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 Paired No 6 au future fic

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PostSubject: Paired No 6 au future fic   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:15 am

Chapter 1
Sions p

After the destruction of No 6 me and Nezumi stand watching the crumbled city from a far distance as the sun slowly goes down i know Nezumi has to go and that i have responsibilities that i cant walk away from but still i cant help but to call his name one last time and have him turn around to kiss me on the lips one last time passionately after we part we both know this kiss is not going to be the end we made a oath no more goodnight kisses. he walks away but before he does he says we will meet again and i say i keep on waiting forever until your return.

He disappeared than and i start to run,run back home, home to where my mother was waiting for me to come back to her after being apart from each other for so long. not much later i am reunited with my mother who embraces me tightly as tears fall from her cheeks. we cry hug and embrace each other for a very long time before i let go grab for her hand and together we make it back home.

Its been two years since me and Nezumi have parted ways two years since No 6 fell. Lots of things have changed since than. West block lost town and what was over from the once utopia called No 6 learned to live together in harmony without having a need for a wall or a main computer to keep the peach.

Mom's bakery has bloomed a lot since than and i have started going back to finish my studies but ever since everyone saw me as one of the last survivors of the plague the bees had been that partly of my blood and a pair of intelligent doctors we were able to make a working serum that made the plaque vanish completly and we all could breath in relief after two years of research.

But still late at nights when i am unable to sleep and stare at my open window i still hope to have Nezumi appear just like he did so many years ago and have him kiss me again
I still hope we will meet cause the longing is making me go crazy i try to hide it for my new friends and mother but when i am all alone inside my room i just cant help but to stand near my window on rainy stormy nights wishing for him to come for me again.

A soft breeze blowing into my face makes me come out of my thoughts and i decide to grab some hot cocoa knowing going back to bed now was futile.
Looking at the alarm i notice its only 1 AM in three hours mom will wake up to start baking her bread muffins and different kind tarts it makes me walk very silently the stairs down one by one and head to the kitchen take a cup boil some water and pour dry cocoa into the cup together with the water with both hands i take the cup to the dining table sit down and start to blow of the steam.

It was late friday night and normally i would be fast asleep at this time of night but thinking about Nezumi this night had made that impossible. Saturday i always would help mom with the bakery and serving the customers that would come to the bakery but as i sip my warm drink i knew i would have no energy for that tomorrow morning it would surly worry mom of that i was sure but i could not help it lately missing Nezumi infected me more than it did the first year since we had parted ways.

Finishing my drink i crawl back underneath my covers for a bit longer trying not to think about Nezumi tonight and somehow it worked cause before i know it i have mom waking me up to help her with baking.

''Sion you sure look tired still if you dont feel well its ok to stay in bed for a bit longer i can manage'' Mom says with a concerned tone in her voice.
But i wanted to be strong and no longer the spoiled boy i used to be and refuge her offer. Shaking my head ''its fine mom i will help you dont worry about me'' i say with a strong tone to my voice and smile.

''I have breakfast ready soon than'' I give a nod and see her disappear back downstairs. I dress for the day yawn slightly walk towards my window and remove the curtains
Taking in a deep breath i make myself ready for a new day another day to count without Nezumi but i had to be strong now and concentrate on work instead of my unhappy longings
i grab my apron and start to make my way down.

Hours pass by than and i see the sun starting to show itself lighting up the small bakery with its weak rays that only the spring sun was able to produce now but feeling the warm rays of sunlight on my face i cant help but to smile as he cheers me up a little bit it gives me hope for spring to make its way back to town and would make winter vanish for a good long while.

In one week from now its been two years since the wall broke and the day had been announced the day to remember the people that die that died. Restoration day for the people of both no 6 lost town west block and the near by town all reunited together on the days of the festival 5 6 7 of June we would a festival with music dancing drinking and even some famous group of a theatre group would perform but nothing more was being said about it yet.

As i listen to a couple of little girls telling me about it i pay close attention to their cheerful talking and it makes me get excited as well.

Saturday ends with mom closing the bakery at 8 pm and tiredly we clean up and i have mom make us some soup that i attack it as if i had not eating anything in forever.

A couple of days later as i sit in class following what the teacher is explaining us suddenly a group of unfamiliar group of people caught my attention but as i look closer i thought i saw the familiar dark blue hair of the boy i used to know so well. ''Nezumi?'' I whisper. ''Have you finally returned to me?''
But as my teacher ask me to explain something on the black board i shrug of as just me imagining it and walk to the front of the class.

Later that same day as i do some grocery shopping for my mother i hear some elder ladies inside the shop talking about a theater group visiting the city to perform Hamlet this upcoming weekend at the day of the festival and it makes me think back about earlier this day when i was seated inside my class room and saw this group of people passing by my window could it really be true was he finally back? One way to find out was to go myself to see if it was true or not maybe Inukashi little Sion and my mom would like to join me as well

That evening as we have dinner together i decide to ask mom about it.

''Mom you heard about this theater group that travels through many towns that would come to perform Hamlet this weekend?''

Looking up from her plate she gives a small nod. ''Yes i did from some customers and the posters being posted in the city mall would you like to go Sion?''
''Yes i am curious about it can we go together with Inukashi and little Sion?''
''Of course we can honey everyone will be celebrating this weekend i had all ready decided to open the store for the morning only saturday we can go after i have closed up''

Happy mom wanted to go with me i give her a cheery smile and finish up my diner.

Later as i lay in my bed i think about next saturday and wonder if Nezumi would be there in the two years that we have been apart now had he joined that group of actors to perform his favorite plays would he still be dressed in fancy dresses and wear make up and look all like a woman like the night i saw him at that old theater or had he changed and was not performing more roles that only man could perform thinking about it made me only more curious. ''Nezumi'' I whisper and have sleep claim my body than and makes me fall into a deep sleep.

Chapter End

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PostSubject: Nezumi pov Ch 1   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:48 am

As I stood upon the muddy cliff, gazing at the once pristine walls of that god forsaken city, I felt a strange sense of peace within me. Beside me, Sion also gazed upon the crumbled pile of masonry, his gentle ruby eyes glistening with a multitude of emotions; shock, fear and joy to name but a few.

I close my eyes for a few moments, enjoying the freedom and the sound of his breathing before turning away to head back home, weary from all the running and the blood loss. I wanted nothing more than to return to my hideaway and to curl up, with Sion tucked safely within my arms. But when the sound of my name from his lips reached my ears not footsteps, I had to sigh at my wishful thinking.

Swallowing dryly and pasting a somewhat strained smile upon my features, I stop and turn to face him. He looks at me for a moment, his face a picture of indecision before it creases up into an expression of anger with shiny tears creeping from his eyelids as he hangs his head in sorrow.

Of course he would choose the city, I thought as I closed the distance once more, gently capturing his chin between my fingers in order to lift his face towards my own. I lean forward and place a chaste kiss upon his lips, an answer to the goodbye he bestowed upon me all mere days ago.

I linger, for what I suppose was a little longer than necessary before I force myself to step away from him. He looks at me, his watery eyes pleading for me to stay, something we both knew was impossible.

“You’re going to be fine,” I tell him softly, my heart breaking as he finally acknowledges the meaning of my words and nods, his face resolute as I walk away once more. This time however, he does not call me back and I do not turn around.

“Hideto-san, pay attention when I am speaking!”

I turn around at the sound of that unbelievably annoying voice and let loose a growl, ignoring the irritated glares the other members of my troupe were shooting. Sometimes I wonder why I decided to join this group of amateurs.

This is how my life has been in the two years since the fall of the walls. About a month or so after I left Sion, I wandered into a group of travellers just north of No.4. I had been tired at the time and after a moments discussion with the leader, I managed to convince them to allow me to travel with them up till we arrive at the city.

It was part way there that I discovered they were actors, bad ones at that. Every night, I was treated to the same poorly delivered lines and acting before I finally snapped and tore the book away from one particular actors grasp.

“This,” I hissed, gesturing to the book, “Is butchery of a masterpiece!” I turned to glare at all in the group, before launching into what I deemed the proper way to perform Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Needless to say, they were stunned but thankfully quiet. The next morning however, they were not so much.

“That was amazing!” Meiko Ayasegawa squealed, one of the more annoying members of the troupe, “You have to join us!” I gave her the dirtiest look I could muster, continuing with my breakfast once I was satisfied she would no longer bug me. The same could not beside for the rest of the troupe, each of whom were eagerly bent on my recruitment.

Needless to say, after a week of nagging and the stark realisation that I had no way of making money, I agreed, on the condition that they listen to my instructions and learn how bloody act.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and before long, we had become well known among the cities for our work. The group enjoyed their fame, taking every opportunity to flaunt it while I remained in the background, assuming a pseudonym in order to hide more efficiently.

We did a lot of Shakespeare plays during our journeys, varying it per city yet for two years I refused to perform Hamlet. It only made me dwell even more upon the look on Sion’s face when I had left him. He was constantly on my mind, making me worry about him. It was somewhat pathetic.

“Gah, he’s spacing out again,” groused Ichigo, the other main actor of the troupe, “honestly, why do you expect us to act when you don’t even take your own advice.” I sneered back at him before making my reply, “Acting?” I scoffed, “That sounded more like a strangled cat.” A collection of sighs rung out among the group. It was well known that Ichigo and I never got along, hense why, more often than not, we were not cast in the same production.

“Calm down you two,” Meiko sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose in irritation, “We only have another week to practise before we get to the city and I want this to be perfect seeing as Hideto-san has finally agreed to perform as Hamlet .” I shuffled uncomfortably as she shot me a sickeningly soppy look. She had been infatuated with me since that night I first performed and it was somewhat disturbing.

Ichigo eyed me furiously but changed the subject. “Where will we be performing this time?” he asked, brushing long locks of warm brown hair from his eyes. Meiko’s eyes brightened and she clasped her hands together. “We’re to perform at the Restoration festival in No.6!” she declared happily.

Everyone’s eyes widen and deleted grins began to spread among the group. I however merely stared at her, unsure whether to happy or horrified by the prospect.

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PostSubject: Re: Paired No 6 au future fic   Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:09 pm

Chapter 2

One day past by and i just cant seem to concentrate on my lessons in class neither on thursday when i was needed to be at the reconstruction committee with the senate and some important people from No 4. no my thoughts kept going back to Nezumi now more than ever wondering if he was really going to show himself on stage.
that when friday arrived i could barley keep my nerves under control enough without people noticing it so to calm myself a little i went to visit my dear friend Safu Safu brave Safu who made sure me and Nezumi survived the destruction of the main computer as she blow herself up.

It still hurts a lot whenever i think about Safu i still miss her so much with every passing day that she is no longer by my side.
Since No 6 had the twilight house for the elder people to live their life there until they died
no one thought a graveyard was needed into town but now that everything was so very different i made sure we and many of the people that had lost a family member because of the bee plaque we had created a memorial stone and placed it in the center of town to never forget Safu and the people that died that day.

As i lower myself to my knees i place a single white rose on the stone and start talking to the spirit of my precious friend Safu.

''Safu how are you doing today?'' i hope you doing fine whenever you are now. i wanted you to know i still miss you everyday more and more its so hard to live another day without you by my side
why did you have to go and leave me so soon?'' but i know now i understand it much better now that i have become older and a little more wiser
i now understand that you had no choice but to do what you did. you wanted me to live and for that i cant ever thank you enough dear Safu.
Rest assured i be fine there is no need to worry about me i be fine'' and as i repeat those words i cant help but to relive a memory of two years ago of Nezumi leaving with the sun behind his back
saying those last words ''You be fine'' still ringing in my ears like it was only yesterday that he had been gone and not almost two years.

''Safu i come visiting again real soon Saturday is memorial day we will celebrate and never forget how you sacrificed yourself
see you soon Safu'' and walk away brisk before i start to tear up again. i may than have gotten older i still cry way to easily
and its hard to admit it whenever my mother says i need to get over it all ready with a giggle in her voice

As i get home i have Inukashi and little Sion visiting my home

''Yo'' Inukashi greets me as i step inside the house and get a wet nose wet tounge and a happy bark from one of Inukashi's dogs the one that had been the one to bring the little baby i had saved to Inukashi at my orders so long ago.

I smile and greet her back.
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PostSubject: Re: Paired No 6 au future fic   Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:50 pm

''Hii Inukashi its a surprise to see you here?'' and makes me start to think she may have some news about Nezumi.

The little boy who is called Sion also starts to giggle than and crawls towards me there by calls my name a couple of times which got me too distracted to think about Nezumi for the time being and give the little boy all my attention.

''Sion,Sion back?'' the small boy asks me and i give him a warm smile and pick him up from the ground.
''I am now'' and twirl him around slowly playing with him like he could fly and got him to laugh even louder.

Inukashi has not changed much since we went to rebuild and reconstruct No 6 she still lives near the west block though no longer in the destroyed hotel but in a real house now
The way she dresses now also has changed a lot since we all started anew she wears more deasent clothes that now longer smell so much of dog
her whole pack of dogs still lives with her and little Sion though most of them have been doing different kind of jobs as Inukashi is hiring them to elder people or people with a bad eyesight or totally blind
for a small fee you can hire one and have the dog living at your house until you no longer need him. By doing that she can feed little Sion and herself and is able to afford to live in a real house

I sat the toddler back on his feet and sit down next to the brown haired woman who gives me a little smile.

My mother enters the room than with three steaming cups of coffee and we all settle down to drink and have a little small talk bit before i catch mom's concerned look and i sigh
all ready knowing what she was going to ask.

''Are you doing ok Sion you look a little pale? mom ask me just like i thought she would and touches my forehead to see if i was burning up
I could not let her know how badly i was in need to see Nezumi again and that next saturday he might be there so instead i shake my head and get Inukashi to roll with her eyes noticing how protective mom was still being with me even though i was all ready 18 years old by now.

''Mom dont worry i be fine maybe the heat it getting to me a little bit nothing too serious believe me''
Believing my words mom turns back to her cup and sips a little bit from it.

A bit later when mom is back to making dinner and little Sion is sleeping on the sofa me and Inukashi are sitting alone together and i now longer am able to keep myself from asking if she knew something about Nezumi and ask her if one of her remaining dogs that are not hired have found anything out abour Nezumi.

''Inukashi do you know anything about Nezumi maybe some information on what he has been doing since the past two years that nothing has been seen or heard about him''
and sigh unhappily

Looking my way with a sad expression on her face she shakes her head.

''No i am sorry Sion he is just not close enough for my dogs to track him or he just doesnt want any of us to find him but dont worry about that fool he knows how to survive better you ever will Sion if he wants to come back he will and you be the first one to know but i dont think you should waist your time on worrying about him but focus on your future instead'''standing up she speaks again
''It was nice to see you again Sion take care and remember to tell this dog over there'' and points at the brown dog laying near little Sion
''This dog will tell me anything if you need me and always makes sure i get it''

I nod my head. ''Thank you Inukashi'' i say and watch her pick the small boy up from the sofa and walk out of the door.

I go upstairs to my room then to work a little on my studies before mom calls me for dinner.
Sitting down at the dining table me and mom talk a bit about tomorrow thinking its going to be a very busy morning.

''You think we need a couple more flavors for the muffins? I can make one with nuts and strawberry jam as extra for the little childeren what do you think Sion?''
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PostSubject: Re: Paired No 6 au future fic   Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:34 pm

Imagining the happy smiles of the little childeren always visiting the bakery to have a taste of my mom's muffins makes me nod my head.

''Yes you should mom you know how much the kids love your muffins i can help making them tomorrow morning before you open how is that?''
Smiling gratefully mom nods her head.

What would i ever do without you Sion'' stands up from her chair and kisses me lovely on the cheek.
''That will help a lot son thank you'' and gives me another heart warming smile.

Seeing my mothers happy smiles always makes me all warm inside makes me get the feeling i belong here with my mother that i have importance in this world
but still sometimes i get this feeling that even though i am happy here with my new college friends with my mother with Inukashi little Sion and Rikiga-san i still miss the presence of Nezumi around but i know he will come back if only i knew when that was going to be instead of my everyday thinking about him if i knew that would no longer be necessarily needed.

The next day i wake up early to start making the dough for the muffins i said i would make last night and i always try to be true to my word get up at 5 AM and get to work.
Baking special treats for the small children in town always feels very good that without even realizing it i had made more than 50 muffins if not for my mother to tell me it was enough i would have made even more i like to make them that much.

''Thats enough silly'' Karan says in between giggles ''Hand them over than we can place them on the plates'' I grin at my silly action and give her the oven plate with muffins.

a couple of hours later almost all of the festivities special treats including my muffins were almost all bought by the many customers that had came to the bakery early in the morning
that at 10 that morning i feel like i am all ready spend. so tired i feel but i said i would help til 1 and so i got out of my chair again to help a little longer in the bakery.

As a place 3 chocolade muffins in a paper bag three little kids cant help but to follow the treat with their eyes up until i have them handed to the older of the three who gives me 4 golden coins in return. ''Enjoy'' I say with a warm smile and get three equal smiles back and watch them run off to eat their muffins and with them being the last customers for this morning mom closes the shop and we can rest and relax for a long while at long last.

''Good job Sion'' Mom praises me and i smile back at her and sigh deeply and whip some sweat from my brow with my sleeve.
''Sion go and rest a little you look very tired i can handle it from here'' mom says and makes me nod my head and go back upstairs to shower and dress for later today
as me and mom go to the celebration at the city center.

Standing inside the bathroom i look at my own reflection in the mirror and try to smile. I still have not dyed my hair back to its original color nor have i done something to the scars on my body i consider them battle scars that i should be proud on them instead of feeling ashamed.

I cant help but to feel very excited to see this play that will be performed by this new group of traveling actors that i almost want to leave without wearing my shoes.

''Sion sily boy'' mom says while trying to scowl at me but is not really doing a very good job at it at all.
''Why in such a hurry just to see a play we have seen many of them in the years Sion''
Grinning i nod my head. ''i know mom but i dont know somehow i feel that tonight's play will be more special and more different than any kind of plays we have seen up to now and i cant help to be excited about it''

Giving me a amusing look she links our arms together than and starts to walk into town.
Arriving into the center of town we see a real big crowd placing flowers on the memorial stone seeing it bring a big smile to appear onto my lips than
Mom places white roses on the stone and stands still before the stone thanking Safu for everything as i stand and wait to continue. as i wait i look into the direction of the stage theater that was being build not even a year ago. it was being build for the many people that longed to see famous plays being performed by real actors again instead of it all being digital i especially wanted a theater back in the city hoping that somehow wherever he was Nezumi knew that i did it all for him will he ever come back.

Walking back to me my mother and i slowly walk towards the theater and see we are not the only ones with the same idea a long row of people had all ready gathered to see this new play of Hamlet being performed later today. We buy our tickets and wait to get inside the theater to watch the play. I am getting more and more nervous with each passing minute that passes by. curious if Nezumi was with this group of traveling actors or not.

When we finally got inside the building i was happy to notice our tickets had front row seats and i quicken my pace a bit and lead mom to our seats barley able to keep my excitement under control any longer.

When everyone finally had found their seats the lights go out to have a dark curtain being revealed that opens up and we see the actors come on stage to introduce themselves but no matter how closely i look at the many different kind of actors that smile at their audience i cant find the familiar dark blue haired boy with his light silver eyes that i know so well Nezumi to appear besides the other actors and hang my head in disappointment but still i havent given up all hope maybe he is a little late and will come after all of the other fellow actors have gone back again
A little later they have all gone back behind the curtains than to have it open up once more to my relief and there he is finally at long last i see Nezumi again.

End chapter 2

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PostSubject: Re: Paired No 6 au future fic   

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Paired No 6 au future fic
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