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 Ichiru's Secret Letters

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PostSubject: Ichiru's Secret Letters   Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:45 am

Since i am still; very much into my au fic universe mood i going to delight my dear friend Nathalie with more Ichiru centric fics <3

this one will be about the time Ichiru will leave home to train under the knight Yagari Touga
it will be about his training but also be about his longing for his dear girl he misses with all he has
so it will be a bit of a spoiler for all of you but i cant help it. i just cant release myself from this au universe just yet even thought Yuli is able to i surly cant XD

It had been a mear month that Ichiru had left his home behind. the large farm with all its animals its familiar smells his dear twin brother Zero and most of all his lovely girl Yuki Kuran the mayor daughter he had fallen heads of heels for three months ago but before he had come to realise his feelings for the girl his mother had died of a unknown illness and had died in the presence of both her sons. not soon after that had happened Yagari Touga a famous knight had come to their farm to offer both boys to learn under him.
it had been a request by their unknow father that if something ever were to happen to their mother he had wanted the boys to leave the farm and become knight just like their father had been.

Zero told his brother he should leave first while be handled the farm alone at first Ichiru had disagreed with his brother about the whole matter saying the winter was coming and be better left in spring but Zero being the stuborn boy that he was had told Ichiru it would be fine he had to grab this opurtinty while he had the chance and with that he would not listen to anything his brother had too say about it
in the end the younger twin had left riding his chestnut mare Rose rigth besides the huge black stallion of his new master knight.

Yuki had embraced him deeply tears in her eyes as she had whispered softly in his ears to write her whenever he had the chance to do so he had nodded and kissed her one more time before he mounted his horse and had riding away looking back once ore twice while doing so. to keep on remembering the way she had looked when saying goodbye. wearing his favorite blue dress her long hair dancing in her wind and most of all her warm smile she gave him when leaving.

He had no idea he would miss Yuki so much when two months later one late afternoon while he and his master knight had seated besides a campfire to warm up a bit after a long joureny they had just made
the young silver haired boy said with a feather in hand trying to write a letter to Yuki while his hawk said on a near by branch waiting patiently for his master to attach the letter to its claws.

My sweet Yuki i cant believe how much i am all ready missing you and its not even more then two months ago since i last saw your lovely face. I hope you are doing well and that you try to keep my dear brother company while in am not there. I hope you and Zero are doing well and that the harsh winter weather has not yet reached you yet since i am all ready suffering the cold until master bought me a warm woolen jacket to stay warm even gave me a blanket for Rose nice dont you think?''
I am sorry that my letters are always so short when writing to you but when i finally have some time for myself i am usually to tired to write much before my eyes close and i fall asleep with my feather still in hand. I hope you are well my love till we meet again take good care of yourself. yours truly.

When he had the letter all finished he attaches it to the hawk who swiftly flew away then on its way to deliver the letter to Yuki.

Same time at the Kiryu farm Zero sighs deeply when staring out of his window and feels the cold wind touch his face. winter was coming and he knew it would be a hard harsh winter he was confident that it would be. a long hard winter was coming and Zero really was not sure he was able to get through it this time when having no longer the help of his twin to help him with the strong heavy loads of grain straw and hay to carry inside he barn this time.

He would never admit it to anyone that he was missing his twin but Yuki who had captured his twins heart knew he did.

Closing the window the elder of the kiryu twins goes to lay down on his bed covered himself with his blanket and let sleep over come him. dreaming about the happy times of childhood when growing up was no issue where he and his twin could be reckless wild and playful for as long they wished for.

End chapter 1

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PostSubject: Re: Ichiru's Secret Letters   Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:17 pm

Chapter 2

That next morning Yuki Kuran sat on her bed waiting for her maid Akane to lay down her clothes to wear for today only this time when the maid had come inside the room she was carrying a letter with her who she placed in Yukis hands while given her a hinted smile knowing it was from the boy her mistress secretly dated without her parents knowledge.

Yuki happily received the letter from the maid who with another smile left the room again to leave Yuki to read her letter in peach.

''Thank you Akane'' Yuki politely thanks her maid who gave a soft nod and closed the door behind her.

Opening the letter she was happy to read all he had to tell her. giggled at the parts were he wrote he had little time to write her but knew she could never be angry at him for something so simple as being tired to write long letters recieving his letters were more then enough to make her happy
he was asking her to keep his brother company but in what way she was not sure and thought he meant to help him at the farm since winter was coming. if that was what he was asking of her to do she would do it gladly. his elder twin brother was a lot more mature then Ichiru could ever be but he had a gentle side to him as well Yuki loved to be in his company Ichiru would not be worried she would not visit Zero.

When she was done reading the letter she folds it nicely and places it on her night stand to reread before she were to go to sleep this night.

She was happy she had asked Ichiru to write her letters this way they could still be close no matter how far apart they were from each other.

Dressing herself slowly she yaws a little still a bit sleepy because she had just woken up when her maid had knocked on her door but she was glad she had opened the door for her since she had been longing to get more letters from Ichiru.

She decided to make a little visit to Zero at the farm later today and maybe she could get her elder brother Kaname to come along with her too.

She knew her brother and Zero has become good friends lately she knew he would love to accompany her of that she was sure.

Now that the wind still did not felt all that cold and the autumn weather was still nice enough her parents would alow her to ride her horse to visit her friend at the farm.

When her her horse was all saddle and ready done by the stable boy her parents had hired to keep the horses well fed she mounted her friendly black mare Pico and went on her way to visit Zero.
she could not get her brother to come along with her this time he had told her he was busy with school work and that needed his full attention scolding her playfully that she too should better study then visit farmer boys that did not followed any studies but she knew Zero would be learning under master Yagari when her Ichiru returned.

The sun was all ready very high in the sky when Yuki arrived at the Kiryu farm and it did not take her long to find the elder twin working on the land with his white mare Lilly plugging the fields to make it ready for the harsh winter that was coming verily soon.

Leading her horse towards the farmer boy and his horse she waves happily.
''Zero-kun'' she says happily and makes Pico go in a slow trot.

The silver haired boy looks up when he heard someone calling his name and smiles when he saw who it was. it was his brothers girlfriend that made it her duty to come visit him whenever she could to help him now that Ichiru was gone.

Yuki jumps out of the saddle while her long hair dances behind her and approaches the farmer youth
''Hii Zero how are you doing i hope i am not interrupting your work?'

Shaking his head he makes her known that was not the case.
''Not really i was just finishing but now that you are here let me make you some tea its not good to stay out here in the cold come'' he says with a gentle smile on his face and she follows him without hesitation.

Pico starts to grass while she waits for her master to come back for her.

Stepping inside the small but cosy living room Yuki follows Zero to the kitchen were he starts to heat up the water and to grab two cups to pour the tea in while the water is heating he makes himself some coffee since he is not really a person that likes tea he more prefers coffee over tea.

with their drinks in hand they sit down on the sofa that stands near the window and slowly sips their drinks while talking.

''You know what i got this morning from Akane Ichiru's second letter. he wrote me that he was doing fine and asked me to visit you today i think he doesnt want you to become lonely so here i am'' she says with a smile which Zero returns easily. ''my brother knows i be fine but i appreciate what you do for me Yuki you are a good girl for my brother he is one lucky guy to have you'' and gives her another gentle smile.

Which makes Yuki blush brigth red at this big compliment.
''I miss him so bad Zero'' and sighs unhappily.
he nods his head we all do Yuki we all do but you have to understand that his leaving was for the best
he will come back more mature more wiser he got this chance and you know how much he dreamed of becoming a knight he will be fine trust me he will''

''Yes you're right Ichiru is doign his best for me for you to become a better man and when he finally returns again he will be one great knight'' and saw it all before her. her Ichiru galloping on his dearest Rose looking all mighty and clad in the finest silk robes and having one of the best crafted swords on his belt crafted of only the best material anyone could ever find.

Yuki feels all better again and will be able to hold on with Zero at her side while Ichiru was gone.

she sips her tea some more and sets it down on the table again when she was finished drinking it.

and looks out of the window then to see the trees swap wildly and knows she better head back before the weather had all changed again.

Standing up from the sofa she faces Zero who nods at her and together they make it back outside again were he gently helps her on the back of her mount again.

''I will be back in a couple of days Zero i will need to study my teacher gave me a exam that i need to study for now and takes the reins in her hands.

''Good luck with the exam Yuki i cant really help you but you know i would if i could''
and lets go of the reins he was holding to let the horse ride away.

''Bye bye Zero see ya soon'' and waves at him happily
''Have a save trip back bye Yuki'' he replays back before turning around again to finish his work for the day.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichiru's Secret Letters   Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:06 pm

At that same moment Ichiru was brushing Rose chestnut chest and manes gently
the horse was having her head down to the ground eyes closed and really enjoying all the attention the young knigth apprentice was given her.

it was late afternoon and the sun was slowly going down and the young man was very tired from his sword practise he had all afternoon.

his body was full with brushes and scratches mosly on his face and shoulders but he endured it all for Yuki and his brother's sake they were the reason why he was doing this.

His master the stern dark haired elder knight was seated not far from the boy he was smoking his pipe
slowly and enjoying the silence of the day being here deep inside the forest were only the sound of birds was to be heard and the gentle sound of a river flowing near by.

Ichiru lays down the brush on the ground when he was done with taking care of her fur and all the dirt had disappeared from her body and manes.

the mare opens her eyes when she no longer feels the brush touching her body and whinnies a little in complain but it only made Ichiru chuckle as he puts the brush away in his bag again.

''I am all done Rose'' and gently touches her forehead to pet her for a moment.

the mare knows this is all the attention she is going to get for today lays down her head and starts to eat from the grass near her feet then.

Ichiru makes his way to sit besides his master who was just done with making a fire to cook some soup and roast the rabbit they had killed early this morning.

Letting out a exhausting sigh the boy sits down on the grass and gets his master to frown at him when looking at his apprentice.

''all ready tired boy?'' makes me wonder if you ever worked on the farm i doubt you ever did''
and sighs deeply.

''I did but brother and mother did most of the work i admit i was always slagging off but please dont judge me just yet master i have changed i prove that i can be strong too'' and Yagari could see the determination in the boys eyes and gives a nod in return.

''Thats the spirit now eat up you will need it for tomorrows training''
the boys takes the plate with roasted rabbit from his masters hands and realises how hungry he really was.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichiru's Secret Letters   Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:01 pm

After dinner Ichiru gets ready for his sleep and since it was really cold at night he made sure Rose was well taken care of that she was wearing her blanket and stood well secure in the trees who would be able to keep the cold wind away from the small chestnut pony.

when being all reassured that Rose was doing fine he grabs his blanket and lays down on his hand made bed of leaves and grass and covers his whole body with the blanket hoping that it would be able to keep him warm tonight.

It really was a harsh training the young farmer boy was getting from his master but knew it would only make him grow stronger because of it.

Not before long his eyes close and he falls into a peach full sleep while near by the dark haired stern knight is watching his apprentice with a tender smile on his face that he normally never shows to anyone

He was starting to get more fond of the boy with each day that passed by
he was sure Ichiru would make a fine knight but before that he had still a lot of work to do with this young stubborn boy of that he was sure.

making the fire out the elder man also retreated to his bed grabbed his blanket and was asleep in not even a second time.
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PostSubject: Re: Ichiru's Secret Letters   

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Ichiru's Secret Letters
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