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 chapter 68 continues my way XD

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PostSubject: chapter 68 continues my way XD   Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:56 pm

Zero Kiryu a silver haired hunter stood leaning against a thick oak tree his expression somber
He was visiting the grave again of his younger twin brother Ichiru just to talk to him
it was given him at least a little bit peach of mind to still be able to talk to his twin even though he was gone back to being a apart of Zero again.

Sometimes Ichiru came back whenever the hunter was in a dream like state or just very deep in thought
And this very moment Zero really longed to have his brother to make contact again thats why he had slipped away this late afternoon from his paperwork of the hunter association, and homework from school to get away from it all for a bit but no matter how much he always tried to make sure the elder hunter Kaitou who was supposed to be looking out for him always managed to follow him

The young hunter tries to ignore Kaitou's presence as much as he can moves away from the tree to walk towards the grave to lay down his flowers. and gently touches the name engrave d inside the tombstone

''Ichiru'' he starts and not before long the presence of his younger twin brother sits down besides the silver haired hunter there by gently touching the young mans shoulder with his left hand before looking at his brothers somber face which gets him to be very confused wondering why Zero again was soo sad.

''Whats the matter Zero-ni?'' Ichiru asks and awaits Zero to continue talking.

But said boy cant seem to continue what he wanted to talk about and remains silent knowing his brother would be able to get it out of him if he pushes him too much.

Which makes the younger twin chuckle a little.
''Zero-ni did something happened that bad that you cant seem to stop worrying about it?'' is that it?'''
and watches his brothers expression changes quickly from somber to even more sorrowful.

''Its just that i dont know what to think anymore'' Zero softly says then
''Think of what?'' Zero explain if you can?'' Ichiru responses back with a gentle and patient tone in his voice.

''Well Yuki...'' he says with a cold tone in his voice. ''Has come to the hunter Association after Kuran left her to go and turn into a criminal. the fool. i havent talked to her yet but saw her return with the chairman and Aidou-senpei but what confused me the most was the way she looked at me as if everyone here was to be blamed for why Kuran had left her. i did not gave her any of my attention since i dont want anything to do with her'' he ends his words with menaces in his voice

Here Ichiru chuckles once more. ''Zero are you really sure about that?'' I mean you do cared about her a lot when she was still human did all of the feelings you had for her really disappeared all at once when she turned into a vampire?''

Here Zero shakes his head. ''No but thats not what i mean she looks even more different now then from the time the true came out of her being a vampire as if something inside of her changed after Kuran left her this time as if she is not believing he really left her i dont know what to make of all of this'' he stops talking then and sighs deeply and places his right hand over his face for awhile.

''Hmm all that i can come up with is that you have to go and talk to her let her explain to you what has really happend since you werent there when it all happend or you think she has absolutely no place left anymore in your heart to even try to make conversation with her Zero?''

Ichiru asks and hope his brother will stop being his stubborn self for at least a little while to realize that by talking to the young Kuran princess isn't so bad as he thinks it is only then could the come to understanding with each other and maybe even try to mend their broken friendship.

Zero looks up at his brother with raised eyebrows.
''Do you really think that's wise Ichiru?'' i mean i am barley able to control myself whenever she comes close by what do you think will happen when i am in a room with her alone? nothing good i assure you i dont think i can get myself to talk to her just yet''

Here Ichiru looks at him shakes his head and grins. ''Are you really that afraid to lose it when Yuki Kuran is arround? i thought you who calls himself a vampire hunter would be able to wistand such temptation neh Zero?'' Ichiru says with a teasing tone in his voice

''Ohh shut up Ichiru'' Zero growls but knows his brother was right what harm could it really do
with so many hunters around and the chairman and Kaitou to watch him would it get out of hand
and even Zero himself wondered what made this change come to the girl he used to know
he had to find out and soon.

Ichiru watches his brother and sees him thinking knowing that he had convinced him enough all ready to go through with it when Zero remains silent and patiently waits for him to say he would go.

''Fine all right i go and see her later tonight but i am not sure what the outcome will be of this meeting
dont expect to much brother'' Zero warns him but Ichiru did not seem to hear him say anymore but is all ready nodding his head smiling all the way.

''Go for it Zero and tell me about it as soon when you are done all right?''

The hunter grumbles under his breath as he gives a short nod.
and then not even a minute later Zero is all alone again Ichiru had disappeared once more leaving Zero with only Kaitou as his only company who he did not acknowledge

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PostSubject: Re: chapter 68 continues my way XD   Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:16 pm

Zero could get along well with his fellow hunter companion but when it came to some private matter as Yuki Kuran then all Kaitou saw was a vampire who he hated with all his might because of the elder brother that he had lost because of it. No Zero saw no need to tell Kaitou about his plan on visiting the Kuran Princess not until he told the Chairman about it first.

With that decided Zero stood up from the ground dusts of his clothes and slowly starts to make his way back to the Hunter association noticing Kaitou walking besides him verily soon but keeps his eyes on the road before him his mind only on tonights meeting with Yuki hoping that she would work along with him and he really hopes that he was able to just make conversation with her without getting annoyed or mad still finding it really hard to talk to her without finding a reason to hate her.

But while walking he had to slow down for a bit to take in some of the blood tablets he lately needed more and more even more then he normally did.

Opening the small tablet case he swallows quite a bit of the small white pills before he continues on his way again but knows Kaitou is watching him with a slight worried expression on his face that he soon ignores as he walks through town on his way back to the association building.

End chapter 1
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PostSubject: Re: chapter 68 continues my way XD   Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:43 pm

Chapter 2

Both Zero and Kaitou returned not soon after it had turned dark the ash haired hunter told Zero he had some other things to take care of and left him alone with his thoughts which got Zero to find the company of the Chairman to tell him about visiting Yuki.

It still felt weird to go to her willingly but Ichiru was right what harm could it really do she was smart enough to not make a scene at least he hoped so.

Sighing deeply he makes his way towards the presidents office but doesnt knock when he arrived just marches inside and looks around to see if the chairman was inside or not.

Kaien Cross looks up surprised to see his adoptive son enter the office but turns his surprised expression quickly into a worried one when seeing the young hunters distressed expression.

''Whats the matter Kiryu-kun?'' you dont look too good anything i can help you with?''
he asks with concern in his voice hoping that with Yuki now a suspect of the crimes Kaname Kuran had been guilty of Zero would not get it inside his head to do her any harm right?''

''Nothing wrong chairman i was just making sure Yuki Kuran was well guarded so i am going to bring her a short visit to make sure she is comfortable'' is all he says with a rather serious expression and a cold tone to his voice making Kaien believe he rather went home all ready but just wanted to make sure she was fine. which made Kaien think that Zero still felt a tiny bit concerned for her well being even though he was hiding his true feelings so well that only him who knew Zero for quite some time all ready knew that wasnt the case that he still wanted her to be save specilay after this happened with Kaname who had left her all alone.

''Thats very kind of you Kiryu-kun here take this with you'' and hands Zero a thick dark blue blanket
''I know the chamber she is in is not cold but just in case my Yuki might get cold go and bring it to her''
he says with a happy smile on his face which got Zero to sigh deeply before accepting the blanket

''Fine'' he grumbles and walks away out of the room up wards to the room Yuki was being held for the time being.

The illuminated corridor he had to get though was very long and the room Yuki was being held in was at the very end of the corridor but he did not mind he had all ready made up his mind to visit her anyways no way he would regret it now.

When he stood before the chamber he knew right away it was her inside. the smell of her blood made his vampire side beg for a taste of it all ready but being very well in control of himself made him knock on the door softly to not startle her and takes a deep breath to calm himself down totally.

''Uhm yes who is there?'' Yukis voice was soon to be heard and made Zero open up the door by unlocking it with one of the keys he was holding in his jacket and walks inside without even looking her way at least ones making Yuki glance over at him with a confused expression to finally muster up the courage to call his name.

''Zero?'' she says softly ''why you here?'' hearing her calling his name made him stand still to turn his head in her direction to shove the blanket in her arms.

''Nothing special really the chairman thought you would be cold in here and made me get you a blanket thats the reason why i am here'' he says rather coldly
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PostSubject: Re: chapter 68 continues my way XD   

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chapter 68 continues my way XD
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