lead you back myself''
Digging his hand deep inside his pockets he is happy to discover a long dark brown robe in his rigth pocket.

Tying it around the horse neck he carefully urges the chestnut horse to move again.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose and Ichirus First Meeting   Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:06 pm

''Try to move a little bit horsy we are very close to my home''

Socks barks near the delicate horses legs and its making her to move her feet slowly and its letting ehrself get led away by the young boy.

Not really able to make a run for it in her current condition.

''Much better horsy dont worry when you at my home we make you get all better you see''
Ichiru talks softly to the chestnut horse thats having her ears turned in his direction curious to listen to the boys gentle voice its making her feel a little bit better all ready.

when they finally arrived at the farm again its Zero who runs out the door the minute his twin walks on the terrain.

''Ichiru you finally back mom is worried sick about you silly boy she made me go look for you just now glad you have decided to come back before i had to take the trouble to go and find you when suddenly his attention got drawn to the small pony standing close near his younger twins side.

''Who's horse is that Ichiru?''

Zero says with raised eyebrows.

Ichiru turns his attention away from the wild injured horse and back to that of his brother.
''Zero i am sorry for making mom worry but this afternoon i discovered this small herd of horses and this horse standing next to me now came to me because her friends could not do anything for her anymore look at how injured she is i could not let her stay here being this injured
We need to help her brother we really need to try please tell me you will?''

Ichiru almost begs and its making Zero sighs as he gives in to his twin brothers so easily time after time.

''Ok first led her inside the barn with Lilly and then we inform mother about your little injured animal and will we so how to help her''

Smilling happily Ichiru is relieved his brother is able to help him.
''Thank you Zero you are the best''

And gently tries to make the injured horse inside the barn but since it was all dark outside and everything smells different the horse is not willing to step into the darn barn and keeps her legs firm on the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose and Ichirus First Meeting   Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:56 am

Zero sighs once more before he walks to his brother and helps him with the struggling horse. and together they are able to get her inside one of the empty stalls that luckily all ready was all covered with hay on the ground Ichiru had done that a day before just in case they were able to find a horse and now its making him believe he had knew this would have happened it was such a coincident for him to find the injured horse.
and maybe just maybe this small chestnut horse would make it through and maybe she could stay on the farm Ichiru thought and hopes with all his heart that they could make her all better again.

He looks at the frightened horse that stood shivering and still very tense looking rigth back at him
as if she was saying please let me out i dont belong here.

''Come Ichiru lets go inside and tell mom about your injured horse she needs to know about it''

Zero says and pushes his younger twin brother towards the house.

''Yes you're right Zero i just hope mother knows how to help her i dont want her to suffer much longer not like this''

''I know you dont but be reassured mother will know what to do come lets tell her now''

Ichiru nods his head and together the twins walk back inside the house. opening the front door were msr Kiryu rushes towards them a worried look on her face as she grabs hold of her youngest son who did not look all that happy rigth now.

''Ichiru Kiryu were have you been young man i was worried sick wondering were you were but when Ichiru did not even reacted to her words but kept his mouth shut she knew that something was up and looks at her eldest son who just shrugs which meant Ichiru had to tell her himself.

Ichiru looks at his mom and starts to speak then.
''I am sorry mother for worrying you but me and Socks found this injured horse and i could not let her stay there like that so we took her home with us will you please make her better again mommy
or she might die and i dont want my horse to die''

and tears well up in his amethyst eyes when he was done talking.

Msr Kiryu was not really surprised by this one bit but a horse and a wounded one at that was something she had not yet brought home herself in her childhood.

''Calm down son it cant be that bad why dont you show me her before dinner because i know you wont eat anything at all if we dont''

Ichiru nods his head meekly takes his mothers hand and leads her to the barn were the little chestnut horse was staying.

The moment they stood before the stable door she smal animal starts to kick against her door really hard her ears flat on her head neighing in fright.

''Oh my what a beauty she is'' Msr Kiryu says when seeing the horse

Ichiru raises his eyebrows at that.
''You really think so mommy?''
''Yes i do son now let me see to that injured leg of hers shall we''

Zero opens the door for his mother to show her the injured leg the wild horse had.
''Oh this looks nasty but with the help of my two big boys we will make her all better again''

Hearing this Ichiru feels all relieved and happy again.
happy that they could help his little chestnut horse.

''Ichiru grab a basket with warm water. Zero grab the bandages and infection salve hurry then i take a better look at this mares leg''

Both silver haired boys rush back inside the house obeying their mothers every order
getting everything their mother needed to help the mare.

The young light brown haired woman gets closer to the mares side kneels down to see to the leg better and is shocked to discover how infected the wound all ready was.
What could have wounded this small animal this bad. it was a miracle it was able to survive in the wild for this long. she really was one though mare to make it this far even with only three legs to support her weight.

She was happy her little son brought her back home with him
she would do whatever it would take to make her cured again. She wanted her son to smile again
not be this sad and moody like he had been all of this past month maybe this little chestnut mare would be able to cheer her son rigtht up again. but before that would even happened they had do their very best to cure her injured leg.

END Chapter 1
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PostSubject: Re: Rose and Ichirus First Meeting   Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:07 am

Chapter 2
Break Through

it was a long night for the kiryu twins and their mother. they worked all through the nigth to help the small injured horse back to health again but since the chestnut mare was afraid of humans she was after a wild horse it was not easy to touch her legs or head only little Ichiru who was the one who had brought her to the farm was able to touch her leg long enough for their mother to clean and bind the wound.

With sweat on her brow the brown haired woman brushed it away tiredly and looks at both her sons that had fallen asleep against the box door seated close to each other Zero's head leaning on his brothers shoulder.

She could not help but to stare at them for a very long time with affection to be seen in her eyes
happy that her dearest twin boys could get along so well with each other.

Since it was summer she decided to led them remain in the stables hoping it would give the wild mare some peach of mind.

Speaking of the little mare. the small chestnut horse stood as far as she could in the corner of her box trembling still glancing over at the boys sleeping close besides her only the box door was in between them.

Msr Kiryu slowly makes her way out of the stables and walks back to the farm to find her own bed.
they had to get up again early the next day farm live never was a live with much breaks after all
but since her boys worked so hard she thought to not wake them early this time they deserved a break
they were still so very young hard work on the farm was no place for eleven year olds not just yet.

Falling on her bed she was asleep in minutes.

Early the next morning Ichiru stirs and opens his eyes to find himself leaning with his back against the box door of his injured horse he ha brought with him the next day and all happenings of the last day came back to him then.

Looking around him he noticed his twin brother Zero was still fast asleep leaning with his head on his brothers shoulder.

He hated to wake his brother rigth now it never was a good idea to wake Zero this early but he had no choice he had to make sure his little chestnut horse was all right.

it was all he could really think about rigth now. shoving his brothers head of his shoulder who grumbles and opens his eyes then wanting to know who was beign so rough with him this very moment

But Ichiru did not wait to apologies to his brother but instead stands back on his feet to rush to the mares side.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose and Ichirus First Meeting   Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:16 am

The minute Ichiru approaches the little mare it directly stood back on her feet again but had her ears turned his way curious what the little boy was going to do or say to her now.

''How are you doing little horsy?'' did you sleep well?''
Ichiru spoke softly and kneels down near the horse side who sniffs his hands curiously
which made Ichiru smile brightly thinking it was a start of trust all ready.

Staying as still as he could Ichiru waits till the horse saw nothing to eat in side and turns her head away again. her ears still turned his way though.

''I see your leg is all taking care of now i am glad mother was able to help you little horsy''

I go now and thank her i be right back''

Turning around Ichiru ran back out of the stable again and soon was joined by his elder twin that did not look all that happy of being woken up so early but he could not blame it on his twin not when he finally was no longer in a bad mood anymore.

Mrs Kiryu was taking care of breakfast when both her sons run inside the house all flustered and sleepy still their hair full of straw and hay even their clothes was all covered with it that she could not help but giggle at the sight of them.

Zero looks at his mom with confusion until she points at his clothes and he grins as well
''Good morning Zero Ichiru dear come and eat before its catch cold''

The twins wash their hands at the sink before the take their chair and sit down to eat their bacon with eggs eagerly.

Breakfast at the Kiryu Farm always went by fast because the twins were growing lads that were always hungry.

After breakfast they had to help with feeding the sheep cows and chicken and when that was all finished it was time for their lessons but since their mother could not afford to let them go to school they were home schooled by their own mother that knew how to read and write a little but well enough to teach her sons the basics.

Only this time she let them skip the lesson to see to the injured chestnut mare instead.

Walking slowly when they approach the stable Ichiru is the first one that enters the box were the mare was staying in and opens it very softly.

''Hello their little horsy'' he says very gently and touches her on her nose with his little fingers
the horse turns her head when she hears the human boy talk to her and turns her ears in his direction

From a distance Mrs Kiryu is watching her son make contact with the wild horse and is amazed with how well the horse was all ready listening to her sons voice. she smiles warmly at her elder son who returns the smile and knows Zero is thinking the same thing as she did.

The chestnut mare does not mind if the little boy touch her she feels the boy is no treat to her
and allows the boy to be around her.

Kneeling down to the ground he takes a closer look at her leg and when he sees it was getting better to his knowledge he slowly gets up again to not scare the horse and walks out of the stable back to his mother and brother.

''Mom mom i think its healing all ready come and have a look''
Ichiru says happily which got his mother to follow her son back inside the mares stable again
this time the mare did not over react when the elder woman got closer to her because the human boy was still around it made the young horse relax knowing she was not alone with the strange human.

Kneeling down in the straw Mrs Kiryu examines the wounded leg and nods in improvement
''Its healing better then i thought it would son i a glad she is healthy enough to get her body to heal her wounds. ''If we take good care of her she be fine in no time Ichiru but i am sure you and Zero will do everything to get this mare to get better again dont you son?''
and ruffles his silver head affectionately when she saw him nodding his head eagerly.

''Of course mom i will do my best to make her get all better again you''ll See''

The chestnut mare moves her head in the young boys direction and turns her ears his way as well
Ichiru saw it as a way to get his attention and softly touches her mouth manes and neck
until the mare thought it was enough and lowers her head to the ground to see if she could find something to eat.

Mrs Kiryu looks at her son when seeing the mare searching for food.
''Come son lets get that pony of yours something to eat shall we''
Grabbing his hand she leads him out of the stable and closes the door behind her

Were Zero stood waiting but when he saw their happy faces he was relieved the pony Ichiru had brougth with him the other day was doing better.

''Zero dear help your brother with getting his pony something to eat then i take care of the sheep and cows this time ok'' and smiles sweetly up at him.

''Sure mom come Ichiru i help you''
Ichiru nods his head and goes to follow his brother there by letting go of his mothers hand and goes with his brother to find food for the mare.

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PostSubject: Re: Rose and Ichirus First Meeting   

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Rose and Ichirus First Meeting
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