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 No 6 Auish small stories

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PostSubject: No 6 Auish small stories    Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:15 pm

''Give that back you jerk'' a young girl with dark brown long haired pulled back into a pony tail screams as she chases after a young boy with dark blue short hair that was grinning as he knew the girl was no match for his speed and not before long the girl had to bend over to catch her breath as the boy was too fast for her. frowning she looks into the direction he disappeared into

At that same time a young boy about the same size as the girl comes walking towards her with a questioned expression on his face.
''Inukashi-chan whats wrong, was Nezumi teasing you again?'' The young boy with almost white like hair asks innocently and has the dark haired girl turn her eyes away from the departed boy to glance over at the boy who unlike the boy named Nezumi did treat her nicely whenever they played together.

''Yea he did'' she growls'' which got Sion to look into the distance and sighs. ''Why is he always picking on you i dont understand?'' And shakes his head in confusion
''Never mind that jerk want to play together Sion? you can play the dog. Grinning the white haired boy nods his head. ''Yes sure'' and together they went further away over the schoolyard
and it being a sunny morning for them to play outside they ran over towards the small field that was being build for the kids to play together on Sion and Inukashi soon enough had forgotten all about Nezumi and his teasing jokes and happily played together.

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No 6 Auish small stories
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