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 Caspian Susan Drabbles

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PostSubject: Caspian Susan Drabbles   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:46 am

Since the newest movie of Narnia is coming out next month my whole Susan Caspian fangirl heart has come back to live again and i wanna try to write some little drabbles first before i start on working on real stories about them about Narnia and its creatures so enjoy Very Happy

Dabble 1 Peter

Caspian thought from the very first time that he laid eyes on the gentle queen Susan her to be the most gergous and gentle girl he had ever laid eyes on and did not found himself crazy to think he wanted to have her all for him self if only her brother Peter would stop glaring at him whenever he catches his staring at his sister again but then again brothers tend to be that way when it comes to siblings you love dear.

Drabble 2 Archery

Susan thinks herself to be very proud on herself when noticing she is even better then prince Caspian at Archery. he came close to her skill she had to admit he was very good at archery but not as good as she was.

Drabbles 3

When Susan the Gentle and the newly crowned king of Narnia Caspian kiss. Caspian knows its now or never ore else he would never see her again ever. takes her hands in his and begs her to stay
With one last glance at her siblings and Aslan she nods her head happily which got her to be twirled around by the now over joyed king who kisses her again and again just to show how happy he is.

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Caspian Susan Drabbles
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