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 No.6 - Choose me

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PostSubject: No.6 - Choose me   Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:37 pm

Just to warn you, this is a new fandom for me. Also i'm a bit rusty when it comes to fanfics so please, bear with me. Hopefully it won't be too OoC xD

Itís close to midnight and yet I cannot find it within me to sleep. I sigh but resolutely keep my eyes closed, waiting for the moment exhaustion will claim me. Of course, that seemed ever more unlikely. Sleep for me had been becoming increasingly evasive for weeks. Ever since he moved in with me.

A warm gust of air tickles my neck gently, tempting me to open my eyes, to gaze down at the heated body curled up against my side, his eyes closed in slumber and his limbs slung haphazardly over my body. I shift slightly, earning a small grumble from my personal heater. I chuckle, finally giving in and cracking open an eyelid to peer in amusement at my resident squatter.

Sion is not a still sleeper. Or, at least, he isnít until he finds something to latch onto it seems. He also sleeps light, making it very difficult for me to get up without waking him. Yet another reason why Iím so intent to fall asleep.

He mumbles incoherent and nuzzles against my neck, his hands fisting the material of my shirt while his straggly mop of white hair tickles my neck. I take a deep breath and move my hand to his hair, stroking the strands gently, admiring how soft he still managed to keep it despite the harsh environment he now lived in.

I frown at my action, my eyes fixed upon my hand as I still my actions. I have not been the same of late. When the changes occurred I cannot be completely certain. The only thing I do know is that it is all because of this young man beside me.

I close my eyes, the memory of when I first saw him springing clear in my head. He had been like an angel to my pained, exhausted self; a dash of colour in what was a despairingly uniform grey world. I suppose that must have been what moved me to creep inside. Even then I had felt drawn to him.

Upon entering the house, I was at a loss of what to do. I was barely even aware of my actions, so depleted of both blood and energy. Then he turned and my instincts took action, propelling me forward to grasp his neck in a firm but non-lethal grip.

And he didnít flinch. Not once. Nor did he call out or shed a tear. I was utterly confused, especially when the only time he showed even an iota of concern was when he saw the bullet wound on my arm. Perhaps the change began then? I know that, after that day, I thought of him often, even sought him out at times, hiding away in order to remain hidden.

Then came the day my rats told me he had been taken. I felt my blood run cold and before I knew it I was running towards the one place I swore I would never return to until it was rubble at my feet. Life was never the same since. By saving my days became a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes I wonder, when laying awake on nights such as this, if my life would have been better had I left him to his own devices. Surely I would have been able to continue as I always had; cold and emotionless, not letting anyone close enough to scar me. I will be the first to admit that I am somewhat single minded. It is the reason I survived so long in such a harsh world.

Sion is my weakness. He niggles away at all my carefully crafted barriers and he isnít even aware! His oblivious and horrifically naÔve nature is galling. I often wonder how those thrice dammed city dwellers survive if he is what you would call and elite, fallen or otherwise.

Yet I canít hate him. Trust me, Iíve tried. Many, many times I would shoot him down with a harsh comment or an obnoxious action. Out of desperation I held him at bay, even hurting him in my attempts to stave off any attachment, to impress upon him where he stood. But he just continued to cling to me, to unconsciously chip away at my armour until the very though of him no longer being at my side was agony.

So here I am, bordering on insomnia, squeezed into a lumpy somewhat small bed with what is probably the most wonderful and infuriating person I have ever had fortune to met. Heís my friend, my enemyÖ

I close my eyes in a grimace. Please, if there is a god in this hell, let him choose me.
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PostSubject: Re: No.6 - Choose me   Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:39 am

Well for a first time getting used to this fandom you did dam well hon <3 I really like it a lot
And its funny cause i always write my fics in Sion's pov cause he is my favo char its nice to see you doing it in Nezumi's pov really nice Very Happy I bet my best friend who has him as her favo will like this lots Very Happy
btw sorry bout last night but i fell asleep and when i woke up again it was 2 am XDDDand today i wont be on either much maybe round 5 i be back today cause i am going with my friend to her horse ^^^
talk soon Wink
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PostSubject: Re: No.6 - Choose me   Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:09 am

No problem xD I sat and watched my way through episode 3 to part way through episode 8 before I decided to give into the fic writing itch xD Your Sion POV is actually what inspired this somewhat tbh. It made me want to experiment a little.

I've never really written in first person from anothers perspective before >.< It was harder than I though....
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PostSubject: Re: No.6 - Choose me   

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No.6 - Choose me
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