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 Our Kind Of Love a Zeki Christmas fic

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PostSubject: Our Kind Of Love a Zeki Christmas fic   Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:23 pm

Our Kind Of Love
A Zeki Christmas storie

''Zero !! a young brown haired girl yells at the top of her longs while standing at the top of the stairs hands on her hips and not looking all that pleased this very moment.

''Were are you Zero?!! She repeats his name when said boy does not respond to her yelling and sighs deeply.

''Were could he be? just when the Chairman asks us to do some Christmas shopping together he has to disappear again without a trace.

This late Saturday afternoon a week before Christmas Kaien Cross had asked his adoptive daughter and adoptive son to find the biggest tree they could find and had left to his office to finish some paper work for the academy, leaving Yuki behind who had begin her search for Zero.
But that had been twenty minutes ago and still no sight of Zero, anywhere

Normally Zero was easy to find, usually found sleeping in lillys stable, or even taking a nap at the lake near the small forest that grew near the academy, but she had checked both places all ready and still had not find the silver haired boy at neither place.

After about one hour Yuki gives up, thinking that he might had been given a hunter asignment but if that were the case the Chairman had not asked them both to go get the tree so maybe he had just left for a bit and if she just wait he would come back soon.

Since it was weekend no classes were being given so Yuki had only to guard the school later that night. it would give her enough time to get into town for the tree is what she thought but with Zero gone still the time was slowly ticking away.

Taking a seat inside the living room she gets on her knees and rests her head on them
sighing once more and looks outside the window were a strong wind was making the trees swap to one side and wonders where Zero was right now.

At that same moment Zero was walking through town with his head lowered to the ground because of the cold stormy wind that keeps blowing in his face.

He was out here this late to do a little Christmas shopping to buy a gift for Yuki and the chairman, but specially for Yuki.

But since it was supposed to be a surprise for said girl Zero had sneaked away late in the afternoon while Yuki and the Chairman had been talking to each other and did not notice Zero slipping out of the back door at all.

The reason why he was out this late was to get Yukis Christmas gift.

He had asked someone at a jewelry store in town to make something special for the girl he held the most close in his heart. and this Christmas he wanted her to know how much she means to him. thats why he had come up with this idea to let the owner of the jewelry store craft a necklace that no one could ever buy, a necklace that only Yuki could wear.

The shape of the stone he wanted to have in the necklace had to be the shape of a heart and needed to have the colour amethyst like the color of his eyes. it would surly remind her of him and that was part of the idea. he wanted her to have something that would remind her of him always.
And this necklace would be the perfect gift to give her this Christmas.

A week ago he had ordered his necklace and had to wait one week for it to be created
and now this saturday he was time to get it back.

The moment he had set a foot outside in the cold windy weather he had turned up his pace encase Yuki had discovered him gone and made his plan all fail but lucky him she had not even noticed at all but kept on talking to the chairman.

It took him twenty minutes on foot to reach the jewelry store but he did not mind to walk if it would bring him to his destination without delay.

Closing the door behind him the silver haired youth sets foot inside the small store were a elder man stood at the counter waiting to help him with his order.

Walking towards the shop owner Zero looks at the elder man and starts to talk.

''Good afternoon I came to get my order I made a week ago is it ready yet?''
The shop owner gives Zero a warm smile and nods his head.

''It sure is youngster I will get it for you right now'' and disappears inside the room behind the corner.

Zero impatiently taps his foot on the floor when after five minutes the man still has not returned
it was slowly starting to get dark and he wanted to be back before he would make Yuki and the Chairman worry about him but his worries were all in vain when the shop owner returned not even a minute later holding the necklace in both hands walking very carefully with the jewelry.

''Here you go youngster the necklace you ordered is all finished. Is it a christmas gift?''
he says with a warm tone to his voice knowing fully well this it was for someone special of the young man.

''Yes it is'' Zero says quickly wanting to be gone all ready and back home
Sensing the impatient behaving of the boy made the man fold the necklace that was inside a small black box fold into a dark red gift paper and binds it with a green ribbon for the finishing touch.

Given the man the money Zero gets the gift inside a paper bag.
''Here you go young sir merry christmas and have a save trip home''

''Thank you'' was all Zero said before he in his haste almost forgot to close the door behind him
closing it quickly he in a quick pace walks through town.

No caring at all that snow was slowly falling down on the path before him he was to busy to focus himself on getting back home then to pay attention to the weather this very moment.

Wrapping his scarf more tighter to his face he continues to wade through the snow
this kind of weather would not stop him for getting Yukis christmas present home.

That same moment Yuki was getting more and more worried by every minute that Zero was away
not even the presences of the Chairman could make her stop worrying about her silver haired adoptive brother who she cared for deeply.

Pacing through the living room Yuki sighs deeply even attempting to get out in the snowy weather to go and find him if it wasnt for the chairman telling her he was more then capable of retuning home by himself and did not wanted Yuki to get sick in her search for Zero.

A couple of minutes later the Chairman came back inside the room carrying a plate with two steaming cups of tea on it and places it down on the table.

''Yuki-chan come and have tea with me stop this worrying about Kiryu-kun before you know it he will return trust me dear daughter of mine he will'' he says and gives her a warm assuring smile.

The young brunette sits down on the couch and gets her cup inside her hands but still her eyes remain locked on the window before her she cant stop worrying Zero mend more to her then just a simple siblings love he mend more to her then just that alone.

Zero struggles through the snow. He was starting to become very tired and thought he had congratulated wrong in getting back by foot but then again he had not expected it to snow in his way back.

When he finally reached the gates of Cross Academy he sighs in relief when he finally was back home again and quikes his pace a little more wanting to be out of this cold weather all ready.

Standing still before the door he has trouble finding the lock to the door to put in his key but before he had even found it the door was opened up to reveal a very worried Yuki standing inside the door opening.

And before he was even able to say he was back he found himself being hugged by her petite body against his own not caring that he was allmost all covered with snow.

''Ohh Zero I was so worried when you just went missing this afternoon and when the snow started to fall and you still did not return I grew even more worried were have you been and dont say nothing special I wont buy that not now'' she says and scowls at him well she tries to she was just way to happy and relieved to be mad on him at all.

But the chairman came to Zeros rescue not even a second later.
''Yuki-chan dear why dont you help Kiryu-kun to get out of his wet clothes first instead of given him a hard time look at him he is shivering from the cold''

Zero just remains silent and without any complain let Yuki pull out his jacket and let her lead him to the shower but no before he gave the package he had held in his hands to the Chairman with a knowing look and the chairman saw the christmas colors on it to regonice as a christmas gift
accepts it and hides it inside one of the closets inside the kitchen.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Kind Of Love a Zeki Christmas fic   Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:22 am

While Yuki led a very exhausted Zero to the bathroom to get warm again she cant help but wonder what Zero was doing out in this cold this afternoon but she knows she better not ask him about it when being in this state of exhausting instead she keeps up a happy face and tries as hard as she can to help Zero with everything he needs right now.

Arriving inside the bathroom Zero gives Yuki a look that made her known he was able to handle himself

''When you get back i got you some warm tea to stay warm''
she says with a smile before closing the door behind her. he just shrugs his shoulder and makes a attempt to step inside the shower but since he was so tired after only one step his knees gave away underneath him and he staggered to keep on standing on his feet
Yuki saw it happen rushes to his side right away grabs his shoulder gently blushing brightly when seeing Zero was almost all naked only wearing his jeans still.

Trying to not stare too much she turns on the shower for her adoptive brother and quickly rushes out of the room without looking back really confused of the feelings she just discovered she had for Zero of all people her best friend her adoptive brother.

While Zero just shakes his head and finds it very amusing to see Yuki all red in the face and a little embarrassed and this time it wasnt Kuran who made her act this way but him which made him grin a little.

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Our Kind Of Love a Zeki Christmas fic
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