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 Ichirus Secret.

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PostSubject: Ichirus Secret.   Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:35 am

This is a storie that will be a part of me and Yulis au Vk Storie I Am A Peasant In Your Princess arms but it does not mean anything that happens in this storie happens in the Au fic as itself this is a request from my Dear friend Nathalie who requested Yuki and Ichiru kissing and Yagari Zero and Kaitou see them do it.

Hope you all like it Wink

Ever since Yuki and Ichiru had secretly starting dating, it was clear to Zero that his brother had fallen hopelessly in love with the majors daughter.

they had to do it secretly, since Yukis parents wanted her to marry a noble man when she was older, but Yuki and Ichiru thought way differently then her parents and tried to meet up as much as they could.

Thats why this very moment Zero was doing all the hard work all by himself again, but only this time he did not mind.

his brother had just returned from a three years journey and Zero thought he deserved to see his girl again after being away for so long.

Zero sighs deeply as he wraps some sweat away from his brow. it sure was hard work plugging the fields that surrounded the farm but since no one was there this day to help him he had to do it all by himself

Ichiru did not saw any future in the farmers live, he was dreaming about running away with Yuki to find a live for themselves somewhere else, in which Zero seriously disagreed on but being the stubborn boy that he was he did not listen to anything his bother said about it and went his own way.

all he could think about when he thought about his future was Yuki Kuran and nothing else mattered but her.

Zero gently lays a hand on his mare neck who was trying her best to help her master with fields work.
touching her shoulder with his rough farming hand he is glad the white horse was there to help him
it did not make him feel so alone when Ichiru was gone.

Since Ichiru had returned from his three years journey with the knight Touga Yagari the boy had changed for the better.he had become more mature more wiser and more patient.

the three years away he had kept contact with Yuki by a hawk the Knight had given him to keep in contact with his family. the young silver haired boy had written many letters to both his twin and to Yuki most of all.

It made them feel they still close in contact when writting letters but while Ichiru was away Zero and Yuki had become close friends just the same.

She and her elder brother Kaname had visited the elder twin whenever they could
helping on the farm, in the fields, with the animals. Zero was very grateful for their help and most of the time offered them to stay for dinner, cooking himself ore sometimes with Yukis or Kanames help
both he an Zero had become good friends as well and it made Yuki very happy they did

The winters at the country side always were very rough but with the extra clothes food and help
from the Kurans Zero managed to keep his head up hight and survive.

Zero still remembers one cold decembers night when Yuki had come to visit him alone since her brother had been busy with his studies. Yuki and him had been locked inside the house when a snow storm had come very suddenly and had surrounded the farm with snow completely.

Zero had made a fire big enough to keep warm while Yuki had made two large cups of tea and together they had seated close together before the heat, cup in hand both covered by one of Yukis old blankets that she had brought along with her when she had come to visit.

It had been on that cold winters night that they had shared their first kiss.
Zero had been a very reserved polite and a little cold-hearted boy ever since his mother had died but when Yuki had come into his live she had managed to break his walls, and changed him back into the soft heart gentle boy he had been before tragedy had come into his live.

But the moment Ichiru returned things change and Yuki had to make a hard decision
she chose Ichiru in the end. admitting it was his brother she longed for more, it was Ichiru she had fallen in love with first.

Zero had accepted her choice but the moment she had left the farm he had hidden himself away from his brother, in Lillys stable and had broken down in tears.

It was the place his twin had found him sleeping against the mares body, but had not made him wake up but left him alone for that day, understanding Zeros way to accept heartbreak.
still surprised that Yuki and his brother had become this close when he was away

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PostSubject: Re: Ichirus Secret.   Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:52 am

This very moment when it was summer once more Zero had seated himself on the grass while his white mare Lilly grasses near him.

He had taking off his shirt since it had become way to hot outside to keep it on any longer.

He was expecting a visit from his friend Kaitou to make a long ride with their horses and to visit the market after wards to grab a bite to eat.

Kaitou had come to the Kiryu farm a few weeks after Ichiru had departed telling him he had come in place of his father who had been good friends with Zeros mother, when they had been younger, but had moved away with his parents and could no longer keep in contact. the elder boy told him that his father had asked his son to help Zero on the farm for as long as he needed him
and since Kaitou who was a hunter had no real job to do this summer had agreed to help Zero out curious to meet the boy for himself.

Zero had accepted the help gratefully never expecting his mother to have friends from long ago still remembering her but he was very happy with the help specially now that Ichiru had been gone for a long time.

Kaitou had brought his own horse with him. a dark brown gelding stallion that had a bit of a temper but when the stallion had met Zeros white mare Lilly the horse had found his match and had become good friends with the white mare, not even a day later.

While Zero was taking a break from work Ichiru together with his lovely girlfriend Yuki Kuran.

They were walking hand in hand through a field full of flowers,while their horses follow them from a little distance.

The dark brown haired beauty was wearing a very expensive light grey summers dress with short sleeves, while her hair hang lose round her shoulder, while the wind made it blow in every directions.

Ichiru was just wearing simple clothes a short sleeved blue shirt and middle length pants and was not wearing any shoes, it was way to hot to wear them anyways with it being simmer after all.
he was wearing this because he had no knight duties and could finally relax for a bit.

Yukis heart belonged to Ichiru she had made her choice but still she could not forget the memorie of having Zero kissing her that past winter his lips upon hers his soft lips so different then his younger brothers. Zeros love was way different then Ichirus. his way of showing how he felt made Yuki always feel she truly was special to him.

Ichiru glances her way and smiles thinking she really was beautiful. the way her hair blew in the wind the way her dress hugged all the right places yes Ichiru found himself one of the luckiest man alive to have captured her heart.

She notice him looking her way and returns the smile happily.

''Yuki-chan'' he says cheerfully let me hold you in my arms let me kiss you breathless''
she giggles at his words and steps closer to have Ichiru grab her in a warm hug
his strong muscled sun tinned arms hold her tenderly as he breaths into her hair
kissing her neck face and ends with her lips kissing her deeply
losing himself in the moment, closing his eyes as he has only eyes for his lovely girl.

when they both take a step back to breath again Ichiru chuckles when seeing her hair is a real mess, but he knows she does not matter.

She giggles as well knowing her hair looks funny, thinking what her mother would say, seeing her acting this unladylike being in the company of the boy she strictly forbid her daughter to see
But how could she stay away from this crazy funny farmer boy she had given her heart to long ago
she absolutely could not see herself listen to her mother and marry a noble man her mother chose for her, no Yuki wanted to live her live free from any rules

Ichiru had changed her completely, making her mother shocked with her behaviour time and time again.

Taking in the sight of the boy besides her she looks at his face and long silver strains falling freely round his cheeks and neck. his hair had changed a lot in the time he had been away. it had grew very long and was now tied with a blue ribbon that had been from his mother. this way he always had something that reminded him of his mother, which had touched Yuki very much when he told her about the reason he had started to wear it in his hair. she had told him it was a very good idea, telling him blue suited him.

Even Zero agreed on his brothers new hair style, joking that people could take them more apart from now on. Ichiru had grinned and agreed on his brothers words but the most relieved he was with Yukis thoughts about his hair when she had told him she liked it he had been greatly relieved.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichirus Secret.   Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:49 pm

Slowly they start moving again walking through trees and high summer grass.

Walking into the direction of the lake and the old apple orchard a place that was for both very special
here they had first got to know each other here they had their very first memorie
it had become their secret hiding place that only they knew off well Zero as well but that was because if their was a emergency and his brother needed his help he needed to know were his brother was of course but other then Zero really no one knew of it being the meeting place of the Mayors daughter and one simple farmer boy.

Since it was summer Yuki longed to tip her feet in the cold refreshing water and just lay back down in the grass forgetting about her mothers warnings forgetting about her studies and just be Yuki in love with Ichiur nothing more and nothing less.

Soon they arrive at the lake they tip their feet in the water sit down on the grass and get close together
Ichiru takes her in his arms cups her cheek and kisses her deeply once more.

At that same momeny Zero had saddled Lilly and waits patiently for Kaitou to come meet him at the start of the road.

The silver haired famer boy jumps in the saddle when he sees his friend heading his way all ready seated on his brown stallion that was making slow gallop paces wanting to gallop all ready but Kaitou was a very good rider that knew his horse well he knew how to keep his horse under control.

Looking up at his silver haired friend he spoke.
''Are you ready Zero lets go''
Zero nods his head and feels his horse move underneath him as he makes her go in a fast gallop
Soon they had left the Kiryu farm behind and race towards the fields and woods that were right up ahead.

But while riding they soon made their horses go in a slow trot when Touga Yagari the knight that was Ichirus teacher appeared before them looking very grim.

''Zero-san Kaitou-san just the right people that can help me on my search for my appretince and when hearing that Zero knew his brothers time with Yuki was up.

The dark haired knigth spoke as he makes his black stallion stand still.
''I lost him this morning when i told him he could enjoy his free time for today since we had no more duties but he ran away the minute i told him and now i have no idea were to find him
Something important came up that needs his and mine attention rigth away i cant let this pass because this kid keeps missing the minute i turn my back on him'' and growls in frustration.

''Gues yourself Yagari-san it wont be hard to think of who he is spending all his free time with now wont you agree Zero''

Zero nods his head. Sorry Ichiru but its your master i cant lie to someone important as a knight

''I think i heard my brother say he was going to take his girlfriend to the lake near the old apple orchards. Do you really need to disturb my brothers time now that he has some time off Yagari-san?'' hoping the knigth would say no and left his brother alone but that was not going to happen of that Zero was sure.

The dark haired knigh considers this for a moment before he shakes his head.
''I am sorry Zero-kun but your brother is soon to become a knight he needs to learn that a live as a knight is hard work he needs to understand that he cant always do what he pleases the way he used to
Its a good lesson for you as well Zero-san as you will be my second apprentice starting next spring''

Zero sighs in defeat and cant do anything but agree to that.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichirus Secret.   Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:10 pm

''All right follow me. I show you the way''

''Lets go Lilly'' the white mare neighs a little before she obeys and gallops away.

Kaitou looks in amusement as he sees Zero ride away clearly not happy with what he was going to do
but he really had no choice it was a knight and Ichirus teacher he could not disobey this man not even for his dear twin brother.

Knowing how hard it was for the boy to see his twin together with the girl he loved just as much as his twin did. Kaitou finds it a very noble act to step back from the girl that he liked and let his brother have little Yuki Kuran's heart.

Making his own horse follow the white mare soon all three riders gallop towards the place Ichiru was unaware of the visit he is about to get. still thinking his day with Yuki was never going to end.

Ichiru was having his head resting on Yukis lap while Yuki gently cares his hair.
the silver haired boy has his eyes closed and really enjoys all the attention she was given him this very moment.

Until Yuki stops suddenly and sits back down making Ichiru open up his eyes to see a mischievous glint in his girls eyes she gets on her knees crawls towards him and starts to kiss him passionately.
he kisses back eagerly once again losing himself to the kiss.

she really never could get enough of his kisses they always made her want him more and more
Only this time three visitors were looking at their making out session thought one was looking down not really wanting to see any of this.

Yukis cheek turn brigth red when she noticed they were no longer alone
Ichiru frowns and is clearly angry with this disturbing they had just got from his brother his master and his brothers friend all having witness their kiss.

''Auhm i hope we did not disturb anything Ichiru-kun'' Kaitou says and smirks when seeing Yukis flushed face who looks away the minute Kaitous eyes find hers.

Ichiru shakes his head

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PostSubject: Re: Ichirus Secret.   Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:28 pm

And glares at Kaitou before answering.
''Not Really but if i may be so bolt to ask what you are all doing here and glances at his master who sighs and starts speaking.

''No time for questions brat get your things say goodbye to your little girlfriend its time for work''

''Aww but master you said i could be free for the whole day and could spend time with Yuki-chan''
Ichiru starts to complain but stands up from the ground when the Knight glares at him.

''I am sorry kid but something important needs our attention and since you are my apprentice its your dutie to obey your master if the matter asks for it now get on that horse of yours and follow me''
He growls and its making the silver boy sigh unhappily but obeys he does.

Seeing his brother given him a apologising look knowing he had no other choice Ichiru is not mad jsut a little disapointed in his brother he needed to talk to him about it tonight but that was for later and hears his brother say somethinh about Yuki.

''Dont worry brother i see Yuki gets home safely''
Said girl nods her head. ''Thank you Zero-kun who smiles at her.

Ichiru grabs her hand and takes her in his arms taking her in for one last kiss not really caring about the audience all that much she gladly accepts his kiss.

When they both step back again Ichiru walks towards Rose jumps in the saddle grabs the reins and turns her into the direction of his master.

''Bye bye Yuki-chan i promise you i come for you again real soon''
and gives her a warm smile before he rides away after his master.

''Do your best Ichiru love you'' the brown haired girl answers back as she climbs on her own horse back again.

''Love you more!!'' He yells back and disappears into the distance.

Beaming the young girl is very happy to hear him say it knowing he would come for her this same night
she could barley wait all ready.

Zero frowns when seeing her this happy and does not meet her eye instead pets Lilly on her neck trying his hardest to keep from looking in her direction.

''lets go Yuki its getting late and i dont want to have your mother complain about you being home so late''

''I agree with Zero-kun come Yuki-sama lets go''

''Yes'' was all she said while glancing into the direction Ichiru had left in and takes the reins of her mare in her hands again.

Zero hates to see Yuki like this and wishes there was anything he could for her but knew it was futile to try she was Ichirus girlfriend not his all he could do for her was trying to cheer her up in a different way nothing more.

Turning Lilly in her direction he makes her stand next to her black mare and gives her a understanding smile.

''I tried to keep him away from you both i really did i know how much you missed my brother''

Yuki returns his smile and shakes her head.
''Its ok Zero-kun i should have know this migh happen it was to good to be true Ichiru is doing his best to become a knight i should be proud on him instead of feeling disappointed right now''
and tries to sound cheerful but Zero was not fooled he knew how much she had longed to spend a whole day together again the way they always used to have but being the more mature one of the Kiryu twins decides to not say anything about and instead agrees to her words.

''You're right my brother is really trying his hardest he really did change in the three years he was away i barley recognized him anymore when he returned home. that reminds me next year it will be my turn to leave for three years since Yagari-san wanted both to train under him remember
So don go of and marry my brother while i am gone Yuki-chan'' and chuckles when seeing her shocked facial expression.

''Zero-kun i could never do such a thing. If i ever were to marry Ichiru i want you at his side dont say such crazy thing'' and gives him a disapproving look.

''Ok,ok i was just joking with you Yuki you know me'' and chuckles some more.
shall we go now?''
''Yes lets go'' she says and sounds a little more cheerful again
Zero always was able to cheer her all up again.

it sure would be weird when he was gone, she would miss him terribly but she had Ichiru by her side again. with him around she could do anything.

Kaitou watches Yuki and Zero laugh and joke together.
waiting patiently for his friend and the majors daughter to be ready to depart.

One hour later Yuki had been brought home as expected Zero had been scolded by her over protective mother but bared with it like he had done so many times before.
Feeling relieved when it was once again just him and Kaitou riding through the fields
Finally able to let their horses go all out.

Zero only forgot about everything when it was only him and Lilly
Feeling as one as they fly over the fields.
This was pure bliss there really was no other way to discripe it.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichirus Secret.   Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:39 am

Later that evening while Zero was preparing the needed ingredients for tonights dinner he heard his brother stumble inside the house sounding very exhausted by the way he was walking well more stumbling.

''Brother are you home?'' Ichiru calls his twin and is happy to see Zero standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

''Of course i am who would feed you when i am not here you cant cook to save your live Ichiru''
and chuckles softly when seeing Ichiru frowns but cant deny it being true so keeps his mouth shut wisely for once .

''What you making dear brother of mine?''
Vegetable soup from Yukis fresh vegetables she so kindly brought this morning

''Ohh Yukis tomatoes her father grows are very good always as good as yours Zero
knowing it be better to say this then saying what he really thought it kept his brother happy and so he kept his mouth shut about his true thought about it.

''If you be so kind to set the table then i finish dinner''
''Do i really have to Yagari-sensei made me listen to a very boring conversation about i all ready forget about what i am exhausted from all this sitting cant you be a good brother and let me rest for a bit?''

Zero sighs and nods his head. ''All right if you promise to feed the animals before you sneak away to Yuki again.

''Deal'' Ichiru grins and slits down on the sofa near the window his eyes closed as he falls fast asleep
knowing dinner would not be ready in a long while.

Zero shakes his head when seeing his brother falling asleep so fast wondering what got him to be this tired surly no long conversation only he probably had training with the sword as well

Walking back inside the kitchen again he finishes the soup and a half hour later wakes his brother for dinner.

After dinner was ready Ichiru cleans the dishes feeds the animals and wishes his brother a good night as he rides away on his every faithful mare Rose to sneak into Yuki Kurans room to spend the night.

Zero watches him ride away feeling a little jealous but knows its no use his feelings for Yuki wont ever be answered she had Ichiru and did not needed his twins brothers affections no Zero just had to be strong for his and Yukis own sake and who knew maybe in the late future he too would find his own soulmate until that day he would try to support his brother and stay the reliable older brother he had always be.

Ichiru swiftly arrives at the Kuran mansion makes rose tight to a near by fence and sneaks around the house very carefully to not wake up the guard dogs that lay sleeping in the horse stables.
Until he had found Yukis chamber.

Climbing up to her window he softly ticks on the glass to make her know he had arrived.
not before long a very happy Yuki Kuran stood before the window clad in her night gown and her hair braided behind her back.

Opening the window she points a finger before her mouth as she lets him inside the house.
and kisses him gently on the mouth as he stands before her.

''I all ready thought you might not come tonight love''
Taking her in his arms he smells her shampooed hair and chuckles
''And miss to have you in my arms no way i ever could''
I could never fall asleep when you are not in my arms dear Yuki-chan''

That was enough for the young girl to feel at ease again and leads him to her bed
Climbing into the bed Ichiru takes her in his arms and sighs contently
Only with Yuki at his side was he able to feel complete again Only Yuki was able to make him feel alive and loved like no one had ever loved him before.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichirus Secret.   

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Ichirus Secret.
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